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PicsArt_1367130106424Well Miners, it’s almost that time of year again- PROM! Already students are busy around campus, putting up posters and decorating cars, desks, and getting creative in any way they can to ask their dates to prom. But what’s even more important than choosing who to go with is choosing what to wear! (Right?)


The past year dress styles have definitely been apparent at school. Maxi skirts and hi-low skirts and dresses, (also known as Mullet Skirts,) have become increasingly popular! At formal and harvest, lots of girls sported dresses with open midriff slits or transparent floor length skirts with mini skirts underneath. Prom, of course, is the most “formal” of all of the high school dances, so you don’t have to worry about being “too fancy”- you can dress up as much as you want!


Sparkles and glitter are usually a must-have on a prom dress, but there are girls who prefer a sleeker and simpler look. If you’re going for an out-there look, animal print or multicolored dresses are definitely the way to go. For girls hoping to go for a more classy look, you can never go wrong with a floor length black dress. Some simple beading on any kind of dress can really spice it up; try on every dress that catches your eye!


The most important part of a prom dress is feeling comfortable! You don’t want to feel like your dress is squeezing you too tight, or feel like it’s about to fall off. You want to be able to sit down and stand up at dinner with comfort, and of course, be able to dance!


For boys, deciding what to wear to prom is a lot less stressful than it is for girls. You simply buy a tux and a tie to match the color of your dates dress. You can liven up your outfit easily, considering a standard tux is pretty simple. Bright colored vests, undershirts, ties, and pocket protectors can make all the difference.

No matter what you wear, the most important part of prom is to have fun! As long as you feel your best, you’ll look your best!

Fun Things To Do On Prom Night (If You Don’t Plan On Going)


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F- Fun Things To Do On Prom, Lina VangPerchance one of the biggest misleading myths about Prom is that you absolutely must go because you know you’d much rather be doing something you enjoy, than to participate in something that everyone says you must attend. In fact, there are many who don’t go to their Prom and skipping Prom isn’t going to mean anything in the grand scheme of your life; it’s quite the stress-worker, so here are just a few ideas of alternatives for those of you not planning on going to Prom.

  • Have a Movie Night. Bring out the popcorn and gather up all your favorite movies and classics and have yourself a movie marathon! There’s nothing like watching all your faves that you love.

  • Arts and Crafts. Be creative and conjure up a little self-project with anything you can find. And whether it be a drawing, painting, photo-shoot, etc, have fun!

  • Go to The Beach. There’s no denying everyone loves the beach. Take a trip to the beach and enjoy a day of the nice weather and calming beach atmosphere.

  • Have a Bonfire. With a few friends, spend the night roasting s’mores and telling stories. What could be better?

  • Go to an Amusement Park. Nothing compares to the adrenaline rush and thrive of roller-coasters, so have an adventure at an Amusement Park full of fun rise and game for all.

  • Karaoke Night. It does not matter if you have a singing voice or not. What matters is you enjoying yourself and karaoking with friends might just be better than Prom.

  • Watch the Sun Rise. End the night on a good note with star-gazing and watch the sun rise! It’ll definitely be something to catch the sun at it’s beginning mark as it rises.

Usually it’d be the norm to attend your High School prom, but if you aren’t feeling it, then have a different kind of fun and venture, aside from what everyone else will be doing. It’s definitely okay to skip out on your Prom if you don’t feel the need to go, thus these few ideas listed can be in place of a night to remember.



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O-Applenopoly AvangOn October 23, 2001 Apple released the iPod; on June 29, 2007 Apple released the revolutionary iPhone; on January 23, 2010, Apple released the iPad, and just last year on September 21, 2012, Apple released the iPhone 5. As we are all subjected to hearing on commercials, talk shows, radio shows, movies,  etc. anyone who owns an Apple product is said to be “cool” and has one of the most “high tech” products available. Apple is considered to be one of the wealthiest companies around the world. They are known to produce software and products that are satisfying and  reliable. They have sewn their image with the projection of being an everyday, people friendly company, but is Apple really what they portray themselves to be? What exactly did Apple do to achieve this image and how did they do it?

Apple Inc. was created on April 1, 1976 by three intelligent men, Steve Wozniak, Ronald Wayne, and Steve Jobs. Together, they introduced the world to their first product, a personal computer. They decided to continue producing more computers to compete with IBM and Microsoft, the other two big computer companies at the time. To bolster sales, Steve Jobs created an iconic commercial in 1984, which is still one of the best commercial to date. The commercial involved people in a zombie-like state walking in single file into an auditorium that plays a man on screen who is telling them what they ought to do. Then a woman carrying a hammer throws the hammer at the screen releasing the people from their trance. This commercial suggests that Apple could and would release people from the monopoly that Microsoft and IBM had on the people. Though the commercial was a success, Apple failed to capture any customers from Microsoft and IBM.

