First Timers Guide to Disneyland


Promotions Editor and Photography Editor

F- First timers guide to Disneyland-Chris&MiriamDisneyland is the happiest place on Earth, but wait, you have yet to experience this one-of-a-kind joy for yourself. You are wondering how in the world you haven’t been to Disneyland yet, and you feel as if you have missed out. There are some necessary things to know before you step into Disneyland, though. After reading this first timers guide to Disneyland, you are sure to have the best time at the happiest place on Earth.

1. Plan your trip in advance. Start planning your trip out at least one month in advance. You need to book your hotel room, plan for transportation, and plan for crowd expectancy. You can look up hotels near Disneyland. The most popular being the Grand Californian, the Disneyland Hotel, and the Paradise Pier Hotel. All three resorts are on Disney property so you won’t need to walk far to get the park. If you are planning on staying off Disney property make sure that the hotel offers transportation to the park so you won’t have to walk. When you are planning your stay make sure to research when Disneyland crowds are the lightest. This will ensure that you can get on as many rides as possible and meet with all your favorite characters.

2. Photobomb other people’s pictures. There will be people taking pictures everywhere. If you show up in some of the pictures and act like you are with them, they will later look at the photos and laugh like no tomorrow. They might be upset because there is a random person in their picture, but it won’t be the end of the world. Chances are, you will make their day with your hilarious photobomb.

3. Bring an experienced friend. If you have never been to Disneyland, chances are you are going to be very lost and confused on what to do. Disneyland will be so overwhelming and foreign to someone has never been there. If you have someone who has been there many times, then you will not be lost. They can guide you to the most fun places in Disneyland.

4. Get fastpasses right when you arrive. When you arrive at Disneyland or California Adventures, go straight to the most popular ride to get a fastpass. In Disneyland the rides to get them for are as follows: Space Mountain, Indiana Jones Adventure, Splash Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain, Roger Rabbit’s Car Toon Spin, and Star Tours. If you are going to California Adventures first then get a fastpass for the rides as follows: Radiator Springs Racers, Tower of Terror, Soarin’ Over California, California Screamin’, and Grizzly River Run. Getting fastpasses is essential to make riding all the rides possible. Once you can get another fastpass, get one!

5. Fit in as many rides as possible. Disneyland has a lot of rides to ride, so you should ride as many possible! If you are unable to ride the rides, take pictures of the rides. If you are scared of rollercoasters, ride the kiddy rides. There is a ride for everyone here. If the rollercoaster or ride isn’t enough fun, vlog while you ride the rides. Then later you can watch your experience on the ride and laugh at how silly you look.

6. Have a lot of patience for long lines. There may be long lines for the rides, so you must have patience to wait. While you are waiting, make a video of you waiting with your friends. Take pictures of the people waiting. You can play games or count the seconds while you wait. Always, always be patient while you are in line.

7. Places to eat. When you get hungry there are many places to go eat at the park. If you are wanting to eat at a character dining location or a very busy restaurant, you should make a reservation. If you just want to eat somewhere there are places to eat in almost every land. Each restaurant has different foods so if you want something specific you can always ask a cast member where you can go to get the food you want.

8. Meet with characters. The characters are the best part of Disneyland. If you are scared of rollercoasters, then you can just go around taking pictures with the characters. There might be some long times for the characters, but it will definitely be worth it because you have a photo to remember your experience in Disneyland. Later on, you can make a scrapbook of the first time you were in Disneyland so you can remember it for the rest of your life.

9. Look for hidden mickeys. When on rides and while walking through the parks, keep your eyes open for some hidden mickeys. Hidden mickeys are all over the parks, rides, and restaurants. They are three circles that resemble a mickey head. They a very fun to try to find when waiting in lines or sitting and eating. There is a book that they have that tells you where some of the hidden mickeys are. They are very fun to find and you can point them out to your party so that they can join in to.

10. Go shopping. Disneyland has so many collectables and nice souvenirs for everyone. They have pretty much everything you can want from a theme park’s store. When shopping, do some looking around but wait to do all of your shopping until the end of the day so you don’t have to carry it around all day. It’s hard to carry bags of stuff with you throughout the day and finding space for the stuff on rides is difficult. Unless you are just going to the Mad Hatter’s store to buy a hat or a character signing book, wait until the end of the day.

Are you ready to go to the happiest place on Earth now? Disneyland is calling you, so answer proudly by having the best time at Disneyland for the first time ever. Once you go to Disneyland, you will want to go every weekend. You will constantly want to be on the rides and with the characters. It is time to visit the happiest place on Earth, Miners!

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