Hotel Safety


Staff Writer


One of the most common businesses throughout the world is the hotel business. Hotels were made to make its occupants feel like they are at home. Yet, what most people do not know is that the typical hotels we see as we drive by on the freeway can have many health hazards, including bed bugs and dirty glass cups. Hotel hygiene is one of the most important things to think of when choosing where to stay, yet the most neglected.


Microbiologists have come to the conclusion that taking extra sheets or covers when traveling is the best way to go. Humans shed up to 1.5 million cells, so one could only imagine what is lurking between the sheets of a hotel bed.  But the worst part of hotel rooms happen to be the bedspreads, which in many cases are not ever replaced by room cleaners. Deep cleaning within rooms rarely happen, and duvets usually remain the same from guest to guest.


Germs surround every corner within a hotel. The shower floor, toilet, and even the sink happen to be some of the germiest parts when not disinfected. There have been hotel room studies that show the improper cleaning techniques and how they result in a large amount of germs that reside in a hotel room. These germs are mostly hiding in places that are hardly ever touched and never cleaned, including doorknobs, telephones, and the remote control. Because of these germs, colds or flus could spread easily to the next guests.


In Atlanta, a hidden camera proved the theory of the improper cleaning techniques true. A maid used the same gloves from cleaning the toilet to clean glasses. This violates health codes because it leaves germs in the cups for the next guests.


Although not all hotels require a checklist to keep rooms in order, we can hope the state codes can put some sort of stop to the bad cleaning techniques. If not, one should take extra precautions to make sure the next visit to a hotel is the best and cleanest so they can enjoy their stay and wish to return again.