Girls soccer take on Hanford

Girls soccer take on Hanford


Staff Writer


Last Thursday, the El Diamante Soccer Girls took on Hanford. The Varsity girls, were off to  a great start. They were able to score within the first 5 minutes of the game, with a striking goal by Mari Flores. The girls continued having great possessions with the ball, making it difficult for Hanford to get past their half of the field. There were some difficulties for the Lady Miners, Captain Jennifer Calderon shared, “Our team was hurting and tired going into the second half. It was hard when we had people playing positions they had never played before.” Within the last 10 minutes of the game, the Hanford girls scored, giving them a tie. Our Lady Miners continued trying to break the tie, but as they got closer to scoring, so did Hanford. With 3 minutes left to the game, Hanford was able to score another goal, ending the game with a 2-1 loss for El Diamante. Denisse Garcia also added, ” It was the toughest game we’ve played all season. The referees made some bad calls, and things just didn’t go our way, especially with parents from the other team having bad sportsmanship.”


For the JV lady miners it was a much brighter game. They were able to come out against Hanford, ready have a great game. With all their teamwork, the lady miners finished the game with a win of 4-1. Cassandra Romero was able to add, “It was a difficult game because they were very aggressive, but we worked together and pulled through win a win.”

Although both teams did not win, both games were still just as great. They both went on with the game, even with the difficulties they faced, if it was yelling parents or tough players. As Varsity Captain Jennifer Calderon said, “ We holded on strong for not having everyone there, and we came out and gave everything we had.”

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