From Braunschweig to Visalia


Publicity Co-Manager


Noah the Foriegn Exchange Student

This photo was taken courtesy of SONALI SAMA.

    Whether he’s in Germany or in America, German foreign exchange student, Noah Schoemann, has never failed to make almost every girl at El Diamante’s heart skip a beat. Not only does he have a very distinct accent, but he also has a great sense of humor. Boys, girls, and even staff members cannot seem to get enough of him and his charm! This week, The Dig got the chance to sit down with Schoemann and get to know him a lot better.


  Well adapted to the new environment, Schoemann states that America has been nothing but good to him. From the warm weather of California to the cheerful people that stroll the town, this German boy doesn’t feel homesick from his motherland very much. He describes California as though mesmerized. Although homesickness has not devoured him, he was asked to name the one thing that he missed the most from Germany. Schoemann playfully responded, “I could say I miss my family the most but honestly I just miss drinking sparkling water!”


Being a member of our ASB class here on campus, Schoemann is pumped with loads of school spirit. During the interview he cheerfully stated that he is definitely planning on going to Harvest and wants to attend almost everything that the school has to offer. Due to his busy schedule, Schoemann hasn’t had the chance to attend any football games yet this year, but he did happen to share with us an opportunity he wishes to have: “I want to be the school mascot!” Talk about school spirit, huh? A question in the interview was to name one thing he absolutely loves about El Diamante, and he proudly exclaims,“MR. PEREZ!!!!” How couldn’t someone not love Noah?

  Outside of school, this foreign exchange student has established some very strong relationships. Schoemann explained to us how close he has gotten with his host family. “My real best friend is my host brother, because I hang out with him a lot. Actually, he doesn’t really count as my bestfriend because to me he’s like a brother.”

  Schoemann is a very genuine and sweet human being. He knows how to make you laugh and can easily keep a conversation going, and his accent is captivating! If you have not introduced yourself to this down to earth German boy, I insist you do very soon.


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