Backstreet’s back, alright!


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F-Backstreet's back, alright!-Katie HutchinsonThat’s right Backstreet boys are back, well not technically. They found themselves landing a star on Hollywood’s walk of fame April 22nd of this year, in celebration of their twentieth anniversary. Nick Carter, Howie D, Brian Littrelll, A.J. McLean, and Kevin Richardson under the management of Lou Pearlman formed twenty years ago in 1993. Here’s a little background of the members and their individuality. Nick being know as the “cute” one was commonly compared to Justin Timberlake. Howie D however, the complete opposite of Nick is known as the “ugly” one, he was often compared to Lance from Nsync. Brian is known to be the “funny” one and also made his faith well known. A.J. McLean projects himself as a “bad boy” and seemed to be the most real or original member of the band. Finally, Kevin is well known for his style, he is always ready to pull off whatever attire that was presented in front of him.

The boy band was created after the initial success of New Kids. Pearlman felt he could take five male teenage singers and have the same outcome in Orlando, Florida, thus the group was formed after a drawn out application process. The name came with the infamous teen hangout called Backstreet, it was a flea market that was highly liked by young adults.

Although the band was created in the early 1990’s they did not rise to fame until three years later with the release of their first international album, Backstreet Boys. Since then they have release familiarized albums; Backstreet’s Back (1997), Millennium (1999) and Black & Blue (2000) until they departed. In 2005, the boys regrouped and came out with Never Gone where they shortly let Richardson go. The four guys debuted two albums with the absence of the once member Kevin Richardson, Unbreakable (2007) and This is Us (2009).

In 2012 around this time there was an announcement made that Kevin had rejoined the group, permanently. They found their inspiration from Boyz || Men and Color Me Badd which led them into becoming a famous pop group themselves. Their claim to fame album was “Quit Playing Games(With My Heart)”. The boys have sold over 130 million records worldwide and will live down the label as the best-selling boy band of all time. This obviously makes them very deserving of the recently received star on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame. They have also receiving ALMA, American Music, Billboard Music, Blockbuster Entertainment, BMI Pop, Grammy, Juno, MTV Asia, MTV Europe Music, MTV Video Music, MuchMusic Video, Nickelodeon Kid’s Choice, NRJ Radio, People’s choice, Radio Music, Smash Hits, Teen Choice awards, VIVA Comet, and World Music Awards during the span of their career. Although teens and children of our generation listened to them in the past and we are now on the path into becoming adults, we will forever remember them come their 30th or even 50th anniversary. Those twenty years have well paid off.

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