Prom/Grad Night Dress Code

Staff Writer

How incredible! We are almost done with yet another year of school, and for many of us, our final year. Many of us seniors turn our gaze to those exciting end of the year events that await our presence, such as prom. What makes prom so grandiose and extraordinary is that not only do you get to celebrate your soon-to-end sovereign high school glory days, but you also get to see all of your friends embellish their appearance with beautiful dresses and tuxedos making the night and the experience even more fantastic. It is all very exciting. Us girls get to go find dresses, and the guys go get a sweet tux; however, there is one specific accessory for this year’s prom that truly baffles me. The mask. This year’s theme is “Masquerade Ball”, and yet, we can’t use…masks? So… it will be a maskless masquerade? Well that sounds like a lot of fun. Oh wait, no it doesn’t.

What kind of phenomenon is this? It would be like a toothless person trying to enjoy some corn on the cob.  I’m sure that there is a good reason to why they are not permitting the use of masks at our masquerade ball, but I have not really heard of it yet. If anyone knows, please do not hesitate in informing me. I am a curious being. Lately, the dress code for a couple of our school functions have confounded me which brings me to the following example, Grad night. What? Girls are encouraged to dress up in skirts and dresses at Magic Mountain? Yeah, that is going to look really cute when we are about to fly down that 235 foot drop on Goliath. Oh and let us not forget to envy the comfort that the guys will have in their button ups. I am not trying to banter or offend the school’s regulations with this article. I am sure they have great reasons of why these rules were made. The dress code for these events simply baffle me. Regardless, I believe our graduating class of 2012 is going to have an amazing time!

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