Delightful drinks to keep you warm this season


Staff Writer

Back in the days of the Aztecs, cocoa beans were valuable not only for their culinary importance but also as currency. Cocoa beans were given as gifts during important ceremonies and festivals. They also used the roasted beans to make a chocolate drink. Their version is much different from the hot chocolate we know today. The Aztecs actually drank it cold, flavoured with wine and chili peppers, and not at all sweet. Chocolate was discovered and brought to Europe in the early 1500s by the explorer Cortez. Once it was discovered in Spain, the drink began to be served hot, sweetened and without the chili peppers added in there. The Spanish were very protective of their wonderful new beverage, and it was over a hundred years before news of it began to spread across Europe. Hot cocoa  is a very popular drink nowadays and we should be thankful for the discovery of it!

There is nothing like a nice, hot drink on a cold day. Doesn’t this brisk, gloomy weather just make you want to cuddle up in blankets, watch movies, and drink something warm? There are so many drink options in the winter time and the nice part about it is that you can easily make the delicious drinks yourself, at home.

Some popular drinks in the winter time are hot cocoa, peppermint mocha, and pumpkin spice latte. A lot of these seasonal drinks can be found at Starbucks and several other local coffee shops, but why do that when you can just make your own drink creation in the warmth of your home? These drinks are perfect to warm you up and get you in the holiday spirit.

The holiday’s are the perfect time to give to the people who are special to you. Making them a nice hot drink will no doubt brighten their day. It will also bring warmth to their heart. Hot drinks are a way to get creative and spice up the season. Sharing the warmth is such a delightful, sweet, and heart-warming gesture for the ones you love and care about. There are so many recipes for hot drinks but you can also come up with your own creations!