The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo

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  The book and the author have a peculiar and grueling history behind it. First off the author, Steig Larsson, a Swedish journalist wrote the series after he witnessed a gang rape of a girl and never forgave himself for not helping the young girl. The girl’s name was Lisbeth, where the main character’s name from. Another odd fact of Larsson is the fact he died from a heart attack or they believe was caused by someone who sent death threats. With his death he left behind three books finished, but never published. He wrote the books on his free time has a hobby. The murders that go on in the books are influenced by real murders that occurred in Sweden.
The main character of the series is Lisbeth Salander, a twenty six year old, introverted, experienced researcher, and contains photogenic memory. The other main character is Mikael Blomkvist, a journalist and editor and chief of Millennium magazine. These two character cross paths when having to solve a mystery of the death of Harriet Vanger, a niece of Sweden’s infamously wealthy Vanger family.
Throughout the series they continually cross paths and are always trying to assist each other in someway. Salander gets into much trouble in the second book, The Girl Who Played With Fire , where she is framed for a crime of a murdered couple. While she tries to find the truth with the aid of Blomkvist and ends up going down a windy road to find the true murderer.
The final book, The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets’ Nest Salander is now not only fighting for her innocence, but also her life.
All three books have been awarded with

  • 2006 – Glass Key award, Män som hatar kvinnor
  • 2006 – Best Swedish Crime Novel Award, Flickan som lekte med elden
  • 2008 – Glass Key award, Luftslottet som sprängdes
  • 2008 – ITV3 Crime Thriller Award for International Author of the Year
  • 2008 – Exclusive Books Boeke Prize, South Africa
  • 2009 – Galaxy British Book Awards, Books Direct Crime Thriller of the Year
  • 2009 – Anthony Award, Best First Novel
  • 2009 – General Council of the Judiciary, Spain, for his contribution to the fight against domestic violence.
  • 2010 – USA Today’s Author of the Year.

The series is a must read! If you are into mystery, murder and a new found heroine, The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo is definitely a must read! I say buy all three books at once so you don’t have to wait till the next day to buy the next book, this book one that you will stay up all night to finish.

84th Academy Awards

Staff Writer

The Academy Awards is where movies are honored for their impact on the audience and the actors and actresses portrayal of fictional or realistic characters. Not only are the actors honored but also the directors, screen writers, editor, the writers for the musical scores,the make-up artists and new technology that was invented for the movie-making magic.

This years host was Billy Crystal who started out his opening with a montage of nominated movies with him in the mix. Some celebrities that showed up in it were Justin Bieber, George Clooney, Jonah Hill, and Tom Cruise. Crystal also cracked several jokes throughout the show relating to the economy and the Kodak Theater calling it “Chapter 11 Movie Theater”.

A clever thing that the Academy inserted was various actors and actresses own opinions on movies in general. It was very touching to witness how they were impacted by movies and how they decided that they would go into the movie making career. The main winners were Hugo and The Artist both with 5 Academy Awards, but The Artist took the Oscar for Best Film. The classic black and white, silent film left many nostalgic for the old Hollywood films.
Here is a list of the categories and the winners:

Presented by Tom Hanks-Achievement in Cinematography

  • Hugo-Robert Richardson

Presented by Tom Hanks-Achievement in Art Direction

  • Hugo-Dante Ferrett, Francesca Coshiao

Presented by Jennifer Lopez and Cameron Diaz-Achievements in Costume Design

  • The Artist- Mark Bridges

Presented by Jennifer Lopez and Cameron Diaz- Achievements in Make-up Design

  • Iron Lady- Mark Coulier, J. Roy

Presented by Sandra Bullock- Best Foreign Language Film

  • A Separation- Iran

Presented by Christian Bale- Best Supporting Female

  • The Help-Octavia Spencer

Presented by Tina Fey and Bradley Cooper- Achievement in Film Editing

  • The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo- Kirk Baxter and Angus Wall