The years of 86-97 was considered a decade of decline for Apple. Many of their products on the market had little to no success even though they focused their agenda on providing customers with cheap and easy to use products and software. It was only until the release of the iPod that Apple destined itself to be one of the world’s wealthiest companies. With the success of the iPod, Apple was able to launch the iPhone and later iPad. Product after product, and today Apple users  continue demanding for more.

Indeed, Apple is one of the world’s best technology companies; they gained the reputation of being a customer friendly business, but are they as friendly as we think? One of the most evident occurrences that highlights the monopoly of Apple took place on April 2010. As an associate of Apple Inc. left a bar, he also left his iPhone 5 prototype behind; later that night, a person took the device and sold it to an online tech blog. As the tech blog was revealing features of the new phone, Apple discovered his actions and demanded for the product back. Subsequently, Apple’s missing prototype was returned, but Apple proceeded in gathering a couple “tech securities” and obtained a warrant to search the tech blogger’s house for further files that had anything to do with the iPhone 5. Apple then threatened the person who sold the iPhone to the tech blogger. After all this, Apple still got away with their actions.

Not only has Apple become a monopoly but has been numerous times, reported on the news in relation to incidents such as violating human rights, having incredibly strict product secrets, having private deals, and much more. Furthermore, recently last year, Apple’s factory in China was reported by the media to be one of the worst factories to work in. They subjected their workers to horrible hours, incredibly low pay, and they employed underage workers. Not only did it consist of those violations, but there were also many suicides that occurred at the factory. It was so terrible that the company eventually had to install nets to prevent anyone from attempting suicide.

Apple has gone from a company that suggested they were a customer friendly company who would dissolve a monopoly, to becoming a monopoly themselves. They went from a spiraling decline to the wealthiest company in the world. Their products may have revolutionized the world, but that does not exclude them from violating human rights. Apple Inc. has become the product that they set out to destroy. With their 1984 commercial, Apple instilled in their audience that Apple was a company that would release the people from the monopoly of Microsoft, the software that was invading people’s privacy. Twenty-nine years since the commercial’s release, we find ourselves in the monopoly of, not Microsoft, but Apple.

The hunt for the Ricin Case criminal

The hunt for the Ricin Case criminal


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N-RicinTaintedLetters-BaileeOlivaLast week, President Barack Obama and Republican Senator of Mississippi, Roger Wicker, were sent letters from an unknown individual or group that were suspected to be tainted with ricin. Ricin is a highly toxic and naturally occurring protein found in castor plants that can cause rashes upon the skin if touched, but can also become extremely lethal if it were to be inhaled. Multiple tests were put into action to prove the substance upon the letters was, in fact, to be positive. The first test was said to be very unreliable, and this is why the letters were then sent to the lab for further information.

The case appeared to be very similar to the 2001 anthrax scare following 9/11, especially since it took place closely to the Boston Marathon Bombing. However, the dates upon the letterhead were before the event and this causes speculation as to the incident having no correlation. Following, many other officials have received suspicious letters and packages, and these, too, have been sent for further analysis.

The first alleged suspect that was taken in for questioning was Paul Kevin Curtis, who resides in Corinth, Mississippi and is a town entertainer, last Wednesday, April seventeenth. It was said that Curtis believed that the government was hiding an elaborate conspiracy that consisted of human body parts that were to be sold on the Black Market, and that “various parties within the government” were trying to ruin his reputation. It is also to be believed that the suspect closed each letter with, “To see a wrong and not expose it, is to become a silent partner to its continuance.” and to be signed with, “I am KC and I approve this message.”  However, the Elvis impersonator was later on to be released, dropped from any charges, and is believed to have nothing to do with the incident after vigorous searches that lacked any evidence or information to be obtained.

The police and FBI are now looking elsewhere to find the criminal. Curtis’ attorney, Christi McCoy, pointed to another man who she claims could have possibly framed her client. McCoy continued to say that she believes, “that someone who was familiar and is familiar with Kevin just simply took his personal information and did this to him…” James Everett Dutschke was the man she later pointed her finger towards. Dutschke is an alleged child molester and a political hopeful, and is believed to be on bad terms with the victims of the letters and the previous suspect.

