Great Food for a Great Superbowl Party

Staff Writers

The Superbowl is a time to celebrate your favorite football team making it this far, well that is if they made it. For many families, the Superbowl is a big deal. It’s a time for families to come together and watch a football game and be able to cheer on their team as a family, or in some case have a sibling rivalry over which team will win. It is a tradition for many people to throw a Superbowl party to cheer on your favorite teams if they make it. Most Superbowl parties consist of watching the game, of course, and food to snack on. So, what are some good ideas for food at a Superbowl party?
Finger foods are probably the best idea for a football party, according to Sabrina Solis, Demaree Fernandez, and Jenn Amato. Miss Solis and Miss Fernandez say that their personal favorite thing to eat at a Superbowl party is “nachos.” Mr. Leal says that his favorite thing to eat is “guacamole and chips.” Therefore, chips and dip and nachos are a great idea for a delicious finger food to snack on while you cheer on your team. Another idea would be things such as “hot wings”, according to Samantha Rollins, “pizza”, according to Miss Fernandez and Mr. Leal, and “cocktail weenies”, according to Elizabeth DeGraw
A student poll was taken around campus. the question was: Do you prefer nachos, sliders, mini pizzas, or chips and dips. The results were that the majority of students prefer nachos. The next most prefered food was chips and dip. So as a result, the most prefered items for a Superbowl party are finger foods such as chips, dips, and nachos.
So, as you cheer on your football team, throw a nice party for you and your friends with your favorite finger foods. Pizza is always a nice main course to go with your favorite finger foods. Some good places to get pizza at are Me N’ Eds, Mountain Mikes, and Round Table. So while you and your friends are eating the food don’t forget to cheer on your team too!

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