New staff joins Miner family: Mrs. Guzman


Staff Writer

New staff joins Miner family

This photo was taken by YAILIN LEDEZMA.

As the new school year brought new opportunities for everyone, El Diamante was able to provide a new beginning for fifteen teachers. From math to drama, or even spanish to 3D art, our campus now has a new staff ready to make this yet another great year.


        Coming from La Joya Middle School, Mrs. Tina Guzman made her way to the big kids of El Diamante. As of now she is teaching anatomy and physiology, which is a tremendous difference from 7th grade physical science. When asked if middle school was different from high school she admitted, “Yes, very different. Well I made a big jump because I went from teaching 7th grade to seniors.  I mean I had fun at both places, but the conversations with my seniors are a lot more intellectual, they’re a lot deeper, they’re more thoughtful.”


      For Mrs.Guzman, the change from middle school to high school was very peculiar. As she explains that teaching wasn’t always in her plans, she tells us that she started as an athletic trainer. Knowledge of the human body began to grow on her, and after time it suddenly became a passion to know more about. During her years at La Joya, getting to the human body section always thrilled her and she then told us, “When Mr. Waters left to go to La Joya, his position opened and I pounced on the opportunity.” She then explains how teaching something that is a new subject that she never taught before is a lot of work, but something she’s enjoying.


   Teaching has become what Mrs.Guzman is passionate about, and she brings her perky-self into all interactions with her students. She comes to school every morning and lets her positiveness radiate onto her students. Her dreams of becoming an anatomy teacher came to realization here at El Diamante, and she tells us that she hopes to be here with us for a long time, “From the beginning of my career, which started 8 or 9 years ago, this is where I wanted to be. So now that I’m here, I don’t have any plans to go anywhere anytime soon.” Fortunately for Mrs.Guzman, getting accommodated to our school wasn’t very difficult, since she has been friends with Mr. Miller from when he used to mentor her for her first two years at La Joya.


   Miner pride is something we’re very proud of here at El Diamante. Being a new teacher on campus isn’t stopping Mrs.Guzman from being part of this, “ I am so ready for this! I was actually always part of the dress up days at La Joya, so I can’t wait for this year!” Apart from all the excitement of dress up weeks, our new anatomy teacher was able to share with us her favorite part of teaching, “Not just being their teacher, but getting to know them as people , hearing their funny stories, what they’re doing on their weekends, and what their college plans are.”


   Mrs.Guzman has several things that identifies her as a great person, either the way she connects with students or her dreams of running in an Ironman triathlon, one of a series of long-distance triathlon races organized by the World Triathlon Corporation. Needless to say, El Diamante has gained an outstanding teacher, whom we hope will stay in our Miner family for a long time.

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