James Dutschke was arrested in January under the charge of child molestation after assaulting a seven year old. Also, in 2007 Dutschke was an unsuccessful Republican candidate who ran against Stephen Holland. It is this kind of background that creates suspicion because Holland’s wife was one of the handful of victims in the Ricin Case which is suspected to have some cause to the case.

Dutschke home is now being investigated by authorities in search for evidence. The search for the person who threatened the life of officials is still being looked further into. However, amidst all the chaos, no one had shown any signs of poisoning from the ricin contained in the letters.


Teachers Carrying Guns


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F-Teachers carrying guns-Ann TOorArizona has recently passed legislation that allow teacher to carry firearms in class. Several other states have proposed similar legislation after the Sandy Hook elementary school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut where 20 children were killed. South Dakota was the first state to allow schoolteachers to carry guns after the atrocious massacre.

Events like Newtown and the Colorado theater shooting have ignited the gun control debate in legislature again, and teachers carrying guns to protect their children could be challenged or affirmed by whatever may be passed. The legislation was first enacted by the National Rifle Association. Arizona is giving the school boards the ability to allow any employee to carry a concealed handgun, pistol, or revolver on campus at rural schools. However there are few conditions they must abide by, the school must have fewer than 600 students, be more than 20 miles and 30 minutes away from the closest law enforcement facility and not have a campus resource officer.

Sen. Rich Crandall, a Republican from Mesa, sponsored the bill, which passed the GOP-dominated State Senate on a 17-11 vote Monday. Governor Jan Brewer, also a Republican, passed the legislation almost instantaneously. This is out of the ordinary for Ms.Brewer since she usually waits until both the state House and Senate pass the legislation until she signs or vetoes it. State Senate Minority Leader Leah Landrum Taylor, a Democrat from Phoenix, called the measure irresponsible saying, “I think it’s a knee-jerk reaction to something that could get us in a lot of trouble — that could further endanger the lives of children — because we don’t know the level of responsibility or training that individual would have,” Taylor said of the teachers and staff carrying handguns. “For instance, if they misplace it or, God forbid, have to take out the gun and use it for any reason, what is the tactical training? Will they accidentally kill a child in the crossfire?”

Leah Landrum Taylor instead recommended that trained school officials carry concealed handguns, instead staff members. But the bill does state specifications on the training a carrier must have. The person would need to possess a valid fingerprint clearance card, have a valid permit to own a gun and attend annual firearm training approved by the Arizona Peace Officer Standards and Training Board. The firearm would need to remain concealed on the employee or stored in a gun locker maintained by the school.

The Newtown Connecticut school massacre has raised a lot of awareness since 20 young children were killed on an unarmed elementary school campus. Some schools, that are not near law enforcement offices and do not have a campus resource officer, are trying to pass legislation that would allow school employees to carry concealed weapons. This has become a controversy since gun laws have been an ongoing battle in the Federal Congress. Of course this new legislation that would allow teachers to carry handguns is simply for the safety of the children.

How to throw an amazing party


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F-How to host a party-Chris&MiriamParties are so much fun, especially when they are planned beforehand. You want to throw a party, but you don’t know how. Without proper preparation, your guests could be bored at your house and want to ditch the party soon after they arrived. Don’t fret! After reading these 10 tips, you will be an expert on hosting a party.

1. Send out invitations at least a week in advance. Don’t wait until the last minute to start planning your party and guestlist. Plan your party at least a month in advance and have a general idea of who you will be inviting. Two weeks before your party, start making the invitations with your theme and start handing them out.

2. Clean your house before guests arrive. You really need to plan this into your schedule because you do not want people to see your house dirty. Do a deep cleaning of the areas of the house you know people will be in or walk by. For example, the entry to your house should be clean enough that people will feel welcome to come in. If you are using your backyard try to plant some flowers to make it welcoming to everyone.

3. Decorate minimally. Don’t get all crazy with your decorations. You don’t need to waste a ton of money on an event that will only last one day. You can just buy some streamers and some cheap decorations from party city. People are at your house to enjoy the party. They don’t really care about how well your house is decorated.

4. Have refreshments for guests. People always want something to drink at parties so make sure you have enough drinks to keep people satisfied. Try to get a variety of drinks because not everyone likes the same things to drink. Always keep the refreshments cold so that people don’t complain about them.

5. Be sure to have plenty of games. Games are what make the parties fun for everyone. Have the original board games out and card games. If you have a Wii, Xbox, or PS3 you can have those going as well. Just try to make everyone participate and change it up when people aren’t wanting to do anything else. Have games ready if you have a bunch of people coming. You play hide and seek, Murder in the Dark, or even Uno.

