Sunshine Eyes

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Summertime, when the living’s easy, in the words of Sublime. So ladies go easy on the make up during the summer. Now that it is going to be beyond hot, your face will melt. So keep away from the face make up. During the summer you will need to have these essentials: a face moisturizer with SPF, an eyelash curler, waterproof mascara and a nice coral lip gloss. Keep these with you at all times and keep the face looking as natural as possible. Water proof mascara is the best in this weather, it won’t melt and when you go swimming it’ll stay on.
During the day, the natural look is the best to stick with. If you are going to go out add some nice eyeshadow, and don’t be shy with bright colors (not neon)! Use greens and pinks! Eyeshadow is always fun to play with, so mess around with it, but avoid caking! If you are going with a green, use as the base, use either a lighter green or a nice shimmery gold on the crease. Then with a few coats of mascara and liquid eyeliner close to the lash-line and you will look clean and put together.
Family reunions are quite big during the summer, so when you are going to see the family keep it modest! Highly recommend the Naked and Naked 2 palette from Urban Decay, it has the perfect combination of earthy tones that will brighten up any eye color. Also definitely purchase tons of lip glosses, colors ranging from pink to coral. If your eyes are neutral, brighten up your lips!

A cure for cancer

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Imagine a place where incurable disease ceased to exist, where the seriously ill didn’t have deadlines to their life and where there was no question about whether or not chemotherapy would succeed. The truth of the matter is this; a place such as this could exist in our country. So why would our government deny it?

In 1928, Dr. Max Gerson discovered a cure for cancer and other incurable diseases, such as alzheimer’s and diabetes. He first discovered the power of food when he cured his unbearable migraines by eating only raw fruits and vegetables. After his migraines cure spread throughout Europe, more and more people began to notice other changes in their health as well. His therapy became known as the “Gerson Miracle” because he soon had patients who were being fed back to health for everything from skin diseases to tuberculosis and cancerous tumors.

Absurdly, after many years of research and thousands of cured patients, Gerson Therapy is illegal in the United States. There are laws against using any treatment besides chemotherapy, surgery, and radiation in the U.S.. Gerson Therapy is prohibited because it works. This may sound odd, but it is only the truth. If people knew about Gerson Therapy and the Gerson Miracle then they would certainly choose Gerson over Chemo; however, this would pose a problem for the pharmaceutical industry. If people began to take Gerson treatment over Chemo treatment then the pharmaceutical industry would begin to lose massive amounts of money and it would also put people out of their jobs. With that said, our government is putting money over health and employment over survival. I mean, people donate tons of money to help cancer patients and to support them and to get the medical attention that they need, but in reality they are not getting the proper attention and treatment that they need.

Patients who receive chemotherapy and radiation at hospitals have an extremely higher chance of dying compared to someone who were to undergo the Gerson Therapy. When a cancer patient receives chemo they are fighting the toxins in their body with more chemicals and toxins and when you fight fire with fire, all you get is a bigger fire. The amount of radiation and chemo that goes into their body, whether it is a lot or a little, will only harm the body even more. The chemicals do kill off the bad cells, but they also kill of the good cells and when a body doesn’t have those fighter cells it is left defenseless. Because of this, 106,000 people die each year due to complications of chemo and excessive radiation. An additional 39,000 patients die from unnecessary surgeries.

The alternative to this is Gerson Therapy. Gerson Therapy is a raw organic fruit and vegetable diet, including raw fruit and veggie juices as well. The therapy includes chemical free foods and coffee enemas. The purpose of the therapy is to rid the body of harmful toxins which causes most diseases and illnesses in the first place (opposed to chemo which puts more toxins into the body).

Since it is illegal to open a Gerson clinic in the United States, you must travel to the clinic in either Tijuana, Mexico or Hungary to receive treatment. The closest thing that we have to a Gerson clinic in the US is the Gerson Institute located in San Diego. It was founded by Dr. Max Gerson’s youngest daughter, Charlotte. The institute is not allowed to accept sick people and citizens may only test the therapy for about one week. If they like the health results that they see then they may continue therapy at home on their own. Nevertheless, Americans should not be denied a second option, a better choice when it comes to their health. We should have the right to choose between which treatments we want to receive. Choosing a treatment isn’t like choosing which shirt to wear in the morning. Being denied a cure that works, that can save thousands of lives, just so the pharmaceutical industry doesn’t lose money, is morally unethical and unjust.

