How to Prank someone on April Fool’s


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These are examples of what to do for April Fool's Day, courtesy of Miriam and Chris.

These are examples of what to do for April Fool’s Day, courtesy of Miriam and Chris.

April Fool’s day is a fun way to play a joke on your friends! This day can give people many laughs and memories for years to come. Make this April Fool’s day a great one! Stuck and don’t know how to prank someone? Just read these 10 tips and you will be an expert on pranking.

1. Fake an injury. Yikes! Did you hurt yourself? Put that fake blood on with a heavy hand, and don’t use it sparingly. The bloodier, the better. People will be freaked out, and then you will get a huge laugh from it because you are not hurt at all, and instead, it is just a joke. Put fake scabs on your body, or wear a cast to pretend you have a broken leg. Be sure to tell the person you are alright by the end of the day, so that you do not leave them worrying about you for the next week.

2. Tell a false, shocking story. Come up with a really shocking story to tell everyone and to put on your Facebook and Twitter. Make everyone believe you and keep it going for as long as possible. By the end of the day you should tell everyone it was an April Fool’s joke. An example of a shocking story is that you are in the hospital or that you were bitten by a shark while at the beach.

3.Fart. Flatulence is hilarious in itself, apart from being smelly and sometimes embarrassing. You can use a fake fart machine or a whoopie cushion. Walk around a public place and fart to see others’ reactions. Have a friend record you farting everywhere and enjoy the show later.

4. Saran wrap everything. Clear plastic is hard to see in any opening. For instance, if you saran wrap the toilet, the person will start to go to the restroom and end up with a huge mess because there is no hole in the toilet. Expect to get a negative reaction for this prank. Saran wrap a door and you might just see someone walk right into the saran wrap and make a complete fool of themselves. Saran wrap their car and they will have to unwrap their car like it is a huge deli sandwich. You may get angry friends from this prank, but at least you will get a great laugh.

5. Tape the bottom of the computer mouse. Get a piece of clear tape and put  it over the sensor for the mouse. This will prevent the cursor on the screen from moving when you move the computer mouse. Once you have the tape put on the mouse leave it for its unsuspecting victim to find the next day. They won’t know what is going on until they turn the mouse over to examine it.

6. Put a rubber band around the sink sprayer. This is a really old joke but it is still fun to play. Go get a rubber band that is the same color as the sink sprayer and wrap it around the sprayer so that the handle is being held down. Test it out to make sure it is working by facing it into the sink and then walk away and wait for your victim to come. Get ready to run because people do not like to get soaked when they go to wash the dishes.

7. Superglue coins the the ground. We all have that one friend or family member who finds coins all over the ground and picks them up. This is best to be used on those types of people. Get some superglue and a quarter and glue it to the ground in an area where most people walk. Once you’ve glued it down find a good seat to watch people try to pull up the quarter from the ground.

8. Switch salt with sugar. Empty the contents of the salt shaker and then refill it with sugar. This will make it so that the next person who uses it will get a very sweet surprise to their meal. Empty the salt into a jar so that you can reuse it after the prank. This is a very evil prank so don’t do it on someone who is short tempered.

9. Zip tie scissors together. Get a zip tie and close all of the scissor in your house so they cannot be opened. Your victim will get mad when they find it because in order to get a zip tie off the scissors they will have to cut it off, but because you ziptied all the scissors they won’t be able to get it off. Be ready to rescue the day with a pair of scissors that is not zip tied together.

10. Freeze mentos in ice cubes. Obtain some mentos and put them in an ice cube tray then fill it with water and place it in the freezer. When your victim asks for a soda, get the frozen mentos ice cubes out and put them in their glass before pouring the soda. Give the soda to the victim and wait for the ice to melt around the mentos. It will be a fun laugh for everyone around them.

Now that you have read all of these, you know everything you need to know to prank someone. However, keep your pranks friendly. You wouldn’t want someone actually getting hurt from your prank. Be fun, but also be safe. April Fool’s day is a fun way to make your day full of jokes. Happy April Fool’s day, and happy pranking, Miners.

