Obama’s Stance On Gay Marriage

Staff Writer

Gay marriage has been a hot subject all across politics for quite a few years. Our current president, Barack Obama, recently came out to say that he believes that gay marriage should be legalized. The president was quoted as saying, “My Justice Department has said to the courts, we don’t think the Defense of Marriage Act is constitutional.” With the elections drawing closer and closer, one has to wonder, is Obama taking his stance right before the elections to gain an edge in the polls, or is this his actual feeling towards the issue and the recent change just happens to be a coincidence?

A president taking a stand for gay marriage is a pretty uncommon thing, as the issue has only been leaning to the side of legalizing it in the recent decade. I personally thought when this was announced that Obama’s rating would go down. When in reality, there wasn’t actually any change as far as approval. 52% agreed with his stance while 47% did not. I, personally, was a little confused as to why there wasn’t any change in his rating at first. If you think about it, though, people who agree with Obama, are usually of the same party as him, Democrat. Members of this political party usually agree with the legalization of gay marriage. The opposite holds true as well for members of the Republican party.

A big question swarming around over Obama’s stance is “How will this affect his chances of being elected?” Every day brings the two candidates, Mitt Romney and Barack Obama closer to finding out who will run the country for the next four years. These two candidates take opposing views on the subject. Honestly, it doesn’t seem like this stance will affect his chances for the better or worse. The two candidates are well-equipped for this election and while it probably will be a controversial issue that sways the election in one of their favors, it doesn’t seem like gay marriage is that issue.

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