How to Ace the CAHSEE

Photography Editor and Promotions Editor

Sophomores! Your time has come to take the CAHSEE. First of all, what does CAHSEE even stand for? CAHSEE stands for California High School Exit Exam. It is a test that you must pass in order to graduate, so treat this test very seriously. Never fear, with these simple tips, you can ace the CAHSEE and be one step closer to graduation.
1. Get a good night’s sleep the night before. You will probably be trying to cram every last thing you can in the night before, but make sure you get to bed early and get a good nights sleep. Your body should be completely rested for the test so you won’t fall asleep during it. Getting 8 hours of sleep is the recommended amount to keep your body refreshed for the next day.
2. Eat a good breakfast the morning before. Eating a breakfast before a big test is always ideal. You do not want your stomach to be empty when you take a very important test. It is easier to concentrate when your tummy isn’t rumbling and your mind is focused on the task on hand.
3. Do the practice exercises in your homeroom. The practice exercises may seem dumb or pointless, but it is worth it to participate in them. Practice makes perfect. Studying is wonderful, and if you are having trouble in homeroom, then practice at home for at least an hour yourself. It feels so good to pass the CAHSEE, and studying will definitely help you pass.
4. Read and practice your basic math. Reading is very helpful to advance your vocabulary and writing. Just by reading a little each day, you can help improve your English, helping you be more likely to pass the CAHSEE. Even though math is a pain, practice your basic math. Memorize those multiplication charts and other algebraic formulas. Doing basic exercises in math can help you be more prepared for the test.
5. Take your time. The test has no time limit. Take your time; this test is not a race. If you finish early, you do not get to leave early, so you might as well take as much time as you need. There is no need to rush, because then you might not do the best that you can do.
6. Sharpen your pencils, and bring plenty of erasers. When preparing for class the day before, make sure you have at least two pencil and an eraser. It is better to have two pencils for the test because then if one breaks you have a back up. Hopefully you won’t be making too many mistakes, but if you do, you will have something to erase it with.
7. Put away all electronics. Electronics are not allowed to be out during the test, so turn them off and put them in your bag at the beginning of the class. It is not worth getting your test taken away and having to do it again the next year for being caught texting a friend or updating a status. The easiest thing to do is to just put all of your electronics in your bag in the off position.
8. Bring food and water. During the CAHSEE you will get parched and hungry, so bring food and water to keep your mind and body going while doing the test. There is no break while the test is going so have something to eat after the test to keep from getting hungry before lunch time.
9. Do your best. Bring your best to the table. Imagine you are presenting yourself through your work. You would want to present your best face, right? Doing your best is the best you can do. With all of the preparation you did before, walk into the test confident that you will do your best on the test. Do not blow off the test and say it is pointless. This test is the ticket to your diploma, along with passing all of your classes all four years.  Walk out of the test feeling great because you tried your hardest.
10. Relax. Take a deep breath. Just relax and feel calm. Do not constantly be worried and wound up before the test, during the test, and after the test waiting for the results. Stress is not good for you, in fact it causes health problems. Be less stressful, and just relax.
Let’s try to get everyone to pass the CAHSEE! Do your best! Good luck, Sophomores!

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