Presented by Tina Fey and Bradley Cooper- Achievement in Sound Editing

  • Hugo-Philips Stockton, Eugene Gearty

Presented by Tina Fey and Bradley Cooper- Achievement in Sound Mixing

  • Hugo- Tom Fleishman and John Midgley

Presented by Gwneyth Paltrow and Robert Downey Jr.- Best Documentary Feature

  • Undefeated- J.J. Martin, Dan Lindsay, Rich Middleman

Presented by Chris Rock- Best Animated Feature Film

  • Rango- Gore Verbinski

Presented by Ben Stiller and Emma Stone- Best Visual Effects

  • Hugo-Rob Legato, Joss Williams, Ben Grossman and Alex Henge

Presented by Melissa Luco- Best Supporting Male Role

  • Christoper Plummer- Beginners

Presented by Penelope Cruz and Owen Wilson- Best Original Score

  • The Artist-Ludovic Bource

Presented by Will Ferrel and Zach Galifinakas- Best Original Song

  • Man or Muppet from The Muppets- Brett Mckenzie

Presented by Angelina Jolie- Adapted Screenplay

  • The Descendants

Presented by Angelina Jolie- Original Screenplay

  • Midnight in Paris-Woody Allen

Presented by Bridesmaid cast- Best Live Action Short

  • The Shore-Terry George, Oarlagh George

Presented by Bridesmaid cast- Documentary Film Feature

  • Saving Face-Daniel Junge, Sharmeen Obaid-Chingo

Presented by Bridesmaid cast- Animated Short Film

  • The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore- William Joyce, Brandon Gidenberg

Presented by Michael Douglas- Achievement in Directing

  • The Artist- Michel Hazanavicius

Presented by Natalie Portman- Best Actor Performance

  • The Artist- Jean Dujardin

Presented by Colin Firth- Best Actress Performance

  • Iron Lady- Meryl Streep

Presented by Tom Cruise- Best Picture

  • The Artist

St. Patrick’s Day all around the world

Staff Writer

With Saint Patrick’s day fast approaching on March 17th, preparations are being made all around the world to celebrate. St. Patrick’s Day marks the day of death, March 17. It was first started back in the 17th century, to honor Saint Patrick himself, who was influential in bringing Christianity to Ireland. It is one of the most widely celebrated Saint’s day in the world.

Ireland is always filled with partying during St. Patrick’s Day, since it is the birthplace of the holiday. It is a public national holiday; the banks and offices are closed on this day. The Irish spends the day feasting, attending parades and spending time with their families. Pubs and restaurants are always busy on this day, as they are the prime place to spend St. Patrick’s Day In Ireland. Several sports events are held in Ireland on this day, including the St. Patrick’s Day Test (rugby), Ulster Schools Cup and the All-Ireland Club Football championships.

Since the Irish have a rich history of immigration and settlement in Australia, St. Patrick’s Day celebrations are abundant in Australia and New Zealand. People can be seen wearing green wigs or even dressed up as a leprechaun. Last year, the Sydney Opera House was lit up green, to mark 200 years of celebrating St. Patrick’s Day in Australia.

Elsewhere in the world, people can be seen partying and revelling in the streets, clad in green. In Florence, Italy, a ten day festival, Festa Irlandese, is held in a huge tent, and features concerts, and of course, traditional Irish food. St. Patrick’s Day is even celebrated in Japan. They now have at least nine different St. Patrick’s Day parades and celebrations across the country.

Finally, here in the US, the Chicago River is annually dyed green for the occasion. New York City, host to the largest St. Patrick’s Day parade in the world, sells traditional New York bagels are sold, but dyed green. One of the largest St. Patrick’s Day parades held in the US is also located in New York City. Also in here in America, the White House fountain is dyed green and McDonald’s sells their signature Shamrock Shakes, available only during this time of year.

So Miners, be sure to get ready for St. Patrick’s Day here in Visalia and get your green clothes out. We are the Green Sea after all!

Love is just a phone call away; Long Distance Tips

Tip Writers

Hey guys! This week we were asked to give tips on long distance relationships.  Whether you are dating someone from across town or across the country, being in a relationship can be tricky so follow these tips.

1. Communication.  Take advantage of all of the new technology our world has to offer.  Use texting, calling, emailing, and Skyping whenever you have the time.  Even if your schedule is super busy, it takes less than a minute to send a text telling your significant other that you have been thinking about them.

2. Letters. Nothing says romance better than a love letter.  Make your loved one’s day by writing them a traditional letter bursting with gushy, lovey dovey feelings.  Unlike the other modes of communication, letters are more personal since it is handwritten, takes more effort, and is something you can cherish forever.

3. Gifts.  Surprise your lover with a gift! They will not see it coming when you send flowers to their school or work or when they come home to find a package on their doorstep.  Don’t feel like you have to go all out with something like five dozen roses, simply order a small bouquet of their favorite flowers.

4. Trust.  Trust is the most essential factor in a long distance relationship.  If you do not trust him/her then you should not keeping holding on and making yourself miserable with what ifs.  The constant torment of not believing them will eat you alive, so let loose and trust them until they give you a reason not to.

5.  Positive.  Do not look at the negative aspects of your long distance relationship, but the positive to maintain a healthy, fun relationship.  Being away from your sweetie may not all be bad, for instance, you don’t argue as much, you have more time to spend with family and friends, it is easier to maintain your individuality, and the pleasure of seeing them again after a long absence is something to look forward to.

