Once Upon a Time: A show sure to grip your heart

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This apple is cursed.

This apple is cursed.

Emma Swan(Jennifer Morrison) is a bounty hunter. She brings down men who run out on their bonds. She herself, however, in episode 1 of season 1, is found by her son, Henry(Jared Gilmore), who she gave up for adoption long ago. She doesn’t want anything to do with him, but she offers him a ride to his home in Storybrooke, Maine. As its name hints, this town is more than it seems.  Henry is, in fact, the adopted son of the mayor, Regina Mills(Lana Perilla). Regina is a dictator of sorts, and is never re-elected, she simply has always been and always will be, just as the mysterious clock in the town square has been stuck, and time seemingly frozen, for all remembrance. But when Emma Swan arrives, time no longer stands still.

Storybrooke was born of a curse. The executor of that curse was Regina, who was Queen in another world, and the stepmother of Snow White(Ginnifer Goodwin). Snow White is also a resident of Storybrooke, as all(or almost all as Season 2 will show) fairy tale characters are. Snow White is known as Mary Margaret in Storybrooke, however, and her love, Prince Charming(Josh Dallas), as David Nolan. With no memory of each other from their fairy tale lives, they remained apart, for David was in a coma and Mary Margaret was leading a calm and separate life as a teacher. Henry had actually stolen Mary Margaret’s credit card in order to secure passage to where Emma was.
Henry was so distraught as to seek out his birth-mother because of the strange situation of Storybrooke. For twenty-eight years, or to Henry’s knowledge, nine, the town and its people had not changed nor aged, respectively. Henry’s journey was also sparked by a book of “fairy-tales” that Mary Margaret had given him. This was no work of fiction though, for it told the story of all which had happened in the other world, the world where they all came from, the Enchanted Forest.
The amount of characters in this show is phenomenal. So far viewers have seen the classic Disney characters of Snow White, Cinderella(Jessy Schram, known as Ashley Boyd on Earth), King Midas’s daughter(Anastasia Griffith, known as Katherine Nolan on Earth), Belle(Emilie de Ravin), Sleeping Beauty(Sarah Bolger), and Mulan(Jamie Chung). This is no surprise considering that the show is carried by ABC, an affiliate of Disney.
Of all the characters on Once Upon a Time though, the evilest are the most compelling. Rumpelstiltskin(Robert Carlyle), the Dark One, known as Mr. Gold on Earth, is he who developed the curse which Regina cast, and he who helped to lead Regina to the dark side. Cora(Barbara Hershey) was Regina’s mother, the woman who gave her life, and who took away lives when she saw it fit her purpose. Season 2 has brought another villain as well:Captain Hook(Colin O’Donoghue). As with all in this series, however, the bad have good in them, and the good have bad in them.
Other characters include Red Riding Hood(Meghan Ory), Ruby on Earth, the Mad Hatter(Sebastian Stan), Jefferson on Earth, and various other characters ranging from Jiminy Cricket to Dr. Frankenstein, and of course the Seven Dwarves, as well as the dreaded huntsman who was sent to kill Snow White. The characters would be nothing without the amazing writers of this show, many who previously worked on Lost.

The first season saw to backstories and character development, while the second season has seen more to developing the plot. Snow White and Prince Charming are the embodiment of true love, and seemingly the source and cause of everything bad and good in this show, at least on the surface. Yet, below the surface, everything is far more complicated, for these are more than just characters in a story; these are men and women and magical creatures who are loved and have relationships. These characters have feelings, and the feelings of these characters resonate in any and all who watch them.


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