Sweden sweetheart


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Linda Wennerstrom, a swedish doll, has definitely left her mark on El Diamante’s campus. With her quirky laugh and personality, Linda can be described in only one word: Adorable. This week, The Dig got the honor to interview this peppy senior and we learned a lot about her.

First, being in America for a couple months now seems like a long time right? For Linda, however, time has swung by fast, she doesn’t even feel a drop of homesickness! “I try not to talk to my family a lot, because when I talk to them, I begin to miss them,” says the family oriented foreign exchange student. In Wennerstrom’s opinion, it’s important to breath in all of America while she is here. She left Sweden for a reason and if she keeps thinking about her home, she won’t be able to enjoy life in California. Along with missing family, Wennerstrom laughingly states that she misses the long lunches the most. She then explained to us that lunch in Sweden was one and a half hours long, and not only that but everyone there ate freshly cooked food in restaurants for free. Jealous? I know I am. She also told us that in Sweden, the school systems are very different; the students don’t have different periods for classes, everything is taught by the same teacher in the same class. Wennerstrom states that she has grown very close relationships with people as a result of the Swedish schooling system, whereas here, she is just acquainted with some of the 100 people she sees everyday.

Second, Wennerstrom would say she has adapted quite well in America. She loves the fact that the “city is so alive!” She never seems to get bored with all the opportunity and freedom here in America. One thing she loves about El Diamante is the school spirit. She enjoys seeing everyone at football games cheering their school on and wearing El D gear. That’s another difference between Sweden and America, she states. Wennerstrom also confessed that she is better suited for the U.S. because of her bubbly and outgoing personality.

Third, not only is Wennerstrom experiencing an entirely different atmosphere living in California, but she is also making fairly close friendships with her peers. “One of my best friends is Stephanie from Brazil,” she tells us. Along with Stephanie, Wennerstrom also reveals that Zoey Bland, Chelsea Marquez, and Julia Sanchez are her best friends here in America. This Swedish girl also states that she likes living with her host family, however, its hard being the only child in the house sometimes.

Interviewing Wennerstrom was a blast! She is so friendly and sweet, she brightens your day just by speaking in her thick accent. This Swedish doll is the perfect fit for El Diamante with the amount of energy and school spirit she contains (she was the mascot at the game against Central). She will most definitely be missed when she leaves back to her country next spring.

Government shutdown


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Government Shutdown-Courteney Kauffmann

This picture was taken by COURTENEY KAUFFMANN.

The latest news from the result of the government shut down reveals that at least 800,000 federal employees will not be reporting for work. Government departments no longer have free funds to pay them. There isn’t even a guarantee that they will receive that pay back when they do start working again. In previous shutdowns, including that of the year 1995 and 1996 lasted five and twenty one days at the most. The shutdown will temporarily discontinue the usage of federal museums, national parks, offices that give visas to foreigners, and federal regulatory agencies. The Statue of Liberty in New York City is also closed to tourists due to the shutdown. People are frustrated and want this all to be over with. It is out of our hands and the wait is on for the decision to made soon! I decided to interview John David to represent the frustration Americans are facing at the moment.

Interview with John David:

The Dig: How do you feel personally about federal employees going without pay?

John: “I feel sorry for them, it’s not their fault. They didn’t do anything wrong”.

The Dig: Do you feel like it’s fair or unfair? Explain your answer.

John: “Unfair because someone else is controlling whether or not their working, not totally based on performance”.

The Dig: If things could be handled differently regarding their situation what do you think would of been the best option?

John: “I think the politicians should have gotten together way ahead of time, to prevent this kind of situation”.

The Dig: How would you feel if you were going through what they were experiencing?

John: “I’d be scared, and nervous about how I’d feed my family, pay the bills, and not knowing when I’d be able to work again”.

After the interview, focusing on what John had to say, we all probably could agree that these statements are probably the frustrating emotions that all Americans are experiencing and feeling due to the shut down. We are all hoping this can be resolved as soon as possible.


New staff joins Miner family: Mr. Samaniego


Staff Writer

             It’s week six, and the new year feel is finally setting in, especially for our new staff on campus. As we’ve already spoken to Anatomy, English, Drama, and Biology teachers, this week we were able to get to know a World History teacher.

            Mr. Samaniego is now officially part of the El Diamante staff. For two years, most people knew him as Mrs.Zylstra’s substitute while she was ill. And after years of being a long-term substitute, he was able to do something he actually preferred.

          Teaching always seemed to be in Mr.Samaniego’s plans as he studied at Fresno State. Previously, he had been an accountant clerk for 8 years and it didn’t reach his expectations. He  then continued and said, “ I felt so miserable most of the time I was there, and I took the job just because I needed the money and I took this job because I wanted it. I did it for 8 years and most days I hated being there, but I wanted to get married so I needed to keep the job.”

