Cultural Santas

by Annika Manley
Staff writer

N- All the Santa's, Annika ManleyHas curiosity ever come knocking on your door whispering Santa? Has it ever brought that small sliver of wonder to your head about what other countries consider santa as? Well it may come as a wonder to most people that Santa isn’t considered santa in other countries. They may not even have the same customs as we do.

In Russia their Santa Claus is considered Ded Moroz or translated in English as “Grandfather Frost” or “Frosted Father”. This santa only has three horses, known to have enough strength and speed that there is no need for eight reindeer. He is known to make his rounds on New Year’s Eve rather than on Christmas Eve, as we are accustomed too. He is also usually accompanied by a women called Snegurochka, or called in english, the snow maiden. She is known to be his granddaughter. Rather than staying in the North Pole, he stays in a estate in the Russian town of Veliky Ustyug, where children mail letters of their christmas wishes. If the children travel to this town they get to have their picture taken with Ded Moroz, similar to if you go to your mall and get your picture taken with Saint Nick. He also appears in well known Russian towns, making appearances in parades and festivals.

For the French Santa is called Pere Noel which means “Father christmas”, he isn’t much different from the Saint Nick we know now. He gives out candy and toys and for the not so nice children he gives them a spanking instead of coal. He has eight reindeer as we do and delivers toys on christmas eve.

Christmas in Ireland is not as close to America’s as the french was, there Father Christmas is called Santy or Daidi Na Nollag.Christmas here is spent from christmas eve all the way to the feast of the Epiphany or otherwise known as the little Christmas which is on January 6th. This is a highly religious festival for the Irish in which many attend. The Irish set candles in their windows as a sign of welcome for santy, letting him know he is welcome to there home. He delivers gifts on christmas eve as well which are to be opened the next morning.

Most of the people in Malta are catholics and attend a midnight mass church service, Christmas here is very important to them. A tradition for them is the Priedka tat-Tiefel, which is where children from 7-10 get up and preach in front of everyone instead of an actual preacher. In Malta there is a Village called Siggiewi. This was dedicated to Santa Claus who is referred to as San Niklaw, of Bari in Italy and it’s feast is celebrated in the last sunday of june. The children get their presents on Christmas Night, and sometimes he will even come by knocking on their doors bringing the children there gifts in person.

These are few of the many different traditions and different Saint Nicks all over the world, and the many amazing traditions that come along with it.

Kansas city killer

Opinion Editor

N-Kansas City Killer Jorden DunganThe night of November 30th Jovan Belcher, starting linebacker for the Kansas City Chiefs, was conversing with former teammate Reggie Paramoure through text message. Belcher mentioned his daughter of nearly three months, Zoey, remarking that she was a “blessing” and “made him smile on the worst days”.

Although, the worst was yet to come.
The next morning the police found the body of Kassandra Perkins, Belcher’s girlfriend and mother of their child, in the couple’s master bedroom. Belcher had shot her nine times in the abdomen, chest, and stomach, before taking off to the Arrowhead Stadium and shooting himself through the head in the presence of his coach and general manager.

For many of Belcher’s friends and cohorts, the month of December opened with news of this horrifying incident. Jeff Allen, a Kansas City teammate, wrote on his Twitter that he was “devastated and heartbroken”. Chris Almonte, a friend of Belcher’s from West Babylon where he attended high school, received the news via a telephone call. Almonte was so shocked that he buried the aforementioned telephone in his yard, attempting to dissipate the news.

While countless are grieving, no one knows the precise motive for the linebacker’s outburst. Belcher’s college football coach Jack Cosgrove noted that “I do know that for all Jovan’s successes, he didn’t have successful relationships with women.” Though it was casually known that Belcher and Perkins were not what you would label a “happy couple.” They argued frequently, and recently reunited concluding a brief separation. The pair would often visit gun ranges together, and as Belcher mentioned to Paramoure the night before the incident, he owned eight guns. It was completely normal for handguns and rifles to be found on the kitchen table or nestled on the couch.

The plot thickened last Monday, when a law enforcement official stated that Belcher had been in the company of another woman, Brittni Glass, the night prior to the murder-suicide. Belcher had stayed out all night – drinking and “partying” with Glass. He briefly encountered the police outside Glass’ apartment complex before two of Glass’ neighbors let Belcher inside. According to their statements, Belcher was obviously intoxicated. He asked the neighbors to wake him up by 6:30 am, so he could attend a team meeting. “I was with him that night, that’s it”, Glass told the New York Post.