British TV Licensing


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The citizens of the United Kingdom are required to pay an annual TV License for owning a television. That’s right, in order to own and keep a television one must keep paying a yearly fee of £145.50 ($219) for color and £49.00($74) for black and white TVs; whether the consumer wants to or not. Every television requires to be licensed, the ones at home, at hotels, and even in cars! Even laptops and computers can require a license if it is in anyway streaming live content that might also be showing in TV. This law is enforced by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) through the use of extremely aggressive letters, television seeking vans, and a database system that tracks every individual person who has ever bought and owned a television.

The absurd amount of money goes towards the BBC channels, such as BBC 1, 2, News, etc. Although the network does create quality programming, the most popular of which is the Doctor Who series, a free country such as the UK should not have to resort to aggressively attacking any person who is suspected to not have a license. Some measures that the BBC use are the weekly systematic emails that are sent to every address that have not either renewed their license or do not even own televisions. For BBC there are only those who pay for the license and those who dodge; those who only use their TV’s for watching movies or playing video games (or those who don’t own one at all) have to fill out a form in order for the BBC to stop harassing them, and even then the form has to be renewed every two years.

Another way of enforcing their television licensing laws is their fear tactics, which are almost akin to Nazi Germany. A statement was issued by BBC from their website declared that “Using a television without an appropriate licence is a criminal offence. Every day we catch an average of 1,200 people using a TV without a licence. There is no valid excuse for using a television and not having a TV Licence, Our detection equipment will track down your TV…there is virtually no way to avoid detection.” Posters and billboards also line every wall and neighborhood, the posters proclaiming “LONDON IS IN OUR DATABASE. EVADERS WILL PAY”, the billboards revealing “there are five homes in [insert name] street without a TV licence”. Their most horrific way of enforcement is the gestapo-esque vans that drive around neighborhoods that use radars and sensors to find the non-licensees, confronting them if they are found.

With only a minority of the British public actually supporting the license, the law makes it seem as though it is being shoved down people’s throats. This kind of heinous law would not be possible in the U.S, especially with the gun-toting households present (but I digress). The fact is, the TV licensing in the UK disrespects the privacy of every citizen and creates an atmosphere of fear that is keeping the citizens subjugate in order to fund programming that some might not even enjoy, if not watch.

Dental Hygeine


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These are two girls who take great care of their teeth, courtesy of Ann Toor.

These are two girls who take great care of their teeth, courtesy of Ann Toor.

Dental hygiene is very essential to the health of the human body. There are many quick ways you can continue to maintain the health of your teeth. Spending just 5 minutes a day on your teeth will help your teeth continue to be healthy and look great! Also keep in mind that once your adult teeth come in around your teenage years, that is the set you are stuck with for life, so take care them! Strong healthy teeth help us chew food, speak clearly, and have a beautiful smile.

If you don’t properly tend to your teeth you will get cavities. A cavity occurs when a tooth decays or breaks down. A cavity is a hole that grows bigger and deeper over time. This hole is developed because of plaque, which is sticky, slimy and made up of germs. The bacteria in your mouth make acids when plaque clings to your teeth and these acids strip away the enamel from your teeth. The enamel is the outermost layer of your teeth that keeps them strong. When you develop a cavity, drinking cold liquids or eating tough foods can cause toothaches.

First, brush regularly and as soon after eating as possible. Always brush for a full two minutes. Divide the teeth into four quadrants and spend at least 30 seconds on each one. Brushing keeps small food particles from becoming targets of bacteria and also eliminates plaque. Brush your tongue or use a tongue scraper to get rid of the microbes living on the surface of your tongue. Brushing your tongue will also help eliminate bad breath. Floss at least once a day. Brushing your teeth only cleans the outer sides of your teeth; flossing will get the food particles that are stuck in between your teeth.