Death Grips The Money Store review

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Death Grips is in your area, and they’re obliterating everything in their path. Be it the conventions of hip hop or your ears, nothing is safe from Death Grips mutated assault on hip hop.

Death Grips is an experimental hip hop group from Sacramento, California, but they are not merely hip hop. They’re the furthest thing from conventional hip hop possible, going so far away from the standard that they challenge even being referred to the genre by name. The Money Store is the group’s second effort, and is significantly more polished than their previous release, ExMilitary.

ExMilitary was a much more aggressive album, and while The Money Store isn’t as abrasive, it still retains the hard hitting aggression expected of Death Grips. Instead, it uses the anger in a much more refined way. Putting rambling rapping, hard hitting noise, grimy rock, harsh industrial, glitchy electronics and more into a bowl and mashing them together, The Money Store raises quite a racket.

One of the core characteristics of what makes Death Grips so unique is rapper MC Ride’s style of rapping. But Ride does not simply rap. To call his manic yelling “rapping” is a disservice to how much he puts into the vocal, which is more akin to a crazy bearded homeless man shouting at you on a street corner than a typical cool and composed MC. A good comparison would be an enraged Charles Manson yelling at a blank wall, only to have the ear splitting reverberation of his shouts fill the padded cell.

The beats that supply the groups rhythmic backbone are created by the sporadic drum kit mastermind Zach Hill, formerly of the intricate math rock band, Hella. The beats are more akin to a technical electronic song or a challenging industrial beast than a lumbering, bass heavy hip hop track that’s true home is the club. The beats are all over the place, but in the best way possible, with every powerful snare hit and bass kick being perfectly calculated.

The group’s synth and keyboards are supplied by Flatlander, who completes the visceral sound with booming synths and abstract noises that propel the choruses never ending momentum forward. Many noises are not of the typically discernible type, with many of them leaving you scratching your head and thinking, “how did they make that sound?”

With the ethos and aesthetics of punk rock and the sound of an industrial grade melting pot, it’s difficult to compare the sound of Death Grips to others, as they are so unlike anything else. There are groups that share the component parts, but nothing resembles what The Money Store accomplishes as a whole.

One of the most impressive things about The Money Store is its ability to stay extremely catchy, given the abrasive sound and subject nature. But the tracks are comprised of very well written song structure, with shouted anthemic choruses that you can’t help but yell along to. Every single song has something interesting, with very memorable hooks and sounds that are bound to manifest themselves deep inside the crevices of your skull.

Another essential part of what makes Death Grips so unique is the lyrics. They are, for the most part, incomprehensible. For a large majority of tracks the sound and feeling of the vocals takes precedent over the actual words that are being said. But after revisiting the songs that once sounded like the ramblings of a madman, eventually the lyrics become easier to grasp. At that point the brilliant portrayal of the darkest depths of humanity is staring you down, and you can’t help but stare back.

The lyrics on most songs serve as a sort of exposé for the worst parts of humanity. For the majority of tracks, MC Ride takes on the persona of the most deplorable people in society, acting as a character of the dark gutters of society. He’s insane, paranoid, violent, and most of all terrifying, a manic painting of a world that hasn’t before  been illustrated in this much startling detail.

On the most atypical song of the album, Hacker, MC Ride takes on the persona of a burglar, as he yells that he’s “In your area” over a rumbling rhythm and swirling synths. On the pounding, noisy behemoth of a song, Punk Weight, he sounds terrifying. With overmodulated bass and the aggressive flow and lyrics of a serial killer, it’s goal of murdering the listeners sanity in cold blood is accomplished quite well.

On System Blower, Ride addresses the group’s forward thinking, head on attack of hip hop convention. On the surface it would seem that he is rapping about rocking a stereo system to destruction, something not too uncharacteristic of the group, but that isn’t enough for Death Grips. Instead he’s discussing the system of hip hop, and how they’re challenging everything and blowing it out of the water.

