Government shutdown


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Government Shutdown-Courteney Kauffmann

This picture was taken by COURTENEY KAUFFMANN.

The latest news from the result of the government shut down reveals that at least 800,000 federal employees will not be reporting for work. Government departments no longer have free funds to pay them. There isn’t even a guarantee that they will receive that pay back when they do start working again. In previous shutdowns, including that of the year 1995 and 1996 lasted five and twenty one days at the most. The shutdown will temporarily discontinue the usage of federal museums, national parks, offices that give visas to foreigners, and federal regulatory agencies. The Statue of Liberty in New York City is also closed to tourists due to the shutdown. People are frustrated and want this all to be over with. It is out of our hands and the wait is on for the decision to made soon! I decided to interview John David to represent the frustration Americans are facing at the moment.

Interview with John David:

The Dig: How do you feel personally about federal employees going without pay?

John: “I feel sorry for them, it’s not their fault. They didn’t do anything wrong”.

The Dig: Do you feel like it’s fair or unfair? Explain your answer.

John: “Unfair because someone else is controlling whether or not their working, not totally based on performance”.

The Dig: If things could be handled differently regarding their situation what do you think would of been the best option?

John: “I think the politicians should have gotten together way ahead of time, to prevent this kind of situation”.

The Dig: How would you feel if you were going through what they were experiencing?

John: “I’d be scared, and nervous about how I’d feed my family, pay the bills, and not knowing when I’d be able to work again”.

After the interview, focusing on what John had to say, we all probably could agree that these statements are probably the frustrating emotions that all Americans are experiencing and feeling due to the shut down. We are all hoping this can be resolved as soon as possible.


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