How to prepare for cheer


Staff Writer

Now that cheerleading tryouts are here for the 2012-2013 season, many girls may wonder what the key is to making the team. I’m here to tell you what you should do in preparation for the tryout day at the end of the week.

First off, I know that going to the first day of tryouts can be very intimidating, but to start off on the right note you are going to want to be sure to arrive in the proper attire. What El Diamante’s cheer program asks is that you wear either black or green shorts with a plain white t-shirt (no tank tops). Returners aren’t allowed to wear any cheer gear from years past, making everyone feel more equal or on the same level, giving everyone a fair advantage.

Second, you’re going to want to have all your hair pulled back and out of your face. Having a clean ponytail makes you look more professional and lets the coaches know you’re serious about making the squad. If you have a sloppy ponytail with your bangs down in your face it alters your neat looking appearance.

Third, being a cheerleader calls for confidence. If you’re confident in your routine, cheer/chant, and stunting abilities this will help you to having a successful tryout. Even if you’re not confident in general outside of cheerleading, this is where you can show that you are or can be. Along the way your confidence in yourself is going to grow but it’s going to have to start somewhere. Let that be here at the week of tryouts.

Fourth, be open to all advice that is being given to you at all times. We are all there to better ourselves in hopes to making the squad, so listen to the helpful critiques. In the long run it will help you to become a stronger cheerleader.

Lastly, don’t be afraid to ask questions. If you don’t feel comfortable asking about certain things in front of everyone, pull a veteran cheerleader aside and ask any questions you’d like.

On the tryout day, everyone’s nerves are going to be exactly the same. Don’t stress. You’re going to have lots of time to go over the dance routine you’ve learned and practiced all week. Go over the crowd response cheer. As for stunting, you’ll be evaluated the day before, so that it doesn’t  interfere with the tryout groups on the actual day.

Good luck!

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