Having trouble finding love? Marry yourself!

I married me- Janet Bonilla

This picture was put together by Janet Bonilla.


Staff Writer


If you tell anyone that you’re planning to marry yourself, they will most likely giggle and say, “You’re crazy! That’s not even possible!” The “I Married Me Self-Wedding In a Box” isn’t an act to make fun of. It’s a new found self notion to express the love and dedication one has towards oneself. You can’t love anyone if you don’t love yourself first right?


Has the thought of marrying yourself ever crossed your mind? Well, look no further! The married couple, jewelry designer Jeffrey Levin and consulting expert Bonnie Powers have officially made this act possible. They have made this performance seem like something not so out of the ordinary. This new item on the market is called, “I Married Me Self-Wedding In a Box.” The box contains a handmade ring, ceremony instructions, three “Promises To Me” and an affirmation card for every day of the week.


The “I Married Me” kit gives people the chance to celebrate their single lives. The couple is currently trying to raise money for their invention on the crowdfunding platform of Indiegogo. You may want to know what the price is for this unique ring. For only $300, you can get the perfect holiday gift for a relative or maybe even for yourself.


There might be some confusion about what wearing the ring actually pertains to. Wearing the ring isn’t explicitly stating that you’ve given up on love. It’s actual purpose is to lift you up and give you an opportunity to celebrate yourself for once! While it’s an affordable alternative to crazy expensive wedding ceremonies, there is just one setback. Don’t you think you deserve a ring that costs more than $300? Come on, treat yourself.


Note: Bonnie makes it clear that wearing the ring is only stating that you are a positive person and that you love yourself. She even mentions that learning to love and care for yourself before committing to a person can help amplify your emotional state on a deeper level and can instantly boost your health. Bonnie Powers speaks of this as an act that should be done. She uses her past experience from her own wedding to show proof that this act instantly makes people become enlightened with joy. Should you approach this method and consider marrying yourself? It’s entirely up to you!



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