New staff joins Miner family: Mrs. Neufeld


Staff Writer



This photo was taken by Yailin Ledezma.

One of the most energetic new staff members is Mrs. Neufeld! She is our new Physical Education and Health teacher here on campus. Mrs. Neufeld has been teaching fitness for almost 18 years, and has been a classroom teacher for two and a half years.

Inspired by Mrs. Luna, her high school P.E. teacher, Mrs. Neufeld decided to take on the same career. The way her own teacher had the ability to teach and make her class laugh is really what inspired Mrs. Neufeld. In time, she followed Mrs. Luna’s steps and became a PE teacher. Mrs. Neufeld now enjoys the great things teaching has brought to her, like the students. We do owe great thanks for Mr. Clyburne, who contacted Mrs. Neufeld as soon as there was an opening for a teacher’s position. Mr. Clyburne always mentioned to her how great our school was. She explains, “He was right! The staff and students are wonderful to be around!”

Besides teaching, Mrs. Neufeld enjoys knitting, reading, eating, watching movies, and watching British TV shows. We know her for being very cheerful during rallies. She shares that she has become prideful for our school as she meets more students. Finally she exclaims her hopes for the future here. “I would very much like to be here 10 years from now. Unless of course there’s a zombie apocalypse, then I want to be on a boat near a tropical island,” she jokes. As we can tell, she is very charismatic. We look forward to having her here on campus!


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