New Playstation 4 game system


Staff Writer

New Playstation 4- Courteney Kauffmann

This photo was put together by Courteney Kauffmann.

Hot off the market came the release of the new Playstation 4 game system. Over one million of these gaming consoles were sold within the first 24 hours of availability in various stores in America, as well as some in Canada. Seven years since Sony has released a new system, and it has had to face stiff competition with Microsoft’s new XBox One, which just came out recently. The PS4 was priced at $399 in the United States and the Xbox One was sold at $499; they both offer many improved graphics for realistic effects. Processors would get the advantage of having faster game play and being able to view a lot of exclusive video games. In New York, Sony rented out the entire Standard High Line Hotel in Manhattan, where roughly 500 people showed up to watch a light show of video-game scenes as they waited for the midnight launch of the new game console.


Some of the new features that are made for the new console include greater social interaction during the game play, a redesigned controller with a touch pad interface, and expansion of streaming entertainment choices. These were just some of the few. Over the next few months, Playstation 4 consoles will go on sale for other countries around the world, with the final launch date set for February in Japan. Analysts expected the demand for the system to oustrip supply throughout Christmas, making it difficult for people to get their hands on one. A lot of people are excited to play old favorites with new-console capabilities. Literally thousands of people lined up across America at their local store or Best Buy to be one of the first to play. It is expected to be a very big success with thousands of fans.

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