Seeing a dental professional regularly is another key ingredient to having healthy teeth. However, there are good dentists and bad ones. You must find a good hygienist as well as a D.D.S.(Doctor of Dental Surgery). Ask questions and listen to all of their feedback. Make sure your hygienist spends at least 45 minutes working on your teeth. But don’t be surprised if you only see your dentists for 5 minutes. The longer your dentist stays with you, the more problems there are with your teeth.

Although your main focus may be having white teeth for that flawless smile, whitening can be tremendously harmful to the health of your teeth. Teeth whiteners can be very expensive and contain harsh chemicals and bleaches that strip away the calcium from your teeth. It will whiten your teeth, however it will reduce the strength of your teeth, which can be very harmful in the long run.

Teeth are one of the most essential parts of your body, therefore dental hygiene is extremely important. You can take care of your teeth by simply brushing, flossing, and making regular visits to the dentists office. Spend at least 5 minutes a day on your teeth so you can keep them forever because dentures are no fun!

The Return of Lara Croft


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This is the newest addition to the Lara Croft phenomena, the game, courtesy of Melissa Vang.

This is the newest addition to the Lara Croft phenomena, the game, courtesy of Melissa Vang.

Lara Croft is back! For those of you that do not know who she is, does Tomb Raider ring a bell? The Lara Croft we have come to know is the face of Angelina Jolie who played Lara Croft in the movie Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, released in 2001. Later, in 2003 the movie Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life was released, again with Angelina Jolie playing the main role. On March 5th, 2013, Tomb Raider was released. This time Lara Croft is not a full grown woman, but a younger version of the Lara Croft we know of in Tomb Raider: Lara Croft.

The game Tomb Raider begins with a young and ambitious archaeology graduate, Lara Croft, who is on a ship called Endurance. Lara joins Dr. James Whitman, the man who leads the expedition, along with descendants of Yamatai and other explorers. The group is determined to find the lost kingdom of Yamatai, an island in the Dragon’s Triangle off the coast of Japan. The lost kingdom of Yamatai was once ruled by Queen Himiko, or the “Sun Queen”. According to legend she was blessed with powers that controlled the weather. Soon after Himiko’s death, Yamatai became a place of the unknown.

In the game, players are allowed to play Lara Croft in third person while journeying through the island of Yamatai. Tomb Raider opens the gameplay after the ship Endurance crashes and the whole crew is separated. Some die and some are captured by the Solarii Brotherhood, a violent cult of criminals, mercenaries and shipwreck survivors. The game tests your skills of survival while exploring the island of Yamatai.

Tomb Raider is an action packed game filled with adventure and thrill seeking experiences. The game’s campaign play is about 12 to 15 hours long, excluding side quests, exploration, and other objectives. In addition, Tomb Raider has an option to play online with multi-players against another team of survivors or scavengers. There may be a potential release of a new Tomb Raider movie based on the newly released game. Fingers crossed, we need a new heroic female protagonist to take over the movie charts. Move over Katniss Everdeen, the fresh and adventurous young Lara Croft is on her way to the cinemas!

TAG game review


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O-Tag review“Whoever you may be, Terrorist, Insurgent, Mercenary, Marine, Sailor, Soldier or Airman: Know your terrain, your weapon, your equipment and conquer your opponent!  The new fast moving strategic card name, TAG. Stunning original artwork and ever changing, unique game play!” – TAG! website.

