What Crosses the Line?

by Daria Jones

Staff Writer

These days, with all the different types of social media (Twitter, Instagram, Vine, etc…), it can be difficult for many people to realize what might be “crossing the line” of appropriateness. It is too often that people get offended, hurt, or embarrassed by things that others say to or about them. It’s becoming an everyday occurrence, where people are simply turning to staying away and turn anti-social because of Twitter fights, offensive posts, or hurtful messages.

But what’s the difference between playfully teasing and legitimately going too far? It’s come to light that everyday people aren’t the only victims; celebrities, too, get offended by remarks sent or said to them. Even NFL player Jonathan Martin has come forward about a case of one of his teammates crossing the line in teasing and bullying. The teammate bullying Martin allegedly sent him texts using racial slurs and threatening his family. Even though the man accused of bullying said it was “all in ‘good old’ making fun,” Martin obviously did not feel the same way.

This isn’t the only current case of inappropriateness and hurt feelings. There are many that happen everyday, some on a much larger scale than others. Several months ago in September, a thirteen year old girl was driven to suicide at the cause of Facebook bullies. What can we do to prevent this? A general rule is to think before you type or text.  We were taught to “think before we speak” in elementary school, yet it’s something that isn’t well-applied in many high schools and colleges around the country. If you wouldn’t like it said to you, then why would you say or send it to somebody else?



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