Cool, new places in Visalia

Cool, new places in Visalia


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Slowly, Visalia has been growing into something bigger and better. Many new restaurants and stores have been opening up within the past few months. Restaurants such as Ethel Red’s, Quesadilla Gorilla, Sarku Japan, Amir’s Kabob, and the new Pizza Factory are sure to attract many hungry Visalians, and with Christmas coming quickly, TJ Maxx and Burlington Coat Factory are sure to bring many holiday shoppers. These new places here in Visalia are a must to visit!

This photograph was taken by Maddy Heeszel

This photograph was taken by Maddy Heeszel


1. Ethel Red’s Chop House

Just recently, Big Bubba’s closed out and was replaced by another barbeque restaurant, Ethel Red’s. Ethel Red’s has similar food to Big Bubba’s such as burgers, sandwiches, ribs, steaks, and salads, but instead of waiting to be seated, you get to order at a counter and seat yourself. Their food is like no other barbeque restaurant; it has a different taste to it, but it still tastes wonderful.


2. Burlington Coat Factory

If you love cute, yet inexpensive, clothing then you should visit this new thrift store. Burlington Coat Factory doesn’t just sell coats; they have hundreds of garments, shoes, accessories, and even home furnishings. They sell inexpensive clothing and some name brands on discount. You can expect to buy a large variety of items for a low price while shopping here.


3. TJ Maxx

TJ Maxx, another thrift store, has opened up near Vallarta Supermarket. They sell designer brands for low prices and of course, other cheap articles of clothing. Although they are much smaller than Burlington Coat Factory, they still have many cute clothing items to offer.


4. Quesadilla Gorilla

When you think of a quesadilla, the first thing that comes to mind is a warm tortilla filled with melted cheese. This restaurant has so much more than just that. Instead of ordering a plain quesadilla, you have to option to create your own. You can have it filled with different meats, cheeses, veggies, and salsas. You also have the option to try their PB&J banana quesadilla, which is my personal favorite.


5. Sarku Japan

In the Visalia Mall, a new Japanese restaurant has opened up in the food court. Even though they already have a Japanese restaurant, this one is much different. Their menu consists of teriyaki, vegetables, and steamed rice. Sarku Japan’s food contains no MSG or trans-fat. After you order, you get to watch the chefs cook your meal right in front of you. Their food tastes very fresh and is still steaming right when you get it.


6. Amir’s Kabob

In the Kmart parking lot, a restaurant has opened up called Amir’s Kabob. Amir’s Kabob is a Middle Eastern restaurant that sells things such as kabobs, salads, falafel, and tabbouleh. If you have never tried Middle Eastern food, then you are missing out. Amir’s Kabob has a great environment, wonderful service, and unique food.

7. Pizza Factory

As you may know, Pizza Factory in the Save Mart parking lot closed out many years ago. Now they’re back, but this time in the Kmart parking lot. Pizza Factory is known for, of course, their pizza, along their delicious calzones, sandwiches, and bread sticks. They also have a pizza and salad buffet available. Their food will leave you coming back for more.


Many people complain that this town is too small, but it’s growing quicker and quicker as time goes on. All over town, there are many wonderful, new places opening up. The seven listed above are just a few of the many new restaurants and stores that Visalia has to offer. Keep your eyes peeled for other great places coming soon in Visalia.

Review of Ender’s Game


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Ender’s Game is a book turned movie, written by Orson Scott Card. The plotline follows a young boy, Ender, who lives in a dystopian society. The government tracks the most intelligent children to see if they qualify to fight the “Buggers”, the alien race that poses a threat to survival.

Many will be elated to hear that the movie never truly strays from the book, but it does leave certain portions out of the movie. While this is understandable, it might be disappointing for those who wish to see every word Card wrote relayed onto the big screen. Personally, I felt as though the movie accurately portrayed almost everything — from the battle suits to the alien planet. Others may be bothered that the characters in the movie only refer to the alien race as “the Formics”, whereas Card does not use this term until later in the series. The word “Bugger” is only used once, when Ender’s older brother is tormenting him.

All of that aside, Ender’s Game is electrifying and gutsy, taking a strong stand on some sensitive issues. The changes made in translation from page to screen were big enough to be noticed by my fellow book-worms, but small enough to enjoy the movie. My friends and I all had the same word to describe Ender’s Game: “[almost] perfect”.


Black Thursday?


