Sunshine Eyes

Staff Writer

Summertime, when the living’s easy, in the words of Sublime. So ladies go easy on the make up during the summer. Now that it is going to be beyond hot, your face will melt. So keep away from the face make up. During the summer you will need to have these essentials: a face moisturizer with SPF, an eyelash curler, waterproof mascara and a nice coral lip gloss. Keep these with you at all times and keep the face looking as natural as possible. Water proof mascara is the best in this weather, it won’t melt and when you go swimming it’ll stay on.
During the day, the natural look is the best to stick with. If you are going to go out add some nice eyeshadow, and don’t be shy with bright colors (not neon)! Use greens and pinks! Eyeshadow is always fun to play with, so mess around with it, but avoid caking! If you are going with a green, use as the base, use either a lighter green or a nice shimmery gold on the crease. Then with a few coats of mascara and liquid eyeliner close to the lash-line and you will look clean and put together.
Family reunions are quite big during the summer, so when you are going to see the family keep it modest! Highly recommend the Naked and Naked 2 palette from Urban Decay, it has the perfect combination of earthy tones that will brighten up any eye color. Also definitely purchase tons of lip glosses, colors ranging from pink to coral. If your eyes are neutral, brighten up your lips!

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