Green Club recycling

by Alexis Kline
Staff writer

Green Club has a new project on their hands! This time though, they are teaming up with the Visalia Unified School District. Everyone knows about Green Club’s recycling already; now they are widening their recycling plans. Not only will they be recycling plastic and glass bottles, we will also be recycling paper. The classrooms will soon be provided with a bin for paper to be recycled. In the past recycling at Visalia schools was often supported by students, teachers and  school clubs. Now Green Club is only in charge of encouraging us to recycle, they aren’t in charge of picking it up. The janitors will be the ones picking up the new paper recycling and disposing of it properly.

The Visalia Unified School District plans to implement recycling at all of its school sites and facilities. District Administration has worked with City of Visalia Natural Resource Conservation and Solid Waste to implement pilot recycling programs at four school sites to develop information needed to implement a District-wide program.
Through implementation of waste reduction practices, the District will reduce the amount of mixed paper, California Redemption Value (CRV) beverage containers, food waste, and yard waste not currently being diverted from other wastes sent to the landfill. The City has recommended that the District implement waste reduction (recycling and organics [green waste] recovery) programs at all applicable District facilities.

The goal is to begin the new district wide program by January 14th, 2013.  This will have a huge impact on each school’s solid waste fees as recycling services are cheaper than trash services. According to the California Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle), 47% of what California elementary schools throw out daily consists of various recyclable paper wastes.  Other high recyclable stream s include organics (green waste) and plastics. Fully capturing these materials from a school site will divert an estimated 75% of the waste stream. California Education Code, sections 32370-32376, encourages each school district to establish and maintain a paper recycling program in all classrooms, administrative offices, and other areas owned or leased by the school district. So everyone get out and start recycling to help our school district and environment!

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