TAG, or Terrorist Attack Game, is a card game played with two to eight players with 150 cards and three dice, two of which are unique to the game. The game also includes a multi-lingual rulebook. At the start of the game, the control cards, these being Training, Equipment, Weapons, and Vehicles, are placed in separate piles with the terrain card pile. The character cards are evenly distributed amongst the players until none are left. Do not worry about whether or not the cards are terrorist or anti-terrorist because the two factions are irrelevant in the gameplay. Play starts by randomly selecting the first player and flipping the first terrain card face up. All players flip their first character card face up simultaneously The first player rolls one six-sided die to determine which type of control card he receives for his character card. If one of the colors on the bottom of the card matches the color on the bottom of the current in play terrain card, you equip it on to your character. If the color is not a match, you have to place it back in its pile and pass play to the next player in clockwise order rolls the die and sees if the control card he gets works in the given terrain. This continues until one player has four cards on his character. Once this happens, that player yells “ATTACK”. That player then proceeds to roll the two other dice that have laid unused until then. If the symbol on the symbol die matches the symbol on the bottom of one of the character cards, that player’s character loses that round and goes to the winner of the round. The next thing to check is the P/S die. The character with the highest P or S (whichever is rolled) wins the round, and collects the other players’ character cards. The control cards are shuffled back into their piles and a new round starts. When one player has all of the character cards, they win the game.

This may seem like a fun game, to hardly anyone. This game is as brainless as a rock. The components are poor. The dice feel cheap and the cards are low quality and feature ridiculous art that ranges from trying to be realistic to just plain silly. The also game advertises itself as a “fast moving strategic card name”. This is a very false advertisement. The game is sluggish and a pain to play. The control cards have a 1 and six on one of the categories and a 2 and 4 on another. This makes getting the proper control card more trouble than it needed to be if they made it 1 and 2 on one category and 3 and for on the other. The end of every round has you shuffle in the small amount of cards used in a round back into their respective deck. That doesn’t seem necessary because you only use around 2-5 cards of each group. Calling the game “strategic” is a total lie. There is not an ounce of strategy to be found in this game. There is more strategy in rock paper scissors. The box and website of the game call this a  “card name”. CARD NAME. They couldn’t even spell “game”, most likely because this thing is hardly a game at all. There is more entertainment to be found in flipping a coin and more strategy. I will end with this: TAG is 100% luck and 0% fun. DO NOT BUY OR TRY.

What guys don’t know about girls


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O-whatguysdon'tknowaboutgirls Bailee and JordenGuys often have strange misconceptions about girls that go far beyond the truth. Between menstrual myths, a woman’s body, trends, and exactly why girls do certain things, there is an explanation for it all. A male can have the answers he seeks, so as long as he asks politely, and all the boys will no longer have to see women as a foreign creature to them.

Often boys assume that rather than asking politely the primary way to announce their interest in a girl is to whistle, hoot, howl, or yell. By proclaiming their love loudly and publicly, boys presume that girls are going to feel flattered and appreciated, when in reality this is hardly the case. “Cat calling” as it is often called is typically received as a form of harassment.The slurs and snide comments do not create a romantic atmosphere, but rather a predatory one, treating women equal to the way one would treat a piece of meat, or an animal, barking orders such as, “get over here, baby”, like she is a loyal dog. There are human emotions to consider. Some believe that if she is dressed provocatively enough that she is asking for those types of compliments, and yes, rarely, this is the case. Although a large portion of the time a woman will be walking to work or going about her business, and a sleazy guy will decide it is a good idea to grope her body while passing by. This interaction could result in depleted self confidence – the woman could feel as if it is her own fault that she was harassed, and she somehow brought it on herself. Paranoia is another side effect, “That guy just whistled at me. Should I be scared? Is he a predator? Will he try to take something from me that I’m not willing to give him?”.

Perhaps the most infamous legend of female-exclusive behavior is the slumber party or sleepover. Guys associate the slumber party with typically female associated behaviors and activities such as gossip, pillow fights and the painting of toenails while listening to a Justin Timberlake CD and drinking something provocative. In reality, maybe one or two of those things occur during one “slumber party” (which is not what attendees call them, by the way).Commonly girls converse, and not only about boys because, believe it or not, our interests stretch farther than that. We watch movies, make jokes, surf the web, or occupy ourselves in any way that a guy or normal human being could. A friendly group of ladies convene for the simple purpose of enjoying time together just like anyone else. The myth that all-girl get togethers are oceans of pink that echo of laughter is, if anything, a sexist stereotype brought to life by a confused young man who viewed females as confusing, otherworldly creatures rather than just human beings who like to spend time together.

