An outlook of hope


Head Editor

The El Diamante football team has outdone itself this year. For the first time in seven years, our boys are going to Valley. Tonight they will showdown with Bakersfield’s Garces Memorial Catholic High School. It will be Miners against Rams, and our boys will fight their hardest to come out on top. Our offensive starting line tonight will include Ernie Alvarez, Frankie Martinez, Austin Ellis, Ethan Gragg, Josh Prado, JC Robles, Alex Schapansky, Keylan Liles, Mitchell Boswell, and Joey Chica. The defensive line will be Darius Liles, Rocque Ortiz, Tymerick Martin, Garian Martin, Matt Castro, Donnell Hill, Jake Newbrough, Nick Sousa, Hunter Bettencourt, Angel Arambula, and David Ibarra. Joey Chica said he’s looking forward to the game tonight, “obviously to win, and to make memories.” Garian Martin said he’s looking forward “to winning Valley for the school and for the opportunity to hopefully go to State.” Alex Schapansky said “I’m excited to play, to win Valley, and to get a ring.” When asked why he was so excited, Kenny Camy said “I’m excited for the last game ever. I’m looking forward to seeing how we’re going to face these challenges and seeing the student section filled and cheering during our game. Hopefully we’ll come out on top tonight.” Darius Liles has a different reason for wanting to win tonight’s game, and he is looking forward to “embarrassing the Garces head coach”, because that coach made various comments against El Diamante. Tonight, whether we win or lose, will be a night to remember. El Diamante is going to Valley, and they will have the support of the entire school behind them. So go out tonight to support your boys Miners!