Thursday, December 6th, two funeral services were conjured in Texas for the 22-year-old Kassandra Perkins, at one of which the Kansas City Chiefs were represented. Numerous memorial services have been held to mourn 25-year-old Jovan Belcher since the tragedy occurred, and his accumulative funeral, with an open casket, was held Tuesday, December 11th. Belcher’s mother, 54-year-old Cheryl Shepherd, is expected to take full custody of and responsibility for Zoey.

Questions are still circling the tragedy. Some speculate that Belcher’s sudden and uncharacteristic outburst of violence was a result of a possible head injury sustained while playing football. Others, such as NBC’s Bob Costas, believe it is a blatant example of a lack of any serious gun control laws within the United States. Although one fact remains clear – 3 month old Zoey is now an orphan.

Keep the secret of Secret Santa

Staff Writer

These are a few examples of gifts for the Secret Santa participant.

These are a few examples of gifts for the Secret Santa participant.

Secret Santa is the act of giving a gift anonymously. Many groups of friends, schools,  colleges, and businesses, make this an annual activity. Secret Santa is where you draw names out of a hat  and buy a present for the person you drew anonymously. Everyone in the group participates so that everyone receives a gift.
Larry Dean Stewart, born in 1948, was hungry, broke, and down on his luck when he was given money for a meal. He eventually became rich and decided to give back to the community. He created the idea of secret santa to give gifts to the poor anonymously. The idea caught on, and many people started doing acts of kindness anonymously. This idea sprouted into the office Secret Santa exchange, and now people all around America join together to participate in this exchange.
Many students around our campus participate in Secret Santa every year. Sabrina Solis says that she participates “Two times each year: once in soccer, and once with friends.” Cassidy Fortin says “Once a year with friends.” One of the hardest things about Secret Santa is keeping it a secret. Solis says, “I normally end up not keeping the secret.” Fortin says, “Don’t ask people who they have, even if it is tempting.” Nick Terry and Alex Reynolds say they keep the secret “secretly.”
Sometimes getting gifts for Secret Santa can be hard. Here are some tips:

  • “Holiday mug and hot cocoa.” -Cassidy Fortin
  • “Candy.”-Sabrina Solis
  • “Winter scarf and gloves.”- Cassidy Fortin
  • “Gift Cards.”-Sabrina Solis
  • “Jewelry.”-Cassidy Fortin
  • “Homemade items”-Sabrina Solis

A few other tips on Secret Santa are:

  • “Make sure you have at least 5 people because then it is harder to guess who has who.” -Cassidy Fortin
  • “Make sure you buy your present before it’s too late.” -Sabrina Solis
  • “Don’t buy stupid gifts.”-Alex Reynolds and Nick Terry

A good price range for gifts is anywhere from $5-$20. Depending on the group, the price range might change. The hardest thing is to keep the secret, so remember, it’s Secret Santa.

Soccer For Dummies



by Gabbi Medina
Co-Sports Editor

In middle school, we were all forced to play soccer in P.E some of us found that we were good at it and some of us till this day do not even know how to play. Soccer is made up of a many elements such as; how the field is set, what potions make up soccer and what you can or can’t do.

The Field:

  • When it comes to a soccer field it’s not hard to define. The field is at least 100 yards wide and 50 yards wide with a goalie box centered on both ends of the field. Then on each corner of the field we have the corners, the center of field we have the center circle which is where the game is started.

The Potions:

  • Goalkeeper- The goalkeeper is the only one on the field that is allowed to use their hands, but that can only happen in what’s called the “Penalty Area”. If at anytime the goalkeeper handles the ball outside the goal box they will be given a red card and the other team will receive a free kick.


  • Defenders- They are found in front of the goalie box. Their primarily used to help block anyone from the other team getting into their goalie box. They are expected to stay moving the entire game. You have the outside wing which protect the outside corners of the goal box, then you have the central defenders that insure no one gets passed the defense.


  • Midfielders-  These players are the link between the defense and attack. Midfielders must be the most physically fit players on the field because are expected to run the most in a game. They should be able to penetrate deep in enemy territory on attack and make the transition to defense at any time. Midfielders can specialize as an attacking player or defensive midfielder.


  • Forwards- Their main job is to make goals. There are several types of forwards. Wings play on either the left or right side and usually run up and down the sides of the field. They can either take the ball into the penalty area for a shot or keep it on the flank and try to pass it to a teammate in the area. Center forwards play in the middle of the field, but they are allowed to wander if open space is there. A center forward, also known as a striker, should be a team’s leading goal scorer and most dangerous player up front.