By far the most important track, I’ve Seen Footage, is the explanation for all of the hell that Death Grips raises. Ride raves about the horrors he’s seen in his life, from police killings to child soldiers. He’s desensitized and paranoid, and using The Money Store as the tool of expression, retells the footage he’s seen in the form of an album. It takes the it from great to spectacular, leading to a clear picture of the intent behind everything.

The way these lyrical topics are presented is as realistically as possible, with the abrasive sound matching the grim themes. Underground realist rap that exposes the harsh realities of life’s underbelly is nothing new, far from it. But never before has the sound complimented the lyrics and topics as Death Grips does. These themes and lyrics couldn’t work over a Kanye West produced beat, and for once the reality of underground rap lyrics matches the sound.

Death Grips sets out to subvert the genre of rap, by personifying all of the usual tropes in the genre, taking the usual stereotypes and turning them up to a deafening volume. Be it drug abuse, violence, or sex, they shove the ugly reality of these topics in your face, not letting you turn away for a second.

Death Grips takes everything to the extreme, be it the violent vocals, vulgar lyrics, varied and catchy song structure, or bombastic production. Glorification is replaced with documentation, and the result is the shock to the system that hip hop is in dire need of.

The Money Store is not an easy album. Death Grips know they’re not everyone’s cup of tea, and embrace their unique nature wholeheartedly and sprint away as far as they can from the conventional spectrum. If you’re interested in thought provoking, genre bending experimental hip hop that remains insanely catchy, The Money Store is at least worth a listen. It’s by far one of the most innovative and unique thing to happen in hip hop in quite some time, existing in a league of its own creation. And that league is utterly fantastic.

Texting and walking fee

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     Signs have been posted saying “LOOK UP! Drivers aren’t always looking out for you” in Fort Lee, New Jersey. They have recently been giving out tickets for “careless walking”. Fort Lee police chief, Thomas Ripoli, are holding pedestrians accountable by asking them to be more aware. The fee for the ticket is $85. Stickers have been put around town as part of the state’s new Walk Safe campaign.

     Here are a few examples: In 2008, a texting teen died after being hit by a car in Florida. A woman walked off an Indiana pier and fell into a river while texting. In 2009, a Staten Island, NY teen fell into an open manhole.

     Since January, 23 pedestrian accidents have happened in Fort Lee. Most were minor but 3 fatalities were reported. Last year, 74 people were stuck and two people killed. Due to texting and walking, there were 1,000 emergency room visits in 2008.

     Thomas Ripoli says this ticket fee has nothing to do with collecting more money for the city. He just wants more people to be safe and be aware of their surroundings. Also recently, Utah Transit Authority made distracted walking around trains punishable by a $50 fine.

A.P. Aftershock

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It’s finally over. A.P. testing that is. After a year or preparation and weeks of studying and taking practice tests, the booklets have been sent out to determine the final A.P. score. A.P. scoring is quite simple a 3-5 means you passed the test, but a 1 or 2 means failure. Now is the anxious wait until A.P. scores are sent out in the third week of July. For now the A.P. test takers are analyzing their performance on the test, so to find out how they feel they did, here are some of their opinions on the test itself and how they did.

A.P. Calculus, Hunter Dinkins- “I felt very good after the test and felt like I got a 5 because you either know the material or you don’t and I knew it. Mr. Robb did prepare us well for the test, in my opinion, because he spent a month before the test reviewing. To future students taking A.P. Calculus I advise them to ask any questions they have and to not be hesitant.”

A.P.  Language and Composition, Patrick Marinelli- “ I felt good after the test and it was easier than I expected. I think I got a 4 or a 5 and feel that Mr. Jarocki prepared us well for it. I didn’t really study for the test though and the essay portion of the test was easier than the multiple choice questions.”

A.P. Government, Rachel Pemelton- “I felt very confident coming out of the test. I was very well prepared and Mr. Perez taught us well. The difficulty about the test was about what I was expecting and I feel like I got a solid 4. To study for the test I mainly used materials Perez gave us and I also used a study book.”

A.P. Spanish, Richard Nguyen- “I feel confident that I at least got a 3. The test was easier than expected. I feel like Senora Martin prepared us well for the test by always speaking Spanish so that we would have to pay attention to the language. Future students should listen to the language a lot and practice their speaking of the language more than reading it.”