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With bellies full of yummy mash potatoes, turkey, or pumpkin pie from Thanksgiving, what better time is it go out and shop? With the great deals that Black Friday brings to local stores, Christmas shopping can be easily done! These to die for sales have come to be earlier and earlier into the wonderful day of Thanksgiving; where it can be either seen as a great way to officially start the holiday shopping season, or a terrible way of intruding family time.


In past years, Black Friday was set in most local stores to where they would open at 12 a.m. Yet in most recent years, retail stores like Target have opened their doors to shoppers at As holiday traditions are in most families, Thanksgiving is a time to share with family and friends over the course of a pleasant full dinner. But with the amazing offers at our favorite stores, one can only ditch their families and spend the holidays in line for the blue cashmere you have been wanting for weeks that is now half off.


So is it wrong that we have become a society that prefers desperate money saving sales instead of having precious moments with family? Or can there be a balance? Who is to say we can not do both? Black Friday can be something fun do with family after your traditional meal. Looking for the perfect Christmas gifts or your own personal shopping necessities can be greatly done with your family. There is no need to stop any celebrating or eating!


Now with that said, Black Friday is right around the corner, and Visalia is already preparing itself for the craziness that comes with it. Seeing the campers outside of Best Buy, husbands standing in line for their wives, and even the countless arguments or fighting for items. So be ready with your warm jacket,  wallet steady, and coffee at hand.


Check “Black Thursday” out for yourself :


An outlook of hope


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The El Diamante football team has outdone itself this year. For the first time in seven years, our boys are going to Valley. Tonight they will showdown with Bakersfield’s Garces Memorial Catholic High School. It will be Miners against Rams, and our boys will fight their hardest to come out on top. Our offensive starting line tonight will include Ernie Alvarez, Frankie Martinez, Austin Ellis, Ethan Gragg, Josh Prado, JC Robles, Alex Schapansky, Keylan Liles, Mitchell Boswell, and Joey Chica. The defensive line will be Darius Liles, Rocque Ortiz, Tymerick Martin, Garian Martin, Matt Castro, Donnell Hill, Jake Newbrough, Nick Sousa, Hunter Bettencourt, Angel Arambula, and David Ibarra. Joey Chica said he’s looking forward to the game tonight, “obviously to win, and to make memories.” Garian Martin said he’s looking forward “to winning Valley for the school and for the opportunity to hopefully go to State.” Alex Schapansky said “I’m excited to play, to win Valley, and to get a ring.” When asked why he was so excited, Kenny Camy said “I’m excited for the last game ever. I’m looking forward to seeing how we’re going to face these challenges and seeing the student section filled and cheering during our game. Hopefully we’ll come out on top tonight.” Darius Liles has a different reason for wanting to win tonight’s game, and he is looking forward to “embarrassing the Garces head coach”, because that coach made various comments against El Diamante. Tonight, whether we win or lose, will be a night to remember. El Diamante is going to Valley, and they will have the support of the entire school behind them. So go out tonight to support your boys Miners!

Delightful drinks to keep you warm this season


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Back in the days of the Aztecs, cocoa beans were valuable not only for their culinary importance but also as currency. Cocoa beans were given as gifts during important ceremonies and festivals. They also used the roasted beans to make a chocolate drink. Their version is much different from the hot chocolate we know today. The Aztecs actually drank it cold, flavoured with wine and chili peppers, and not at all sweet. Chocolate was discovered and brought to Europe in the early 1500s by the explorer Cortez. Once it was discovered in Spain, the drink began to be served hot, sweetened and without the chili peppers added in there. The Spanish were very protective of their wonderful new beverage, and it was over a hundred years before news of it began to spread across Europe. Hot cocoa  is a very popular drink nowadays and we should be thankful for the discovery of it!

There is nothing like a nice, hot drink on a cold day. Doesn’t this brisk, gloomy weather just make you want to cuddle up in blankets, watch movies, and drink something warm? There are so many drink options in the winter time and the nice part about it is that you can easily make the delicious drinks yourself, at home.

Some popular drinks in the winter time are hot cocoa, peppermint mocha, and pumpkin spice latte. A lot of these seasonal drinks can be found at Starbucks and several other local coffee shops, but why do that when you can just make your own drink creation in the warmth of your home? These drinks are perfect to warm you up and get you in the holiday spirit.

The holiday’s are the perfect time to give to the people who are special to you. Making them a nice hot drink will no doubt brighten their day. It will also bring warmth to their heart. Hot drinks are a way to get creative and spice up the season. Sharing the warmth is such a delightful, sweet, and heart-warming gesture for the ones you love and care about. There are so many recipes for hot drinks but you can also come up with your own creations!