The Final Two

Features Editor

The Super Bowl is arguably the most anticipated sporting event in America. Football is, after all, America’s sport, and while baseball may hold the title of “America’s Favorite Pastime”, football is undoubtedly second, if not truly first. The Super Bowl brings in the big bucks, for its commercials are those of legend. It is the finale of the football season, and February 3, 2013, will go down in history as the 47th Super Bowl, and the winner, whether the 49ers or the Ravens, will gain bragging rights and rings, and forever have those brutally beautiful memories.


While many rejoice at the pairing, Falcon and Patriot fans are still booing in their minds and hearts.  Both teams were so close, but victory slipped through their fingers.


The Patriots lost to the Ravens, in a much larger margin than the game they also lost in September. The score in September was 31-30, while the score on January 20 was 28-13. The recent game was especially disappointing because it was a home game for the Patriots at Gillette stadium. Tom Brady had 320 yards and a touchdown pass against the Ravens, which has made him the all-time leading playoff passer in the NFL with 5,949 passing yards. Brady also had his sixth career postseason 300-yard game, with 320 yards, tying him with Joe Montana and Kurt Warner for second most 300-yard games in the playoffs. The Ravens defense stepped it up though, and despite the monumental plays of the Patriots, the Ravens prevailed and will continue on to Super Bowl 47.

The Falcons lost to the 49ers 28-24. Perhaps what was more interesting than the game was a peculiar incident that occurred afterwards. A Falcons fan was stabbed by a 49ers fan. While the Falcons fan is now in stable condition, the 49ers fan remains on the loose. The game itself was a great show however. In the first quarter the Niners were down 17-0. By the end of the half the Falcons had scored all 24 of their points, but there would be no more. The 49ers slowly but surely came back to win the game and advance to Super Bowl 47, despite some very close calls on the part of the Falcons.

Super Bowl 47 will be, as all Super Bowls are, a thing of legend. This year it will be even more legendary because the head coach of the 49ers and the head coach of the Ravens are brothers, Jim and John Harbaugh, respectively. This is the first time the Super Bowl has ever been played between two coaching brothers.The winner and the loser in this now sibling rivalry will go down in history, the commercials will be full of laughs and intrigue, and the half-time show will be either amazing or the weirdest thing ever witnessed. The 49ers and the Ravens will face down February 3, and history will be written.

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