A.P. U.S. History, Allison Nguyen- “ I felt awesome after I took the A.P.U.S.H. test and it was easier than I thought it would be. Mr. Downs did an amazing job teaching us and it’s really sad that it is his last year at El Diamante. I think I got a 5 on it. I studied for the test by reading a review book and by going over my notes.”

Obama’s Stance On Gay Marriage

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Gay marriage has been a hot subject all across politics for quite a few years. Our current president, Barack Obama, recently came out to say that he believes that gay marriage should be legalized. The president was quoted as saying, “My Justice Department has said to the courts, we don’t think the Defense of Marriage Act is constitutional.” With the elections drawing closer and closer, one has to wonder, is Obama taking his stance right before the elections to gain an edge in the polls, or is this his actual feeling towards the issue and the recent change just happens to be a coincidence?

A president taking a stand for gay marriage is a pretty uncommon thing, as the issue has only been leaning to the side of legalizing it in the recent decade. I personally thought when this was announced that Obama’s rating would go down. When in reality, there wasn’t actually any change as far as approval. 52% agreed with his stance while 47% did not. I, personally, was a little confused as to why there wasn’t any change in his rating at first. If you think about it, though, people who agree with Obama, are usually of the same party as him, Democrat. Members of this political party usually agree with the legalization of gay marriage. The opposite holds true as well for members of the Republican party.

A big question swarming around over Obama’s stance is “How will this affect his chances of being elected?” Every day brings the two candidates, Mitt Romney and Barack Obama closer to finding out who will run the country for the next four years. These two candidates take opposing views on the subject. Honestly, it doesn’t seem like this stance will affect his chances for the better or worse. The two candidates are well-equipped for this election and while it probably will be a controversial issue that sways the election in one of their favors, it doesn’t seem like gay marriage is that issue.

Summer Fashion

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Ice cream, road trips to the beach, and end-of-the-year-school-events, and upcoming music festivals can only mean one thing, summer is almost here! Summer is an incredible season for many reasons, but let me remind you of one big reason that many of us love, the fashion. The reason why summer trends are so fun and enjoyable is because we are no longer under the rule of the school dress code. The time has come to fly my birdies! Liberate and enjoy yourselves in those cropped tanks, swimsuits, bro tanks, and hats. This season is filled with unique styles that are sure to make your summer vacation a blast.
Trends for the season:

1) Bra tops: I know, I know, it sounds crazy, but it’s really not. They don’t even look like bras. These tops are more like a fitted crop top. This trend is only for those of you bold enough…
2) Candy pastel palettes: These fun colors are sure to keep you cool on these hot Visalian summer days.
3) Prints: Mix and match guys, ready, set, go!
4) Cropped crochet tops: over swim tops, over a tank, over your 15 cats, they are seriously just “summer music festival” cool.
5) Braided beach hair: Summer in Visalia is very…oh what’s the word…hot. The last thing you want to do to yourself is add a heap of product and heat instruments to your head. Why not just go with the flow? Let it all out and have fun with your natural hair texture. If you are afraid it will get too frizzy, try some fun braids.

Well Miners, this being my last edition of my El diamante fashion blog, I dismiss myself. It was an honor being able to bring my fashion advice to you all. Although, you did not even really need it. You are all so stunning and attractive anyway; it must be a Miner thing. Have a fantastic summer everyone!

Fun places to go in California this summer

Staff Writer

Summer is almost here and many places are getting ready for the summer crowds. There is so much to do in California for the summer but here are some selections for you.
1. Go to a waterpark and get cooled off while having fun in the hot California sun. Many water parks are opening up memorial day weekend; the unofficial start of summer. Here in the central valley, we have: the Island Water Park and Wildwater Adventure Water Park. There is also Hurricane Harbor right next to Six Flags Magic Mountain which has a lot more thrills than the other two water parks.
2. California has some national parks like Yosemite and Sequoia National Park. These are some places you need to see before you die, so why not see them this summer?
3. There are so many popular theme parks in California like Disneyland, Six Flags, Universal Studios, Knott’s Berry Farm, and Sea World. Take a family trip to a theme park. Each park offers their own perks so depending on what you want, choose the park that best suits you.
4. California is known for their beaches, so why not visit one. Chances are there is a beach very close to where you are, so take a trip down there and soak up the sun.
5. There is always concerts going on in LA so if you know your favorite band or singer is coming this way, buy a ticket and go. Why cheat yourself? Watching your favorite artist might be a once in a lifetime experience.
6.Go visit a landmark. Go see the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco which has been featured in many movies and shows. Travel to a castle, Hearst Castle. Take the tour of this amazingly made castle. See the Winchester Mystery House, and wonder for yourself  if the woman who built this house was really crazy. Take pictures in front of the one and only Hollywood sign.
There is so much potential of things to do in California this summer, so why not make this summer one to remember.

