Bowling: Not just a game


Staff Writer

Spare, strike, turkey. A long, waxed lane separates you from hitting ten glorious pins. What’s the game? That’s right; we’re talking about bowling. Bowling has been around for many decades, spreading the smiles and wins all around the country. Richard Nixon, the 37th president of the United States, built a single-lane bowling alley in the White House. However, you don’t have to be the President of the United States to enjoy bowling. Bowling is popular for both young and old players; however, there is a debate as to whether it is a sport or not.

Is bowling just a game? Many people feel that bowling is indeed ‘just a game’, and not a sport. It’s not in the Olympics; therefore, it’s not sport. They also point out that there is little physical activity, so it cannot possibly be a sport. Anyone who has tried bowling on the Wii probably has come out with a pretty good score. Since it is easy on the Wii, bowling with a real bowling ball must be pretty easy too. Anyone can bowl. It’s true that when you go into a bowling alley, whether you are the world’s best bowler or an amateur at bowling, you will  receive the same treatment as anyone else. Your score, however, will be all on your shoulders.

Is bowling a sport? There are leagues for bowling, where you compete for money and higher Tournaments to win. Like any other sport, the bowling league members act as a close family working for a common goal. While bowling may not be in the World Olympics, bowling presents itself in Special Olympics, involving individuals with disabilities. Similar to other sports, people who are serious enough about bowling have their own ball and shoes to use. Even when bowling for recreation purposes, bowling takes hard concentration, technique, and a good throw. It is very easy to end up with a game full of gutters if you do not know what you are doing.

El Diamante proudly presents a Bowling club for all students to participate in. Bowling about every month on Sunday, they give it all to the lanes. Brennan Marquez, the president of this club, shares a little bit about the bowling club at El Diamante. He says, “Bowling club isn’t about being the best.  It’s about trying to do your best, but most importantly to have fun. This club is all about enjoying yourself with the members of the club while bowling.” When asked if bowling is a sport, he proudly states “It’s on ESPN, isn’t it? Bowling is definitely a sport because it requires skill and accuracy with every move in order to hit every pin in every frame.” Even though bowling is a unique sport, it is undoubtedly a sport.

Is bowling a sport or not? It takes the same amount of skill and technique as any other sport. Hit those lanes up. After making a few gutters with your lack of expertise, you’ll realize bowling isn’t just some silly game, and it is indeed a sport.

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