Processed Chicken McNuggets: Would you Like Fries with That?

Staff Writer

Many Americans have seen the golden arches which symbolize the tasty and delicious fast food chain McDonald’s. It’s known for its cheese-burgers, hamburgers, and chicken Mcnuggets. With its affordable meals, the price is not an issue; however, it is what goes into the food that has many worried.

In 2002 McDonald’s ended up in the deep fryer, when a judge claimed the nuggets, a “McFrakenstien creation”, because of all the weird ingredient names. The case was dismissed because it lacked harm to the consumer. In 2004, Super Size Me revealed how chicken nuggets were really made. Chicken nuggets are made when a chicken that can no longer lay eggs, is de-feathered, de-breasted, and grinded as whole with eyes, beak, bones and all, then smashed into the odd figures.

As well as unnatural, the ingredients are lethal. There is a syrup that is used in the nugget and it is called Petroleum Yup Butane. Butane is a gas, but McDonald’s uses it in it’s cosmetic form. Another product that is tainted is the dipping sauce. It contains mercury, which is dangerous if consumed. The last ingredient used is deadly. The fast food industry calls it TBHQ. TBHQ is the most dangerous ingredient of them all, based off of petroleum and either sprayed on the box of the chicken Mcnugget or sprayed directly onto the nugget. It leads to collapsing and trouble breathing, and if you consume 5 grams, it will lead to death.

In January, British 17 year old Stacey Irvine, collapsed because her diet has only consisted of chicken nuggets since the age of two. Doctors in the past have tried to warn her about the terrible diet she has. All the young girl has eaten since the age of two is nuggets, which lead not only to her collapse, but caused anemia and inflammation of veins in her tongue.

The McDonald’s franchise has been trying to curb the pressure about using real meat, but they believe in using “all of the chicken,” so they have proceeded to dip it and fry it in so many chemicals that the FDA approves it because it is still considered edible. The judge who claimed the food ‘harmless’ was unbelievably incorrect: the chemicals used in these products are capable of causing long term damage to anyone who eats an excessive amount of it.

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