Another thing that may rattle a boy’s mind is the questioning of what those of the opposite sex have to say about them, just as a girl would wonder about a guy. Not all of us have the constant thoughts about boys in our head, but that does not mean we don’t talk. The amount of talk that happens between girls almost always directly correlates with the the personality of the girl, which basically means that the amount of  gossip that takes place highly varies. The way we talk about guys is almost exactly the same way guys talk about girls. We talk about their appearance (as shallow as it may seem), their personality, or even the outrageous things they may or may not have done towards us. The major difference is that girls tend to spread what the opposite sex does much more quickly than a boy would. However, once again, it depends upon the girl. The more quiet and conservative girl may keep things to herself, while a rowdy or rambunctious one will be sure to tell everyone, then there are those who are in between and laid back that may give a few facts. It is just important to note that every girl is different and to be careful about what you do and say around them. What they say about not all guys being the same works similarly with girls.

A more common topic is about female emotions and it’s correlation to their menstrual cycles, or more informally known as their period. A woman’s menstrual cycle consists of the follicular phase, ovulation, and the luteal phase. The follicular phase is when a woman is at her best because estrogen and testosterone levels begin to rise and endorphins are released. During ovulation, estrogen, endorphins, and testosterone are at their highest levels, but they begin to decrease in the luteal phase. The luteal phase is what we know as a girl’s “period.” Basically, what all of this means is that during the last weeks of the cycle the signals in nerve pathways that are altered lead to alterations in mood. This is because there has been a depletion of serotonin from the withdrawal of estrogen. It is most important to know that the levels of hormones do not have as much of an effect on a girls mood than how sensitive one’s brain is to the hormonal shifts, which is why some girls become more affected than others. Therefore, do not automatically assume a female is “moody” because of her menstrual cycle, mainly because she just might be offended.

The bottom line is that there really are no secrets or complicated formulas. Girls are people, just like guys. All that a male needs to do is to take into consideration that a woman needs a little…consideration! These tales of “PMSing” and fluffy sleepovers are fabricated, outdated, and offensive. A man boasting his knowledge of women that he gained through decades old stereotypes makes him look like a fool, and advertising these blatantly false versions of womanhood often cause teenaged girls to feel as if they aren’t as perfect as the “woman of his dreams”. When in fact, she isn’t even real!

101-Year-Old Marathon Runner Retires

Tengiz Rustamkhanli

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S-old marathon runner Fauja Singh. Tengiz R

This photo was put together by Tengiz.

The older you get, the slower you move, they say, but a 101 year old marathon runner just finished his career by making his last race on February 25. Fauja Singh, a man from India, is really happy to be retired and also to be able to give a voice to the world. By his signature turban, he gained the nickname “The Turbaned Torpedo.” On the race, which was on a Sunday, Fauja did a 6.5 mile race in Hong Kong, and finished his final race, and his career, in 1 hour, 32 minutes, and 28 seconds.

In 2011, Fauja Singh, 100 years old, became the oldest person to run the whole marathon. According to ESPN, Guinness World Records heard about this event but refused to accept Fauja Singh in the famous record book because his birth date was April 1, 1911, but it was only included on a British passport and therefore couldn’t be confirmed as a record. It appears that the government of India did not keep his records from 1911.

Mr. Fauja may appear to be a lifelong runner, but surprisingly he only started running at the age of 89. After his wife and son died, the man decided to move to London with his one other child, where he started marathon running. He knew that he wanted to run in marathons forever. He started attending marathons in 2000, when he had his first race in London. He is now retired after this marathon, but his successes and accomplishments in the sports world are the famous and important achievements that people will remember.

Fauja Singh felt really sad for retiring because he had been running marathons for more than ten years. Fauja Singh, the Indian-Born British national, participated in more than 9 marathons. But Mr. Fauja exclaimed that his age told him that it was the right time to stop and move on. “I am hurt by the fact that I am going to retire,” he said at the time. He also added, “I do not really want to hear the word ‘retire’ because I can still run and jump on a bus. It’s a (sense of) negativity that I have never experienced before.”