Top 5 Frozen Desserts in Visalia

Staff Writer

Everyone has a little sweet spot for ice cream, but the question is where should you go to get the best of the best? The top five frozen dessert places in Visalia are Baskin Robbins, Cold Stone Creamery, Big Kahuna Yogurt, Foster’s Freeze, and Thrifty’s.

Cold Stone Creamery is known for their creamy ice cream flavors and the toppings they mix in. This create the ice cream of your choice. Also a unique aspect of the Cold Stone Creamery is they don’t categorize sizes by scoops but instead title them “Like It,” “Love It,” and “Gotta Have It.” This allows more ice cream into the cup which customers find a plus.

Big Kahuna Yogurt offers many different types of flavored frozen yogurts with a variety of different toppings to add.  Frozen yogurt is said to be healthier for you than regular ice cream so if you’re looking to be healthy this is your number one choice. Keep in mind, they offer low fat yogurts as well. From cereal toppings to candies to fruit or syrups, Big Kahuna has it all. This place lets you pick what you want and how much of it you want in your cup. The thing about yogurt places is they do everything by weight, so after you’ve added all your toppings they weigh the cup which determines the price of your yogurt. This may become more expensive for customers but if you’re like me you’ll pay whatever for the great taste afterwards.

Baskin Robbins, otherwise know as 31 Flavors, is our classic “go to” ice cream place. They offer all varieties of ice cream from the classic mint n’ chip or chocolate to Snickers or Icing on the Cake. In my opinion, this is my favorite ice cream place because if I’m wanting to get a sherbet they offer those, or if I’m wanting more of a creamy flavor they have those, and if I have a sweet tooth I can choose from those.

Thrifty’s is the old school ice cream place to go. It’s cheap and convenient for those of us who live on the western side of Visalia.

Foster’s Freeze, a classic fast food chain, is the soft serve go-to. This place goes way back serving the longest soft serve around town. Whether you’re searching for just a quick drive-thru soft serve ice cream cone or hoping to have dinner as well, this is the place to go.

The next time you choose to venture out on the town and fulfill your ice cream sweet tooth, consider choosing from any of these five. They’re all great places depending on what mood you’re in or what ice cream you are looking for.


Photography Editor

It was another game filled with sweat, determination, and domination: a game played with heart.  Not only do our football boys rock the field, but our girls are no different.  Playing in our annual powderpuff game, the girls went head on with the girls of our rival, Golden West.  Held at home, the field was covered in bright yellow and green, but it was the green that was plowing over the opponent.  With an end score of 38-16, our Lady Miners’ hard work was proudly shown, for the scoreboard does not lie.  With countless practices after school, they worked with their coaches, who are senior football players.  These coaches even wore the proper attire of tan pants, white button-ups, and ties to show that they were in fact the coaches.  Along with the coaches, other senior and junior boys were cheering the girls on for the whole game and gave the crowd a laugh with their halftime show.  They put just as much effort into this event with their flawless routines and full attire of cheer uniforms. And last but certainly not least, our water girl, Rylee Champlin endured the heat to pour the team water for the whole team.  She says, “I wanted to be a part of the team, but not really be a part of the team so to feel a part of the team I decided to be the hydrator for the girls…to be a part of the team.  Plus, I got a really cool shirt.” But the ones who kept the team going with their skills and leadership, were Nicole Donald and Sydney Stephenson as the MVPs and Ally Ford receiving the Coach’s Award.  Every student involved put time, exertion, and heart to make this year as amazing as the others.  Mitchell Boswell, the coordinator of the 2012 Powderpuff game says, “He is so glad to see that everything turned out great.  It was fun to watch our girls smash Golden West once again!”  This year was filled with perseverance, fun, and victory, and we hope to repeat it in the coming years.