New staff joins Miner family: Mr. Sneed


Staff Writer

         After being able to meet a part of our new family here at El Diamante, we are now able to meet one of our new teachers who already has been here at El Diamante. He wasn’t here as a teacher, but as a student.

         Tanner Sneed always knew he wanted to be a teacher since his freshman year in high school. He just couldn’t wait to return to El Diamante when he graduated. He explains, “It was always a goal of mine to come back.” Now he is here as a P.E. and health teacher, making a great addition to our school.

         Mr.Sneed loves that’s he was able to come back here to El Diamante and continue his love for the school. He is now a varsity football, varsity basketball, and freshman baseball coach. With this he has been able to demonstrate his passion for sports; he loves spending his free time coaching.

         Teaching here at El Diamante is where Mr.Sneed hopes to remain for the next 10 years, since he is able to do what he loves and can make teaching fun! As for the rest of us here on campus, we look forward to what the rest of these 10 years looks like with Mr.Sneed.

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