           With some time he realized he wanted to work with little kids, and he thought he would be teaching k-6. When he got a long-term substitute position here, he really enjoyed it.  Over the summer Mr.Samaniego was offered the job, after he had applied late June and interviewed in July. Without a doubt he accepted the job and is loving El Diamante and all the students.

           It has been almost 2 years since Mr.Samaniego has been a teacher and when asked what aspects of teaching he enjoys most, he responded, “Working with kids, and everything because I’m actually happy doing what I do.”

          Mr.Samaniego also shared with us his hobbies which included watching scary movies or going on short day trips. But like all the other new teachers on campus, he too is already taking part in our pride as Miners and can’t wait for the rest of the year. We also hope to continue being the best school we can be for him and the rest of the new staff.


New staff joins Miner family: Mrs. Guzman


Staff Writer

New staff joins Miner family

This photo was taken by YAILIN LEDEZMA.

As the new school year brought new opportunities for everyone, El Diamante was able to provide a new beginning for fifteen teachers. From math to drama, or even spanish to 3D art, our campus now has a new staff ready to make this yet another great year.


        Coming from La Joya Middle School, Mrs. Tina Guzman made her way to the big kids of El Diamante. As of now she is teaching anatomy and physiology, which is a tremendous difference from 7th grade physical science. When asked if middle school was different from high school she admitted, “Yes, very different. Well I made a big jump because I went from teaching 7th grade to seniors.  I mean I had fun at both places, but the conversations with my seniors are a lot more intellectual, they’re a lot deeper, they’re more thoughtful.”


      For Mrs.Guzman, the change from middle school to high school was very peculiar. As she explains that teaching wasn’t always in her plans, she tells us that she started as an athletic trainer. Knowledge of the human body began to grow on her, and after time it suddenly became a passion to know more about. During her years at La Joya, getting to the human body section always thrilled her and she then told us, “When Mr. Waters left to go to La Joya, his position opened and I pounced on the opportunity.” She then explains how teaching something that is a new subject that she never taught before is a lot of work, but something she’s enjoying.


   Teaching has become what Mrs.Guzman is passionate about, and she brings her perky-self into all interactions with her students. She comes to school every morning and lets her positiveness radiate onto her students. Her dreams of becoming an anatomy teacher came to realization here at El Diamante, and she tells us that she hopes to be here with us for a long time, “From the beginning of my career, which started 8 or 9 years ago, this is where I wanted to be. So now that I’m here, I don’t have any plans to go anywhere anytime soon.” Fortunately for Mrs.Guzman, getting accommodated to our school wasn’t very difficult, since she has been friends with Mr. Miller from when he used to mentor her for her first two years at La Joya.


   Miner pride is something we’re very proud of here at El Diamante. Being a new teacher on campus isn’t stopping Mrs.Guzman from being part of this, “ I am so ready for this! I was actually always part of the dress up days at La Joya, so I can’t wait for this year!” Apart from all the excitement of dress up weeks, our new anatomy teacher was able to share with us her favorite part of teaching, “Not just being their teacher, but getting to know them as people , hearing their funny stories, what they’re doing on their weekends, and what their college plans are.”


   Mrs.Guzman has several things that identifies her as a great person, either the way she connects with students or her dreams of running in an Ironman triathlon, one of a series of long-distance triathlon races organized by the World Triathlon Corporation. Needless to say, El Diamante has gained an outstanding teacher, whom we hope will stay in our Miner family for a long time.

Reformation: Colorado


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Colorado has not had the best of luck lately. The state has been suffering from severe flooding. The floods have even proved to be deadly.

Flooding began about a month ago following torrential downpour near central Colorado. These floods have induced a ton of damage to the well-being of the state. Homes were destroyed, major roads were washed away, and important infrastructure was damaged.

Many citizens had to evacuate their homes and run to safety. The floods caused so much damage that residents of a town may be kept away from their homes for nearly six months, according to officials.

The drinking water in Lyons was contaminated by E. coli bacteria, and the waste water system suffered a $1 million worth of damage, as said by town administrator, Victoria Simonsen.

Initially, there was a list of 1,200 people who were ‘unaccounted for’, but that list steadily diminished over the course of the following week.

On a happier note, during this time of hardship, families would gradually reunite, evacuees would register at shelters, and rescue teams would reach hard-to-get areas cut off by the floods to retrieve those missing.

There were at least 10 reported deaths, including a 79-year-old victim, Evelyn Starner, whose body was found on the 23rd.

The flooding also damaged oil fields on the state’s Front Range. At least 22,000 gallons of oil has spilled from tanks, making the cleanup level of the floods even more complicated.

Property losses have a possibility of hitting $2 billion. Will Colorado ever truly recover from the damage done by these floods? Time will tell.