Soccer DO’s and DON’TS:


  • Make sure you stay and constant great shape
  • Eat very healthy and drink lot’s of water
  • Show great sportsmanship whether you win or lose


  • Never be a ball hog it does not show your a team player
  • Don’t talk back to a referee. You can get a yellow card, and if it’s your second yellow, you will be ejected from the game.
  • Don’t tackle from behind. You could get red-carded. Never use elbows to shove.

Is it too much to forgive?

Annika Manley

Staff Writer

O- forgivness, Annika ManleyMost have always wondered why people couldn’t just forgive and forget. During a discussion with Pullen, the drama teacher, he mentioned a few interesting things about forgiveness somethings that need to be more put out there then it truly is. “It’s just going to be an endless cycle of retaliation, someone has to say enough is enough, I forgive you.”  It has become noticeably apparent how unimportant the topic of forgiveness is to the human mind. It’s as if they never look further into the topic of a lot of the problems in todays society and see that most are caused because people can’t forgive and it turns into this mass chaos.

Say you heard from your friend that your significant other said something behind your back or cheated on you. You confront them and they admit to it. Do you forgive them and move on with your life? That is certainly one thing you can do, but it’s never a common thing most people don’t move on. So, instead do you let that pent up frustration grow inside of you causing you to never be able to move on in life because you’re stuck on that one day when you found out your significant other did something wrong. Now tell me, was it worth it? To be a bitter old grump? Most likely not but in the moment of anger, frustration, hurt, well all we do is react.

This doesn’t just apply for relationships, it applies for many things in life, a boss or elder treating you unfairly, a peer harassing you, etc. It is purely frustrating to constantly see the hatred in the world, most of it caused simply because someone couldn’t stand up and be the bigger person. If you truly think about it that’s a topic people should truly be focusing on. Go straight to the source of the chaos. Why did the kid throw the first punch? He couldn’t walk away from the person and say “You know what, you’re not worth it, I forgive you.” Now tell me, doesn’t it sound easier to do that instead of start a fight? Maybe it is easier to start a fight but in the end it creates more problems than it actually began  with. What about getting in trouble, causing a big scene? Those are all retaliations of not simply forgiving and forgetting. Of course that was just an example, but we all know things like this  happen on a daily basis and what do we do to change it? We talk bad about it, we hurt people because in our heads it’s the right thing to do, we get groups of people to gang up on the problem but do we truly think of ways to stop this? The answer to that, is no we don’t.

It’s true that this doesn’t apply to everyone out there, we do have some bigger people who can forgive and forget and bless their hearts, people should be more like that. In the end it’s all up to how many people truly want to make a change and better themselves, the way they wish others would. We have so many of these fads, like dying the tips of your hair or wearing a certain brand or hat, or feathers in your hair, even being in a certain clique. If the human population followed on with forgiveness as quickly as they do with these fads, groups, and slang we speak. It’s believed life would be a tad bit more tolerable. Though it won’t solve all of our problems, it will help people grow more responsible and reasonable, it will also take care of some of the bullying problems period.

Congratulations Marching Miners

Staff Writer and Features Editor

N-Band Championship- Sav AmandaBand really brought home some big wins this year. They made us all proud by coming in first in class 4A at the WBA Championships. They earned a 90.95 score, a superior and very impressive rating, and came in third overall, which was out of both 4A and 5A. This was also the first time in history that any school has won WBA 4A three times, a great feat. Band also took home first place in the MBOS championships in the Onyx division. This was the Marching Miners’ first year competing in MBOS and six years competing in WBA, according to Mr. Tackett. As mentioned in a previous article, band spends endless hours practicing and dedicating their personal time into making each and every performance absolutely perfect or at the least better than the last.

Mason Lingberg, a senior and saxophone player, had this to say about winning: “I was excited and happy. I gave people hugs, first time all year. It was a big moment.” Clearly, the win had a huge effect on the band.

Holly Vigario, a senior and flute playing Marching Miner, was also overjoyed by the win, “It felt…you can’t even describe how good it felt. It was like all the hard work we put into it finally paid off. We were ecstatic.” It takes a lot of work to take first place, but winning is definitely worth the long practices. “During the season it really wasn’t that bad. Sometimes we wanted to kill each other, we’d get on each other’s nerves, but that just meant we really wanted to make it perfect,” Holly stated.

