Cal State Football Game

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by  Ann Toor

Staff Writer

One of El Diamante’s very own, Kevin Camy, has been selected to compete in the Cal State football game on December 22nd. It is held in Visalia, at the Mineral King Bowl. The game is played between the top 50 high school players of northern California and the top 50 high school players of southern California, Kevin Camy is going to compete on the northern California team. He found his passion in football when he was in the seventh grade, competed throughout high school, and hopefully will go on to compete in college.

The selection process for the Cal State game begins with QT Sports scouts traveling throughout Northern, Central, and Southern California in search of the top underclassmen football talent in the state. The scouts conduct camps, review highlight videos, and talk to coaches, to review the qualifications of the players. Players are then given a rank, and the top candidates are selected as finalists. They are then invited to the California 5 star combine, which hosts the top 250 Underclassmen players in the state. The Top 200 from the 5 star combine will be selected to participate in the underclassmen showcase. After careful selection, 100 of the top players remain.

Practice for the All Star game is held during finals week. Alongside Kevin, will be Mt. Whitney and Mission Oak students. Curtis Allen is the head coach. When I asked Kevin what are his hopes for the game, he replied with, “I hope to play well in the game so I get noticed by a scout and can move on to play football in college.” Kevin’s parents and coaches are excited and proud of him. “When my dad told me I was going to play in the game, it made my entire football career worth it.” He found out in October, however had to contain his excitement so he could play out his high school season.

Kevin’s advice to anyone who wishes to compete in the All Star game is “Work hard and stay determined if you want to compete. And if you want to play in college, you must keep working. Get good grades and stay away from bad influences.” However, Kevin won the gene lottery, standing at 6’6” and 285 pounds. He can bench 305 pounds and squat 365. Kevin plays left offensive tackle. Which means, he’s the one that protects the quarterback’s blind side.

Kevin Camy has been playing football since the 7th grade. It’s ironic that he had to lose weight to play football when he was in the 7th and 8th grade, because there were set weight limits; however to play in college Kevin must bulk up and gain muscle weight. Kevin reflects back on his football career, “My freshmen year me and Jake Modesitt found out we were playing JV football as freshmen. We were excited and scared at the same time. Because we didn’t know any of the older players, and we thought they wouldn’t like us. So we kept to ourselves, however they ended up liking us and we had the time of our lives our freshman year.” Sophomore year he played on the JV for half the season, then got pulled up to Varsity. Junior year, he started every game on Varsity. Kevin liked Senior year the best, because there was an all senior offensive line.

Once again, the Cal State game will be held at the Mineral King Bowl on December 22, at 6pm. Kevin Camy is the only El Diamante student participating in this game. Hopefully, there is a great Green Sea turnout!

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