Beautiful Creatures

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These are books, much like Beautiful Creatures, courtesy of Katie Hutchinson.

These are books, much like Beautiful Creatures, courtesy of Katie Hutchinson.

Read the entire Twilight Saga but crave more mythical teen romance? The newly released film based off the novel, “Beautiful Creatures” is a great book/movie you can consider. It consists of all the mushy gushy reading you yearn for and has a movie you can compare with, and we all know how much better the movies are rather than the books. The movie was recently released on Valentine’s day of this year. Who would’ve thought?

“Beautiful Creatures” takes place in a small town, Gatlin, South Carolina. Hmm sounds familiar didn’t Twilight take place in a small town in Washington? Let’s see if any other comparisons pop out of nowhere. In this new upcoming film/book one of the major characters happens to be a girl who then falls in love with this guy and they end up having trouble staying together because their relationship is affected by some magical issue. Blah blah blah. See any connections here? Honestly this movie is the exact same as Twilight, the only difference I’ve noticed so far is that the girl character has a significant power rather than the guy such as “Edward”.

Maybe its just my taste but I wouldn’t spend ten dollars and fifty cents to see this book made into a movie not even at a matinee price. It just seems like this book is a supernatural romance copy cat of books that had been made before. The main character, Ethan Wate longs to leave his hometown until a new girl moves there, Lena Duchannes a girl who has to make an important decision of whether or not when she becomes a Caster (witches, don’t ask) if she will resort to the dark side or light. It’s up to Ethan to guide her down the road of a Light Caster.

Some people get extremely upset when someone claims “Beautiful creatures is Twilight with witches instead of vampires.” They defend the cheesiness of the dialogue and plot that has no fluidity to it whatsoever. If anything, this movie only moves Twilight up a ranking in supernatural romance movies for teens, it may even make Kristen Stewart look like a semi-decent actress. People are so done with the same romance magical stuff, it will always remain Team Jacob and Team Edward, what’s done is done. It’s time to stop building off already created stories and brainstorm on some new ones.

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