How to be a Leprechaun

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These are Leprechaun related items, courtesy of Miriam Sanders.

These are Leprechaun related items, courtesy of Miriam Sanders.

Looking mighty fine in green, aren’t you? With St. Patrick’s Day just around the corner, there are a few things you can do to celebrate, and one of them is the “be a Leprechaun”. We aren’t talking about just dressing up. We are talking about becoming a Leprechaun for Saint Patrick’s Day by acting the part and making yourself believable. Here are some tips to get you on your way to becoming one.
1. Wear a lot of green. We all know what a Leprechaun looks like and how they act by the movies, books, and shows we have seen. The little men we see all the time around Saint Patrick Day are always wearing green. To become a Leprechaun you need to do the same thing and wear green. The reason they wear green is because they are representing their Irish heritage. You need to do the same thing and represent your Irish side.
2. Put four leaf clovers all over your body. Finding a four leaf clover is really rare and can lead to good luck. So by keeping hundreds of four leaf clovers and placing them all over your body it will bring you tremendous great luck. Why do you think the Irish are so lucky? It is because they follow this step and the good luck follows them everywhere.
3. Carry gold coins (chocolate or real gold) with you. Real Leprechauns carry their gold around with them everywhere and they get a gold coin every year on their birthday so by keeping the appropriate amount of gold on yourself will make you a Leprechaun. Just make sure that if you are going to carry real gold to not lose it or tell anyone it is real. You might get them stolen from you just like the Leprechauns always were stolen from.
4. Pinch people who aren’t wearing green. On Saint Patrick’s Day in America, the tradition has always been to pinch people when they aren’t wearing green. If you are wearing green, you are safe from pinching. When you pinch, don’t pinch too hard, but don’t go too soft of your pinches, either. Make sure the pinches are just right. Your victims will regret not wearing green on such occasion.
5. Dye all of your food green. Green food is so tasty, whether it is naturally green or artificially green. For a healthy snack, eat some green vegetables, like celery with some peanut butter on it. For fun pranks, dye the milk green and see your family’s reaction. Be sure to brush your teeth, though. You don’t want to dye your teeth green!
6. Grow a red beard. This is probably the most crucial part to becoming a Leprechaun. The red beard ties the entire costume together and makes you look like an actual Leprechaun. For some people growing the beard will be easy because men can grow a beard fast. They will just have to dye it red, unless they have a red beard already. If you are someone who can’t grow a beard, just go buy a false one for Saint Patrick’s Day.
7. Shrink yourself. If you happen to get your hands on some Upelkuchen from Alice in Wonderland then shrinking yourself down to 3 feet will be extremely easy. If you aren’t as lucky as Alice then you probably don’t have any Upelkuchen. You could always just stay your normal height and walk around on your knees for the day. Walking on your knees will give the impression that you are small and that you are really a leprechaun.
8. Learn to dance the jig. Most Irish people know how to dance the jig and so do the Leprechauns. Look up some tutorials on YouTube and learn the jig to the best of your abilities. Then when you are out in public on Saint Patricks Day and you hear an Irish song, you can break out into the jig and make all the people around you stare in awe. Now don’t try learning the jig if you are incapable of dancing because you will just look bad and you will most likely end up on YouTube.
9. Carry Lucky Charms with you. We have all seen the Lucky Charms commercials and Lucky is one of the most widely known Leprechauns. Lucky Charms are delicious! The best part of the cereal is the marshmallows, so throw away all the actual cereal, and eat those tasty, lucky marshmallows.
10. Protect the end of a rainbow. Leprechauns hide their gold at the end of rainbows and protect it. All you have to do to become a real Leprechaun is to hunt down a rainbow and protect the end of it. Now this step is not easy because most people don’t believe there is an end to a rainbow, but there is and the Leprechauns have just spread the word that there isn’t one to keep their gold safe. To find the end of a rainbow you just have to follow it until you reach the end. It might take some time, but it is well worth the outcome.
St. Patrick’s Day is so much fun to celebrate, and leprechauns would definitely be the first to agree. It isn’t everyday you get to wear green, carry gold, be small, and have a red beard. I don’t want to hear any excuses of why you aren’t wearing green on Saint Patrick’s Day. You’re a Miner! The school colors are green! I guess it really is easy being green. Stay green, Miners.

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