Fauja Singh was the torchbearer in the 2004 Athens games and also in last year’s London Olympics. He also showed up in advertisements for Core Sport Brand a few years ago with famous people like Muhammad Ali and David Beckham.

Singh weighs 115 pounds, and when people ask him about his health he says, “I am not feeling any illnesses or any toughness, but as you get older your body feels that there is a limit for everything.” This led to his decision of retirement. Fauja Singh is the oldest marathon runner and he is now spending time with his son in London.

Taste the Rainbow


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O-Skittles-Miriam SandersTaste the rainbow. Skittles has brought many people joy for many years, but now with some changes it has main this year, there are mixed emotions from the fans. Skittles decided to bring back the flavor green apple that they had once introduced back in 2001, replacing this flavor instead of the lime. Lime lovers are now out of luck because there are no original Skittles carrying the lime green skittle. So, will this recent adaption make people turn away from tasting the rainbow?

There are two different kinds of Skittles consumers. One of the consumers is the “take your time, one by one” consumer. This taster eats each skittle individually, enjoying each flavor differently. There may be a method of which to eat first, but he/she is certain to only eat one at a time. The other kind of consumer is the “handful” consumer. This enjoyer takes a handful of skittles and combines all of the different flavors to make a rainbow inside his/her mouth. Many handful consumers dislike the green apple flavor because it is not compatible with the other flavors. The rest of the flavors are strawberry (red), orange (orange), lemon (yellow), and grape (purple). Lime lovers are insisting that lemon is much more compatible with lime, and green apple doesn’t really go with anything in the mix. The one at a time consumers tend to enjoy this new adaption to the Skittles because they are not mixing the flavors, but there are still some that reject this recent flavor. Some customers are wishing they did not have to choose between lime and green apple, and they would like to know why they can’t have both. Well, the answer is clear. Both limes and green apples are green, and having two different flavors for the same color would be absolutely ludicrous. Despite many consumers backlash against the recent change of lime to green apple, Skittles has announced that green apple is a permanent change.After this change, many boycotted Skittles altogether while others embraced the change with open arms. To enjoy or dislike the green apple Skittles, it depends on one’s taste buds and preferences.

Before jumping out to buy the green apple, I will describe the taste so that you may decide whether you think you will like the flavor or not. So, imagine those caramel apple lollipops without the caramel. That’s basically what they taste like. Try it yourself and see if you like it. Unfortunately, lime is a very rare flavor and in the year 2013, it would be a miracle to find an original Skittles pack with lime in it. Lime is dead, and there is nothing we can do about it.

Skittles have given many people happiness in their flavor and motto “Taste the rainbow.” Their commercials and other marketing even put smiles on their consumers faces. Now, they have disappointed some consumers by taking away the flavor, lime and replacing it with green apple. It is difficult to compromise with such different opinions. Some love the new flavors while others are disgusted by it. Will Skittles give in and give their consumers both flavors? Keep checking stores around you to see what Skittles will do next. Taste the rainbow, Miners.

The American Diet and its shunning of raw food


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This is an apple, 40% less nutritious now than it was 50 years ago. Not to mention, Twilight ruined this picture's awesomeness.

This is an apple, 40% less nutritious now than it was 50 years ago. Not to mention, Twilight ruined this picture’s awesomeness.

All foods are not equal, as all mankind should know. Food, in its most basic form, is fruits and vegetables, those which come from the ground and prove most nourishing to the human body. Unfortunately, Americans today are no longer eating food in its most basic form, for it does not project the ease and lazy non-preparation that most have become accustomed to of late. Even those who do eat raw food are still being robbed, for raw food today is barely comparable to the raw food of the past.