Cristian Ortiz, also a Senior and the head drum major, was also thrilled about earning two first place titles. Cristian had one word to describe the feeling of winning: “Awesome!” He went on to explain the mass epidemic of tears and hugs that fled through the group as soon as they heard the big news.

Band, of course, is not alone in their big wins. Colorguard and drumline share in the celebration and hard work that it took to take first place in WBA 4A. Alex Brumley, a junior in drumline, said, “Winning felt good. All season we worked our hardest and we came out on top.” Drumline is one of the most important aspect of the band, for it keeps time for the marching part of the Marching Miners. Arianna Drazil, a junior in Colorguard, says, “We were really excited. I was really proud of us all; I was happy. Everyone was celebrating. It was so much fun!” Colorguard, just like band and drumline, puts in a lot of work, time, and passion into their success. Arianna tells us, “We practice a LOT! We’re like a family. Usually we practice non stop, we’re determined to make it perfect. We go over it over and over again.”

For any of you interested in colorguard or drumline, it’s not too late! You can still audition for winterguard or winterline which will be starting this season. Johnmichael Gutierrez said, “Winterline is still looking for some spots to be filled. I’m really looking forward to a great show this year, and of course we’re aiming for first place.” Arianna also gave us some of the details on winterguard: “Winterguard… it’s gonna be really intense. Our coach wants us to be first. I want us to be first! It’s gonna be a really cool year. I don’t wanna let him down. We’re definitely going for first in winterguard.” Sounds like lots of work, but it all pays off in full and then some! Band, drumline, and Colorguard only get better each and every season because of the hard work and dedication its members put it, and it seems there’s no end to the trophies and titles they have, do, and will take home.

The American dream


Assistant Editor

O-American Dream Bailee OlivaIf you look back on what you have learned in your US history classes, you can then determine the major differences in the roles of genders, race, and age groups. With all of the new advancements in the field of technology and social standards there is no doubt that people have become more dependent on computers, each other, or even themselves.

Before the Civil Rights Movement, the only individuals that received an opportunity for a better life were older white males because women were considered inferior, and African Americans were still a victim of prejudice despite the civil war amendments that were suppose to give them their freedom, citizenship, and suffrage. However, America has (and had) millions of people that have traveled across seas just so they could have a better life because despite the prejudice circumstances that consumed the nation for so long, America still possessed a better lifestyle than their homeland. The problem that the country is facing, though, is how the American dream that drove so many people here is now deteriorating.

We have witnessed how times have changed and the new opportunities that have opened up for everyone. Women now have the chance to work and earn a living for themselves without having to depend on a male figure in their life and sticking to being a “stay at home mom.” Unequal pay is still an issue that people are fighting for, and women are determined to receive it. Since the nineteenth amendment, women have been even more involved in gaining equality with campaign groups such as the National Organization for Women (NOW). Women are also still being thought of objects without reference to law by being victims of rape. People fight against the sadistic action with gatherings such as the “SlutWalk,” and to teach not to rape rather than not to get raped.

Another thing to keep in mind is that African Americans and other minorities currently have a better chance to walk outside without being victimized by hate crimes, and aren’t thought of as being uneducated or poor. To top it off, we even have an African American president. We have come a long way since the discovery of our country; however, there is still some racism that needs to be resolved. While the law is written to fight discrimination, there are still a great deal of it among us. Slandering words and defamation of others is still apparent, and because it’s so common most do not take it seriously.

The use of technology could also be harmful to our country. It proves that people are more dependent on technological devices now more than any other point in history. Not only does the use of technology deprive people from social activity and results in laziness for everyone, but it’s taking away job openings for millions of citizens. One machine can now replace the job of one hundred people within a factory and leaves the less educated jobless. In the beginning, foreigners came here to work, and now they are left with nothing.

We have to remember to keep moving forward despite the things that are a detriment to this country because this is a new generation and the country needs to grow in sociological ways to suit the expectations of all of the people. It’s a complicated manner that the government continues to work on to this day, but with access to the internet and the menial thoughts of many there is still hate that flows from person to person. The next stop for change is homosexuality and marriage; we are still waiting to see what happens in the end. While the American dream has spread to more people, there still isn’t an equal chance for everyone to achieve it.

Can guys and girls truly be best friends?


Staff Writers

O-A&E vang, Why guys & girls cant be bffsLet’s hypothetically pretend that it is a typical Saturday and  your significant other has departed your house. You then  give your best friend a call, talk for three hours and then make plans to hang out. Now this seems just about right because after all, that is what best friends do, but what if your best friend happens to be that of the opposite sex?

