New staff joins Miner family: Mr. Samaniego


Staff Writer

             It’s week six, and the new year feel is finally setting in, especially for our new staff on campus. As we’ve already spoken to Anatomy, English, Drama, and Biology teachers, this week we were able to get to know a World History teacher.

            Mr. Samaniego is now officially part of the El Diamante staff. For two years, most people knew him as Mrs.Zylstra’s substitute while she was ill. And after years of being a long-term substitute, he was able to do something he actually preferred.

          Teaching always seemed to be in Mr.Samaniego’s plans as he studied at Fresno State. Previously, he had been an accountant clerk for 8 years and it didn’t reach his expectations. He  then continued and said, “ I felt so miserable most of the time I was there, and I took the job just because I needed the money and I took this job because I wanted it. I did it for 8 years and most days I hated being there, but I wanted to get married so I needed to keep the job.”

           With some time he realized he wanted to work with little kids, and he thought he would be teaching k-6. When he got a long-term substitute position here, he really enjoyed it.  Over the summer Mr.Samaniego was offered the job, after he had applied late June and interviewed in July. Without a doubt he accepted the job and is loving El Diamante and all the students.

           It has been almost 2 years since Mr.Samaniego has been a teacher and when asked what aspects of teaching he enjoys most, he responded, “Working with kids, and everything because I’m actually happy doing what I do.”

          Mr.Samaniego also shared with us his hobbies which included watching scary movies or going on short day trips. But like all the other new teachers on campus, he too is already taking part in our pride as Miners and can’t wait for the rest of the year. We also hope to continue being the best school we can be for him and the rest of the new staff.


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