New staff joins Miner family: Mrs. Griffiths


Staff Writer


Mrs. Griffiths

This photo was taken by JENNIFER DOMINGUEZ.

As the new year of 2013-2014 continues, we learn more about the new teachers who have joined our giant Miner family. Mrs. Griffiths is one of the new teachers, and she teaches U. S History and AP US History.

Mrs. Griffiths is known around the school as being the fun and upbeat teacher because she is always acting silly and energetic. Mrs. Griffiths taught for ten years at Tulare Western before she began teaching at El Diamante. She also did her student teaching at Mt. Whitney.

When asked about how she felt about teaching here at El Diamante, she responded, “I am just working with students and sharing my love of History, and getting them excited about it, like I am.”

Mrs. Griffiths wanted to be an actress before becoming a teacher. She did act in several things as an extra, but stopped acting due to a lack of a stable income. After the whole experience, she returned to Visalia.

Then asked what brought her to El Diamante and she responded, “It’s gotten such a good reputation and I had some of the people I know work here and say they love it, and speak so highly of it. So I wanted to come here to the school that had stellar academics and great athletics and arts, and El D has the total package. I’d like my children to go here someday.”

Mrs. Griffiths didn’t always like History. She actually disliked it during her high school years. She was planning to be a doctor, but then began to like history and chose it as her Minor in college. She then got a Master’s Degree in American History.

Mrs. Griffiths enjoys spending her time with her family and traveling to different historic places. Also, she likes to sell Scentsy (scented candles), and she loves to read when she has time to.

She hopes that she will still be here teaching in ten years. Good luck to you, Mrs. Griffiths!

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