6. Make sure your television works. If you are having people over, make sure your television works. You want to make sure you have a backup plan in case your other plans fail you. If your television fails you, you might just end up having an awkward staring contest with your guests.

7. Don’t abandoned the party. This is a huge tip to remember! If you abandoned the party, then you are the worst party planner of all time. It says a lot if the host is abandoning the party. If you ditch your own party, you are admitting to your guests that it is an awful, boring party. No matter how terrible your party is, you must stay and endure the pain. It will be over in a few hours.

8. Try to make a theme. All parties are better with a theme. It could be as simple as a Disney theme or as intricate as a Mardi Gras theme. You could have people dress up to portray your theme even more. If you get people involved in your theme they will be more willing to come because it is more fun to see people dress up with you.

9. Make sure the guests, and yourself, are having fun. Woo fun! That’s what parties are all about! If you or your guests aren’t having any fun, then your party is a huge failure. You don’t want a failure party. Whatever event you were celebrating, you might have just ruined with your boring party. Make sure to lighten up the mood with a joke or something if it appears that people are falling asleep. This party isn’t supposed to be a sleepover.

10. Be sure to introduce everyone. It is very vital that you introduce people who do not know each other. If you do not, then people will feel left out and like they do not know anyone. You don’t want people feeling like they don’t know anyone because then the party will fail.

Now you have read these tips, you now can throw the most awesome party ever thrown. Your friends will wonder how you inquired such amazing party planning skills. For all of life’s moments you need to celebrate, you will be prepared to have fun in your party. Party on, Miners.

They Eat What?!


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F-pregnant cravings-melissaA lot of pregnant women crave delicious or unusual foods; however, along with pregnancies there comes some unusual tendencies for some moms. Some moms crave sweets, some crave salty, and some moms crave chalk residue. Chalk residue?! Yes. The term for these non-food related items is called pica. Pica refers to “the persistent eating of substances such as dirt or paint that have no nutritional value,” based on Pica appears with pregnant women, but it does not mean  it is limited to pregnant women. There are some children that go through this stage, but with time they grow out of it.

So what causes these unusual cravings? There is not a definite answer but according to, “the Journal of American Dietetic Association there may be a connection to an iron deficiency. Some speculate that pica cravings are the body’s attempt to obtain vitamins or minerals that are missing through normal food consumption. Sometimes pica cravings may be related to an underlying physical or mental illness.” Cravings are a stage in pregnancy many women just can not avoid.

It is common for women to crave certain foods like fruits, veggies, even hot sauce. On the contrary, pica is just out of the question. It is just a very unusual discovery among pregnant women who crave these non-food related items. Here is a list of substances that occur often in pica:

  • Dirt

  • Clay

  • Cigarette ashes

  • Stones

  • Chalk

  • Charcoal

  • Sand

  • Baking Soda

  • Toothpaste

  • Laundry Starch

You would not believe as human beings we would even think about digesting these substances. The one that seems less intimidating is toothpaste and dirt or sand. There are other substances that pregnant women like to eat, but these are a list of the common tendencies that they like to indulge in. There is no way of preventing pica, it just happens, but you can stop the cravings when you know you are consuming something wrong. Most pregnant women do not know what they are doing until it harms the baby, that is when they realize they need to get help immediately. They are risking their own lives and their child’s. The way to get help is to contact their doctor and get help immediately.

It seems preposterous that there are even more exotic and weird things that even normal people eat. Pica is one out of the many disorders that not many people are aware of. It is not a horrible or abnormal behavior it just seems unusual and foreign. We all crave something like a juicy steak or a ripe strawberry, craving toothpaste or chalk just sounds out of the box.

Baking for Beginners


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PicsArt_1367131026827Life revolves around food. The human body could not function without its daily consumption of nutrients. Baking is simply a way to turn meager, plain ingredients into a delicious concoction of calories and yums. Baking from scratch is also a way to make treats have less calories and a way to exempt ingredients a person may be allergic to or simply doesn’t care for. Beyond that though, baking from scratch is a way to make what seems like nothing into delectable delights, of which one can be sure, if one wishes to be,  no preservatives or additives can be found in.


Chocolate chip cookies are a great place to start. One could buy the package of cookie dough at Save Mart, throw it in the oven, and eat various unknown chemicals twenty minutes later, or labor for twenty minutes and know just what they are eating. The internet is full of recipes for chocolate chip cookies, although most families have their own classic recipe in their memories or recipe box. Starting with chocolate chip cookies is the easiest and straightest path. Nothing needs sifted(usually), and electric mixers are nowhere to be found in nearly all classic recipes.