That just doesn’t go, unless one of you or the both of you are not heterosexual. It’s true. Let’s face it: guys and girls cannot be best friends. A guy and girl best friend relationship isn’t bound to end well and if you believe so and manage one, you are only kidding yourself. And what happens when one of you is in a relationship or gets into a relationship?

Clearly, jealousy and envy will arise. Not only will the significant other find it opposing and odd that their boyfriend/girlfriend has a best friend of the opposite sex but also the best friend themselves will feel left out, as their best friend has dumped their friendship for their own relationship. Consequently it is in our nature to be jealous and it just can’t be helped.

As portrayed in countless movies, it appears that best friends, indeed cannot be best friends. In fact, one of the two usually realizes they have feelings for the other and it could not be any more obvious. Then the other choses to be oblivious to it and we all know where this ends up eventually.

Realistically if a guy and girl can be best friends, it is because they have come to realization that they are more than just best friends. In a companionship consisting of opposite sexes, it will either end good or bad but regardless, true feelings come out.

Guys and girls who can remain best friends without developing those things called “feelings” for each are what I claim to be very strong humans. People will observe their relationship and try interpreting it as something more. However, a guy and girl just being best friends is doable. It is absolutely possible that opposite sexes can maintain a best friend relationship without any complications arising outside the friend zone.

Some have the opposite sex as their best friend because they need perspectives at both the male and female level. Most feedback from the same gender appear to be too similar sometimes, so having an opposite-sex best friend can become very helpful especially in situations when one seeks advice. We need to hear more than just one side of the story otherwise how we review our problems may be biased. For example, if a girl and guy have been dating for several months and begin drifting apart because the girl feels that the guy is not spending enough time with her, she may assume that he is in the wrongdoing. She will turn to her girlfriends for comfort, and the majority of them will suggest her to breakup with the guy because they all believe she deserves attention that she is obviously not receiving. However, is the guy really at wrong or is he just spending some alone time? If she has a best guy friend at her side, she may hear a different analysis such as it being normal that guys need their space or perhaps it is her boyfriend’s turn for attention. Not all situations are what they seem, and without the help of guyfriends or galfriends, things can be misinterpreted.

Furthermore, if girls and guys can be nothing more than siblings, then girls and guys can definitely be best friends without having strings attached. You may argue that this comparison is invalid, but correct me if I am wrong. Being siblings and being best friends establishes almost the same relationship with the exception that siblings share the same blood. Other than that, the bond is there, the conversations flow smoothly, and the secrets are exchanged.

Other reasons girls and guys can be best friends are self explanatory. Some girls like myself, prefer guys as best friends simply because not all girls tolerate each other. A portion of guys are homosexual and have girls as best friends because they feel that males do not understand them as well as females can, while some of us are best friends due to our own preferences and experiences; many of us happen to be best friends with the other gender simply because the bond naturally and gradually grew itself over time. Whatever the reason, guys and girls can be best friends.


The Walking Dead, why YOU shouldn’t miss it!

by Savanna Clevenger

Staff Writer

O-the walking dead-Savanna ClevengerAll across the country fans are drooling over the hit TV series “The Walking Dead”. This season, (the third so far,) we have been introduced to many new characters, and had to say tearful goodbyes to many whom we’ve known for so long. What might perhaps be the best part of “The Walking Dead” is the fact that they kill off almost anyone. Characters walk in and out on a per-episode basis- no pun intended. No character is safe, whether they play a major or minor role in the show. I, personally, have spent many Sunday evenings in full blown shock after witnessing the death of a character I have followed for almost three seasons now! By constantly keeping viewers guessing, the show keeps all audiences on edge and always in tune.

As far as shows about make believe characters go, “The Walking Dead” feels anything but pretend or cheesey. The makeup and effects are very realistic, (and gruesome.) Not to mention the acting, which is very professional and very conversational. It seems practically unscripted! The fantastic acting and on screen relationships make the audience feel all the more involved and personal with the characters, and twice as devastated at every death.

Another exciting factor about TWD is the constant location changes. From the woods, to institutions, to farm houses, to prisons, to small towns, to army bases, the clan and walkers travel far and wide in search of a safe refuge. Of course, when they find them they are not always as safe as they appear to be, but the constant change in scenery keeps an audience interested, and they eyes entertained.

