Top 5 Frozen Desserts in Visalia

Staff Writer

Everyone has a little sweet spot for ice cream, but the question is where should you go to get the best of the best? The top five frozen dessert places in Visalia are Baskin Robbins, Cold Stone Creamery, Big Kahuna Yogurt, Foster’s Freeze, and Thrifty’s.

Cold Stone Creamery is known for their creamy ice cream flavors and the toppings they mix in. This create the ice cream of your choice. Also a unique aspect of the Cold Stone Creamery is they don’t categorize sizes by scoops but instead title them “Like It,” “Love It,” and “Gotta Have It.” This allows more ice cream into the cup which customers find a plus.

Big Kahuna Yogurt offers many different types of flavored frozen yogurts with a variety of different toppings to add.  Frozen yogurt is said to be healthier for you than regular ice cream so if you’re looking to be healthy this is your number one choice. Keep in mind, they offer low fat yogurts as well. From cereal toppings to candies to fruit or syrups, Big Kahuna has it all. This place lets you pick what you want and how much of it you want in your cup. The thing about yogurt places is they do everything by weight, so after you’ve added all your toppings they weigh the cup which determines the price of your yogurt. This may become more expensive for customers but if you’re like me you’ll pay whatever for the great taste afterwards.

Baskin Robbins, otherwise know as 31 Flavors, is our classic “go to” ice cream place. They offer all varieties of ice cream from the classic mint n’ chip or chocolate to Snickers or Icing on the Cake. In my opinion, this is my favorite ice cream place because if I’m wanting to get a sherbet they offer those, or if I’m wanting more of a creamy flavor they have those, and if I have a sweet tooth I can choose from those.

Thrifty’s is the old school ice cream place to go. It’s cheap and convenient for those of us who live on the western side of Visalia.

Foster’s Freeze, a classic fast food chain, is the soft serve go-to. This place goes way back serving the longest soft serve around town. Whether you’re searching for just a quick drive-thru soft serve ice cream cone or hoping to have dinner as well, this is the place to go.

The next time you choose to venture out on the town and fulfill your ice cream sweet tooth, consider choosing from any of these five. They’re all great places depending on what mood you’re in or what ice cream you are looking for.

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