Experimentation is the best part of baking. For example, if the baking soda is replaced with baking powder or cornstarch, the cookie will turn out much differently in form and therefore taste. If a person is a vegan, flaxseed meal and water can replace the egg called for, and grant the baker an otherwise forbidden treat. The caliber of the ingredients can also affect taste and form as well. If a person is especially adamant about banning chemicals from their life, homemade chocolate chips can even be added to a person’s repertoire. Alcohol-fused vanilla versus more natural, less alcohol-fused vanilla will each produce very different tastes. Then there’s presentation. Cookies can be served with other treats, such as brownies(or even cooked inside brownies) or with ice cream and various other sides. The dough itself can be eaten plain for those who do not fear salmonella poisoning(if egg was used); the raw egg can pose many health risks which are not to be taken lightly.

Baking is rewarding in various ways. Pride comes from producing such deliciousness on one’s own, and the cookie itself is a reward, for now one may eat the fruits of their labor, or in this case the cookies. Baking will also save a person money, although it will cost them time. High schoolers are rarely all that short of time, so that is not likely to be a problem. Baking is a way to pull oneself out of boredom, all while being productive and healthier. It’s also a way to keep out of trouble, and to prepare for later life, a time when parents are not around to teach valuable life lessons in baking, or to provide the money for those expensive store bought goods.

How to be a professional photographer


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F-How to take a well composed photo-Miriam&Chris'Nowadays, everyone is posting their beautiful photos that they have taken on Instagram and other social networks, and you’re wondering why you can’t seem to recreate their perfect shot. There is no need to panic! You don’t even need a fancy camera for creating a perfect shot. Soon, you will be snapping photos left and right, posting them everywhere, and people will soon ask how you created this well-composed photograph. You can just smile at them, and reply “I read the tips on the Dig online.”

1. Remember the rule of thirds. It is important for you to compose a photo in the rule of thirds. For those of you who do not know what the rule of thirds, imagine your viewfinder divided into thirds both vertically and horizontally, so you have a total of nine boxes. Place the subject of the photo on one of the intersections. If you are photographing a person, ensure there is some space above the head.

2. Keep a steady hand. For a well-composed photograph, you don’t want your hand to be moving drastically. Even the slightest movement can ruin a photo. To help your shaky hands, you can use a tripod, or use surfaces around you as tripods. Your body is moving at all times, even when you don’t realize it, so if you lean against a hard surface, you will minimize movement, creating a better photo.

3. Learn how to use the basics of Photoshop. Photoshop is very useful for you to use when you want to make a few changes to your photo. You can look up how to use photoshop online or watch how to videos on YouTube. Every photo could look better using photoshop because cameras sometimes don’t get the color, saturation, or sharpness right.

4. Clean the lens of your camera. If you have dirty lens, the quality of your photo will be terrible. There might be water spots or fingerprints on your lens which could show up on your photograph. No one likes a huge fingerprint on their photograph. When you clean your lens, do not just use soap and water. Instead, use proper camera cleaner. You can buy camera cleaner from any camera store.

5. Look at what you are about to take. Before you take a photo, look in your viewfinder. You want to make sure you know what you are about to take before you press the button. You cannot just randomly take a photo. If you go with the philosophy that unplanned photography is the best, your photography is probably out of focus, not in the frame, and poorly composed.

6. Decide whether it will be a portrait or a landscape photo. Portrait photographs are vertical and landscape photos are horizontal. Decide which way you want your photo to face. When you have decided this, turn the camera to create a portrait or landscape photo.

7. Learn how to frame. When framing your photo it may take a little bit to get it just right. Try to make the eye focus on the main point in the photo. You could try giving depth perception by putting something else to focus on that is closer. If you are taking a picture of a landscape or of architecture, try to get a focal point in on the rule of thirds so people can have something to look at.

8. Angle your camera. When taking a photo, don’t always go straight for the easiest way to take a photo. Take risks and angle your camera differently. Also when you are taking photos, angling the camera just right could make a memorable photo. Try to get as much of the surrounding area into your photo as possible.

9. Know when to use the flash. The flash is sometimes necessary in situations of low light. Do not always depend on the flash because sometimes the flash can ruin the natural looking photo. The flash can help light up an area so that what you are photographing is not in the dark.

10. Practice. Your skills as a photographer will improve the more you take photographs. You will progressively see your photographs get better. It has been said numerously that practice makes perfect, and this is definitely true for photography.

Woah! Your photographs belong in a gallery! You are so amazing now! These tips really have improved your photography. You may now post your photos on Instagram confidently, and your friends will envy your professional, well-composed photographs. Keep on taking pictures, Miners.