From Braunschweig to Visalia


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Noah the Foriegn Exchange Student

This photo was taken courtesy of SONALI SAMA.

    Whether he’s in Germany or in America, German foreign exchange student, Noah Schoemann, has never failed to make almost every girl at El Diamante’s heart skip a beat. Not only does he have a very distinct accent, but he also has a great sense of humor. Boys, girls, and even staff members cannot seem to get enough of him and his charm! This week, The Dig got the chance to sit down with Schoemann and get to know him a lot better.


  Well adapted to the new environment, Schoemann states that America has been nothing but good to him. From the warm weather of California to the cheerful people that stroll the town, this German boy doesn’t feel homesick from his motherland very much. He describes California as though mesmerized. Although homesickness has not devoured him, he was asked to name the one thing that he missed the most from Germany. Schoemann playfully responded, “I could say I miss my family the most but honestly I just miss drinking sparkling water!”


Being a member of our ASB class here on campus, Schoemann is pumped with loads of school spirit. During the interview he cheerfully stated that he is definitely planning on going to Harvest and wants to attend almost everything that the school has to offer. Due to his busy schedule, Schoemann hasn’t had the chance to attend any football games yet this year, but he did happen to share with us an opportunity he wishes to have: “I want to be the school mascot!” Talk about school spirit, huh? A question in the interview was to name one thing he absolutely loves about El Diamante, and he proudly exclaims,“MR. PEREZ!!!!” How couldn’t someone not love Noah?

  Outside of school, this foreign exchange student has established some very strong relationships. Schoemann explained to us how close he has gotten with his host family. “My real best friend is my host brother, because I hang out with him a lot. Actually, he doesn’t really count as my bestfriend because to me he’s like a brother.”

  Schoemann is a very genuine and sweet human being. He knows how to make you laugh and can easily keep a conversation going, and his accent is captivating! If you have not introduced yourself to this down to earth German boy, I insist you do very soon.


What does the fox say?


Staff Writer

A question has taken the world by storm in the form of a music video: What Does the Fox Say? The video recites a series of animal noises before breaking into the chorus, where the singers pose the question and begin imitating possible responses.

The now viral music video began when the band, Ylvis, decided to have a bit of fun with a production company. They run a talk show in Norway, and they thought it would be funny if they told their fans that they had an opportunity to make a ground-breaking music video and blew their chances. Little did they know, their little joke would be the next sensation.

Well, what exactly does the fox say? As it turns out, the band isn’t far off in their suggestions. Foxes are relatively quiet animals, but when they make noise, they go all out. Being a part of the dog family, one might say that foxes “bark”, but their sound is better represented through the word “scream”. When fighting or playing, however, they make a high-pitched chuffing that surprisingly sounds very similar to the “ring-ting-ting” that Ylvis sang in the music video.

Thanks to some goofy guys in Norway, the world recognizes the fox noise and can enjoy a song dedicated to the time which came before this revelation. “The Fox” is currently number eight on Billboard 100 and number 12 on the iTunes charts. The video has reached over 90 million views on Youtube and Mikkel Eriksen from Stargate, the company that produced the hit, remarked that, “They’re on the point of an international breakthrough, not just as musicians, but also as comedians”.

If this statement proves true, America will surely be watching to see what they come out with next.

Bubbly Brazilian


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Stephenie Canale has brought her free spirited self with her from a city in Brazil,Marília, to Visalia, California. She is so fascinated with the American culture, and she seems like a perfect fit for El Diamante. Surrounding herself with happy, energetic people, Stephanie has found herself to be quite comfortable at our high school. This week, The Dig had the amazing opportunity to sit down with Canale and hear what she had to say about her time in America so far.

Canale states that there are a lot of differences between her country and ours. One difference that she has noticed is that high school in Brazil is only three years long. Not to mention the most obvious difference of all, the language.

However, she does share the same love as many girls that live in this country do: Starbucks and shopping. Canale explains to us the reasoning for her love for Starbucks. “Starbucks in Brazil is like three hours from my house, but here its like only five minutes away.” Unlike the other two foreign exchange students, Canale misses her family and friends a lot, and the food back home.

Canale has built many strong relationships throughout her time in America. She explains that she has grown very close with Linda, the foreign exchange student from Sweden, along with her host sister, Zoey Bland.

This Brazilian goddess looks forward to attending her first Prom the most from her experience in America. Another thing she is looking forward to is Halloween. She is so thrilled to dress up and go trick-or-treating for the very first time. Not to mention that “all us foreign exchange students go to Hawaii in March so oh my gosh I’m so excited for that,” she happily explains.

Canale showed us in her interview that she is very outgoing, and very fascinated in the American culture. She is fearless to surround herself in a new environment. Not only that, but she has adapted amazingly into the American society. She is truly a very sweet girl and El Diamante is very lucky and honored to have Canale a part of our student body.