Processed foods have dominated the diet of the average American for over fifty years. Various studies and books have, for decades, preached the evils of the price at which convenience comes. The reasons for such muckraking as Fast Food Nation, a book by Eric Schlosser, and Food Inc., a film directed by Robert Kenner, are serious and varied. The industrialization of the food system in America has grown immensely in a short time, as have the health problems of America.


Much of the processed food consumed today contains large amounts of corn and soy, as a well as various chemicals for flavor, color, and freshness. While corn and soybeans are perfectly healthy in their natural, unprocessed form, much of each found in diets today are processed to a point of no return. Before the processing, before the malnourished fields the crops are grown in, the crops themselves are, as many would put it, contaminated. Genetic engineering is one of the many ways that farmers have increased production in the past fifty years, but it has left even the raw food touched and tainted.

Mass production has brought upon the world a mass of problems. Even if a person eats raw food, in its healthiest form, it is still not even equal to the form of nutrition that that exact raw food was a hundred years ago. The soil is robbed, and production is maxed-out, and the cost spills even into the benefits. America has a mass epidemic, of obesity, of diabetes, of heart disease, and of other health-related, food-related problems. Americans must stop putting things into their bodies which they do not understand. Americans must educate themselves, and save themselves and their futures.

Tips for being beautiful


Staff Writer

 F-beauty tips-Sheri IrvinWant to change your look around, impress your man, or dress up for a dance or special event? Here are some tips that are easy to do, and can change your look for the better.

Hair Tips:

Hairstyles that are natural, a little bit messy or roughed up, but are still cute are in for the spring of 2013. Some examples are side-swept knots, natural waves, half-up half-down, braids, and texture. Also for hair, accessorize! Accessories are in this year, so make sure to use cute little accents to freshen up your look, but remember not to go overboard. Cassidy Fortin, Courtney Williams, and Darian Payne all said their favorite hairstyle was to wear their hair “down.”


Want a new outfit for this coming Spring? Keep in mind that bold and bright colors are in this year. Textured fabric, floral prints, and bold images are also back in style. Metallics with shimmers and futuristic twists will make their appearance in spring fashion. Bermuda shorts, jean jackets, and dresses that are shorter in the front longer in the back are in style. Exaggerated volume and Japanese style dresses and fabric will carry the style of spring 2013. The 60s are making their appearance and will revive again in the spring of 2013. 60s silhouettes and fabrics are in style, such as bold checker print and bright colors with a fabric that has a pattern. Short suits and sheer panels, as well as sportswear are very popular this season. Ruffles are in this year as well as patchwork, stripes, and animal print. Textured fabrics are things such as lace, or anything with a texture. Darian Payne, Cassidy Fortin, and Courtney Williams said that they would prefer “texture” to anything else.


Bare is always beautiful, but so is a little color. Blues and greens are in this season as well as naturals. You can incorporate blues and greens with eyeshadows, eyeliners, and mascara. Keep fresh natural looking skin by applying liquid foundation with a brush, and make sure to pay extra attention to the nose and forehead for an even effect. Light lips, red lips, or neutral lips will look the best for spring 2013. It’s all about the lashes this year. Big, bold, lush eyelashes can really make your look. Use smudged in eyeliner to make your eyes pop. Remember, bold and beautiful eyebrows can give your look a dramatic flair. Eyeliner is really in this year, and to add contrast sweep a platinum eyeshadow over the lids. To draw attention and play up your features, add a little color or sparkle, but keep the rest of your look simple and glowing. Cassidy Fortin and Courtney Williams say that they both prefer “lip gloss with lipstick,” so you can of course mix both lipstick and lipgloss for your lips.

Beauty Tips From Students:

Students were pulled out of class to answer a couple questions on beauty tips. Darian Payne, a senior here at El Diamante, says, “eat healthy, what you put in your body is what you get out of it.” Cassidy Fortin says “beautify for yourself not for others.” Another beauty tip from Courtney Williams is “don’t cake it on, keep it light.” Remember that you wear the makeup, it doesn’t wear you.