Revenge and reactions


Staff Writer

Someone slaps you. What is your reaction? Would you slap them right back, or turn the other cheek? These two reactions are completely opposite, yet they can both be found in the Bible, depending on which Testament you look in.  If you look in the Old Testament, then an eye for an eye is presented; however, you are instructed to turn the other cheek in the New Testament. Which method will you use when you are slapped in the face?

Eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth; revenge has always been in the nature of a human being. We always want to give the other person a little taste of their own medicine. When we defeat the enemy, we feel on top of the world. In a way, we are. We are superior to them because they were just slapped right back. Sometimes you do have to slap them right back because if you do not, they will take advantage of you and your weakness. Having a weakness is not a good thing at all. It ends up with you being walked all over like some kind of human rug. It is always nice to show the one who slapped you who is boss. When you slap them right back, they know not to mess with you anymore, and you sure won’t be the human rug anymore.

However, while revenge may feel great on a short term, later, your conscience will probably start to feel guilty. It has been said by Gandhi that, “An eye for an eye makes the whole world go blind.” Two wrongs definitely do not make a right. Just because someone hit you doesn’t mean you have to hit them back. It doesn’t make their hit hurt less. In reality, it actually just makes the situation worse than it already was. Jesus Christ instructed his disciples and followers to “turn the other cheek” when they were slapped. Being slapped in the face hurts, but does it help any to make someone hurt with you?

Does an eye for an eye set things right or does it simply make the world blind? Do you follow the Old Testament when looking for guidance in what to do or do you choose to look to the New Testament for help? Revenge or Forgiveness? Sometimes it is nice to not let people rule you and abuse you, but it is normally better to just turn the other cheek and be the better person. The world would be such a better place if we just turned the other cheek instead of hitting them back.

Value the little things

by Karla Garibay   
Staff Writer
    Oh my gosh! I need to check my Facebook! Oh my gosh! Snooki is pregnant! Oh my gosh, everyone just needs to calm down right now. People are so profoundly occupied with everything. We think everything is just so important, which I’m not saying certain situations are not; however, we make many of them seem like they are, that we don’t take time to look at the little peculiar things in life. Many of us have accidentally ignored the shapes of clouds, the smell of flowers, and many other things, but there is one specific thing that we have ignored, and that deserves our respect, and that my friends, is our aglets.
    Many people don’t even know what the precious little aglets even are! In case you don’t know what they are, today is the day to be enlightened. Aglets are simply the little plastic things at the end of our shoe laces. They seem so insignificant, and yet, they are so incredibly important to our everyday lives. I know many of you might say,” Pshh, please. Who cares about aglets anyway. Why do they even have a name?!” ,well, you are mistaken. Think about it, if you didn’t have aglets, every time you walked by your crush, you would trip on your shoelace because it would come undone, and then you would fall miserably and hit the ground…with your face. See! Aglets are like secret superheroes. They could save your life. If we didn’t have them, our shoelaces would completely unravel and our shoes would come off. How are we supposed to get service at the gas stations then?!
    Aglets are just one of the various little things in life that are extensively important, and yet forgotten. Take the time to acknowledge and admire the things we usually just forget about. Slow down with your life and go hug your mom, brush your hair and thank that you are not bald, or just admire the fact that your heart is beating.  Next time that you are running around saying,”Oh my gosh! I have to go do…” , just remember that you would not be going anywhere without your little aglets, unless you are wearing flip flops of course.

Spring fashion

Staff Writer
    The spring 2012 runways made even a 15 ton bucket full of Jelly Belly’s look dull. This season’s top trends are all about color, but remember, less is more, so solid color pieces are key to balancing out the rest of this season’s top trends.
Trend 1) Colors: This season’s favorite color is orange! This is a really interesting color to pull off. Its very bold and brave, so when wearing this color confidence is key. Orange in a tangerine hue is simply beautiful! I understand that this is a hard color for everyone to pull off, so go ahead and experiment with the different hues of orange. They are all simply chic!
Trend 2) Pink Panther Shorts: Pink dress shorts are just fabulous. They are fashionable yet, dressy. It definitely deserves props for it’s versatility.
Trend 3) Pretty Pastels: If bold isn’t really your cup of tea, no need to fret! This season’s top designers are prepared. This Spring’s sweet, soothing, sorbet shades and pastels are all a girl could dream of!
Trend 4) Soft Waves: (In megaphone voice) Step away from the hairspray, and drop the hair gel, and nobody gets hurt… yes, you heard me, I’m talking to you crunchy curls. Spring is about being able to go outside and enjoy the fresh air, blossoming flowers, and glistening sunshine! Don’t worry if you r hair isn’t perfectly in place. Enjoy your natural hair texture. Now, if you have some major frizz going on, then yeah, go ahead and grab the can, nobody is going to stop you.
    This season is going to be more colorful than the melting crayola box in my car! Keep checking out The Dig for more updates on this season’s most delightful trends.

Plastic surgery becoming the norm?

Graphics Editor

Angelina Jolie’s lips, Jennifer Aniston’s body, Keira Knightley’s jaw.

It is no lie that beauty is pain. It is natural for people to idolize others, admire their beauty and features, and try a few tricks to imitate their beauty secrets. But others will go to great lengths to gain the perfect face, size, etc. Plastic surgery has become their best friend because it can give one whatever look they wish. As more and more people get surgery done, the less importance of true beauty is taught. Plastic surgery has become so common in this modern generation because people would convince themselves that they are redefining their looks With several nip tucks and botox here and there. Before, the plastic surgery population only consisted of women. Now procedures and appointments have expanded to even children and men.

    Lately, some parents have become okay with the idea that their children should be allowed for touch ups. One seven year old named Samantha Shaw got surgery on her ears because she was being teased for having a “big and floppy ears.” Despite all the backlash and shock, Shaw’s mother came to her defense saying that she is preventing her daughter from getting bullied in the future. Another girl named Nicolette Taylor actually got a nose job to also prevent get bullied. Taylor is thirteen years old. Has plastic surgery been exposed too much to the point of it becoming okay with society?
    One area that is definitely okay with going under the knife is South Korea. South Korea is known as the capital of plastic surgery and holds the highest rate of cosmetic surgery. If one goes to South Korea they will see hundreds of ads all around displaying before and after pictures, and the best of the best plastic surgeons. The sad part is that one out of five Koreans are born with double eyelids. But now if one would look out on the streets of Korea, pretty much everyone would have double eyelids.
    The disappointing part is that society is accepting the fact that looks are very important over personality. Because of the pressure, people would rather give up the way they were born to feel accepted and boost their self esteem, when really they could accept themselves and be unique. Do you feel like plastic surgery is okay in our society now?