New staff joins Miner family: Mr. Young


Staff Writer


New staff joins Miner family; Mr. Young

This photo was taken by JENNIFER DOMINGUEZ.

With a new year, comes new starts for not only students, but also the staff members. The year of 2013-2014, 15 new teachers join the El Diamante teaching staff. From the many new teachers comes the new teacher for Drama and English II, Mr. Young.

Mr. Young, a brand new teacher who has a passion for Drama and English , starts off his teaching career at El Diamante. When asked about how long he had been teaching he responded, “I’ve been a teacher for three weeks. It’s my first teaching job.” He knew that he wanted to teach English when he dropped out of school (where he studied drama) and wanted to become an actor. When he failed at this he began reading and writing constantly. That’s when he realized that he had a love for literature and writing, and that he wanted to go back to school and become an English teacher. He graduated from Fresno Pacific and got his degree in English with an emphasis in secondary education.

When asked about what brought him to El Diamante he responded, “Well, so there’s a job opening, obviously right? And I actually interviewed with Redwood, and I interviewed with El Diamante. And I interviewed with El Diamante second, they were my second interview. And I knew, like hands down when I left that interview, that I wanted to teach here. There’s just something about the administration, the staff, just the feel of being on campus. And I was like I got to be at this high school. I got lucky.” Although El Diamante was his second choice he absolutely felt the need to teach here instead of any other school.

When asked about what separates him from other teachers here at El Diamante he responded, “I’ve only been doing this for three weeks… That’s a hard question to answer because of out of all the teachers they do things that are great, that I don’t even know about. You know? I’ll say the one thing that I’m good at and I’m sure that all the other teachers are good at too is that I can like relate with you guys [students] and I like you guys and get along with you guys. So I guess that’s something that I do well, and I’m sure that other teachers do well too.”

Soon enough, we asked him about if he would still see himself teaching here at El Diamante 10 years from now. He responded, “That’s a good question. Yes absolutely! I mean I have every intention of remaining a teacher. I have no interest in becoming an administrator. I like being in the classroom and I guarantee you that a few, probably 50% of the teachers out there are gonna laugh at me because I’ve only been doing this for three weeks, and they’re probably thinking, ‘Oh just wait’. But I just love academics and I love teaching so yeah I definitely see myself in a classroom in 10 years. We’ll see if I’m still here at El Diamante. I sure hope I am.”

Lastly, we asked him if he was ready for our Miner Pride and he responded, “ Yeah! I think so. Well here’s the funny thing, I graduated from Golden West and El Diamante wasn’t around. Well I think the first class was my senior year, so we didn’t have the rivalry with El Diamante. So that’s very new to me. But what’s interesting is that I can see that I’m quickly switching sides. All of a sudden I’m thinking more about Miner Pride. So I’m ready for it, its growing on me. I’m definitely excited to be here and I will be rooting for the Miners when we play Golden West.”

We hope that Mr. Young will enjoy it here at El Diamante, and continue teaching Drama and English II for many more years.

Oklahoma lake bodies found


Staff Writer


Oklahoma Lake Bodies Found by Maddy HeeszelWhen new sonar equipment was being tested In September at Foss Lake in Oklahoma, an unexpected surprise was found by local sheriffs. Two vehicles, a 1952 Chevrolet and a 1969 Chevrolet Camaro, were found twelve feet deep in the lake.


A diver by the name of Darrell Splawn went to investigate the scene on Tuesday, September 17th to take a closer look. As he dove down, he discovered that the two cars were right next to each other and facing opposite directions, leading to even more suspicion. The cars were brought up, and inside the two vehicles, skeletal remains of approximately six people were found, three in each car.


Soon after the cars were brought to shore, more divers went back down to the lake for more inspection. After searching, a skull, along with a femur and other small bones, were found at the bottom of the lake.


Authorities contacted a few different local families who have reported missing relatives since 1960-1970. It was believed that the first car dated back to 1970 when a teenage boy and his two friends suddenly disappeared, and the second car was possibly owned by a man in the late 1960s who disappeared with a sibling and a friend. Although it seems reasonable, there is still more research to do.

The remains were examined by professionals, and DNA samples were taken and then screened to see who the bodies once belonged to. On October 10th, examiners found that the Camaro belonged to a teenage boy by the name of Jimmy Williams who disappeared with two friends, Thomas Rios and Leah Johnson, in 1970. “DNA tests are still pending, but the remains appeared to be those of the three friends”, said Amy Elliot, a professional at a medical examiner’s office. As for the other vehicle, it’s believed that the bodies were once of John Alva Porter, Cleburn Hammack, and Nora Marie Duncan. Even those the test results seem pretty clear, the remainings in both vehicles are still be confirmed just to make sure.