Reformation: Colorado


Assistant Editor


Colorado has not had the best of luck lately. The state has been suffering from severe flooding. The floods have even proved to be deadly.

Flooding began about a month ago following torrential downpour near central Colorado. These floods have induced a ton of damage to the well-being of the state. Homes were destroyed, major roads were washed away, and important infrastructure was damaged.

Many citizens had to evacuate their homes and run to safety. The floods caused so much damage that residents of a town may be kept away from their homes for nearly six months, according to officials.

The drinking water in Lyons was contaminated by E. coli bacteria, and the waste water system suffered a $1 million worth of damage, as said by town administrator, Victoria Simonsen.

Initially, there was a list of 1,200 people who were ‘unaccounted for’, but that list steadily diminished over the course of the following week.

On a happier note, during this time of hardship, families would gradually reunite, evacuees would register at shelters, and rescue teams would reach hard-to-get areas cut off by the floods to retrieve those missing.

There were at least 10 reported deaths, including a 79-year-old victim, Evelyn Starner, whose body was found on the 23rd.

The flooding also damaged oil fields on the state’s Front Range. At least 22,000 gallons of oil has spilled from tanks, making the cleanup level of the floods even more complicated.

Property losses have a possibility of hitting $2 billion. Will Colorado ever truly recover from the damage done by these floods? Time will tell.

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