Of course, with every great TV show there does come some frustrations, especially in a situation such as a zombie apocalypse. Many characters seem to be making all of the wrong choices at all the wrong times, and this can get very irritating to a ritualistic viewer. One might often find themselves standing and yelling at their TV screen, “Turn around! There’s someone behind you!” or “Bring a weapon with you, stupid!” There is no shame in this.
“The Walking Dead” can honestly be enjoyed by anyone of any age, and I would recommend it to anyone looking for something fun and exciting to do with their Sunday nights!

A Special Note for TWD Fans: Who do you think the baby’s father is?!

The survival kit to long car rides

Assistant Editor and Promotions Editor


These photos and this arrangement were taken and done by Miriam Sanders.

These photos and this arrangement were taken and done by Miriam Sanders.

Another vacation, another long car ride. You don’t want to be bored just sitting there asking your parents “Are we there yet?” After a while, even that gets boring. So what can you do for all those mindless hours in the car? Never fear, after reading this survival kit, you will know not only know how to survive a long car ride, but also how to turn a boring car ride into a party.
1. Play a car game. In case you forgot any form of entertainment at home, you are still not hopeless. You can always play car games such as the alphabet game, which involves the road signs outside. In the alphabet game, you take the first letter of the sign and go alphabetically and see if you can reach all the way to Z. It isn’t as easy as it sounds because there are rarely Qs, Xs, and Zs around. If that isn’t fun for you, you can always do a scavenger hunt to find a certain amount of blue cars or red cars, or anything for that matter. The game is left for your imagination to go wild. If you are the driver, be careful or do not participate. Your focus needs to be on the road because distracted driving leads to wrecks which leads to death, and unless you want to die, you should maintain focused at all times.
2. Bring a book. You most likely will get bored on the trip to your destination so reading is always the backup plan. If you have been waiting a while to read that book that is on your book list, traveling is the best time to read it. Hopefully you aren’t driving so you can actually pay attention to the book you are so willing to read.
3. Sing to the radio. Radios are so much fun because you never know what song is going to come next. You can sing as loudly as you like, unless the people you are with think you are a very bad singer. Have a karaoke lip syncing contest to see who is the best lip syncer. Open up the windows and sing to the whole world. If you don’t like radio songs, just plug your iPod in for the whole car to listen to, or bring earbuds to listen to by yourself.
4. Sleep. Sleeping is always fun. It helps you be rested for the destination you are about to experience. You don’t want to be tired throughout the whole vacation, so why don’t you just catch up on some sleep in the car. Bring a pillow and perhaps a blanket to get comfortable and you are living a dream. The only bad part about sleeping in a car is you still have to wear a seatbelt because you don’t want to die while you are sleeping if you took off your seat belt to get comfortable.
5. Text or call your friends. Bored to death? Gossip to your friends about it. If you have a phone and friends, then text them about your car ride and how bored you are. If you don’t have a phone, then just tethapathecally send a message to your friend, yell out the window, or throw the message on a piece of paper out the window. I’m sure they will get the message. If you don’t have a friend, then just text yourself. Believe it or not, it is more fun than you think. Try it. You’ll see.
6. Bring your computer/ tablet with you. Your tablet/ computer probably has all your favorite games and content on it so you can listen to music, play games, write, or even surf the web if you have internet. Having one of these two devices will make the trip go by really fast because you are doing something productive and fun. With these devices you can do endless things you want to do.
7. Bring coloring books, crossword puzzle, or sudoku. Coloring is always fun, no matter what age you are. If it is a bumpy road, your picture might turn out to be a bit messier than you expected, but that is alright. It is your art. You can also challenge  your brain with a crossword puzzle or sudoku. These activities are great if you are in the backseat all alone.
8. Make conversation with the people in your car. Hopefully you are in the car with people you like because you are going to be miserable if you can’t talk to anyone for hours on end. Talk about the scenery, the weather, or your day. The conversation topic is all up to you. You can make it a serious conversation or a fun conversation. The fun is unlimited.
9. Bring cards or other games that can be played in a car. Even though the cards may slide around, you can still bring them to play with friends as you come closer to your place of interest. If you don’t like cards you can always bring a car game version of your favorite board game. These car games are designed so they don’t fall all over the car when you take a sharp turn or a sudden stop.
10. Make some potty stops. Everyone has to use the restroom. Take regular bathroom stops to relieve yourself from your filledbladder. You don’t want to have to pee yourself because you held it in too long. Bathroom stops can also be an opportunity to stretch out so your legs don’t get blood clots, which could cause a heart attack or a stroke. Bathroom stops help you in every shape and form, relieving your bladder from exploding and your heart and brain from getting a huge blood clot. Bathroom stops save your life.