6. Visits. Sometimes it may be hard to your your lover if your guys are far apart but there’s always holidays, and breaks from work and school. If you’re really invested in the relationship you’ll be willing to shell out the extra cash and time to see him/her.

7. Family support. Since your family is always going to be there, its always best to have their thumbs up on your relationship. They can also lend a helping hand with anything you need to keep you going.

8. Chivalry. Chivalry is still not dead. Make sure that your significant other knows that you’re always thinking of them. Try a surprise visit or sending a nice gift or card just because.

9. Be open. No matter the distance, anything is possible in your relationship. You guys may just make it, and be something great, but that won’t ever happen if you’re stopping yourself. You need to be open to any ideas that your partner may suggest like possibly moving to be closer to each other.

10. Don’t play the blame game. If things don’t end up working out, just remember to be mature and not  to blame anyone for anything. Sitting there with regret and resentment won’t make you feel any better. The only thing you can do is pick up the pieces and move on.

Workout Ideas- pt. 3

Staff Writer

    Who wants to get lean and toned in just 30 minutes? These moves are the secret to spring break confidence. You’ll get stronger and tighter muscles from head to toe. I’m going to provide you with 3 super-sets to do at home.
    Super-set 1: Toe Taps (for cardio, speed, and agility) Stand with a step in front of you. Tap the balls of your feet on top of it, one at a time, as fast as possible. Do this for 60 seconds. I like to pretend that the step is hot!
Lateral-Reverse Lunge (for firm butt and inner thighs) A) Stand with feet hip-width apart. B) Lunge to the right with feet facing forward, until right knee is bent at 90 degrees and left leg is straight. C) Return to start, then step back into a lunge with right leg, until left leg is bent at 90 degrees. Return to start. Do 10 reps, then repeat on other side.
Bench Push-Ups (for toned chest, arms, shoulders, and core) A) Start with hands on bench beneath you (slightly wider than shoulder-width apart) and legs extended out straight. B) Bend elbows to lower body until your chest is about two inches from bench. Slowly push back to start. Do 10 reps.
    Super-set 2: Box Hops (for cardio, speed, and agility) Stand to the right of a step. Push off both feet to jump up and land softly on top, then jump off to the other side. Repeat in the opposite direction. Keep going for 60 seconds.
Burpees ( for strong chest, arms, and core) A) With feet together, crouch down and place hands on the floor. B) Kick both feet back into a push-up position, then jump them back to the start. C) From the crouched position, leap up as high as possible with your arms overhead. Do 10 reps.
Leg Raise With Hips Up (for flat abs) A) Lie on back with legs straight and arms by your sides. B) Raise legs, slightly bent, off the ground until perpendicular to the floor. C) Lift hips off the floor to drive legs toward the ceiling. Slowly return to start. Do 10 reps.
    Super- set 3: Jump Rope (for cardio and speed) Jump softly on the balls of your feet for 60 seconds. Make the jumps as small as possible without getting caught on the rope, and keep your hands slightly above your waistline.
One-Leg Dumbell Deadlift (for tight butt, thighs, back, and core) A) Stand with feet together and a 5-pound dumbell in each hand. Lift left foot behind you do it’s just slightly off the floor. B) Bend forward at hips, extending left leg back, balancing on right leg as you keep torso steady and back flat. Stop when torso and left leg are parallel to floor, then slowly return to start. Do 10 reps; repeat on other side.
V-Twist (for trim waist) A) Sit on floor, knees bent at 90 degrees and lean back slightly. Extend arms straight out, hands together. B) Keeping lower body still, twist torso as far as you can to the right. C) Reverse the movement, twisting left. That’s one rep. Do 10 reps.

Papers for Life

Photography Editor

     On Tuesday, March 6, 2012, thousands of volunteers will be adamantly selling the 25th annual special Kids Day edition of The Fresno Bee in order to raise money for the Children’s Hospital of Central California. Volunteers will be sacrificing their sleeping hours, comfort, and warmth by beginning to sell the papers at 5 a.m. through the streets and corners of the Central Valley.  It will be sold in Fresno, Madera, Tulare, Kings, Merced, and Mariposa counties in order to raise money for our children’s hospital. On this day, all worries, struggles and frustrations are left behind and the kids are put as top priority: it is their day only.  To emphasize this, the paper features stories about the hospital, published in a special section that is wrapped around The Bee.  Last year’s event raised $440,000, and this year everyone is hoping to raise even more.  So support the children who need it most by simply buying a $1 paper on your way to school or work.  If you miss out, make a one time $5 donation by texting G-E-O-R-G-E to the number 90999 (George is the hospital’s mascot). Mary Park, our one and only ASB president, says,”Kid’s Day was a great success and overall we raised over $2000 as an ASB class.  It’s an amazing feeling to know that many people still care even though the economy is not doing well.  Next year we hope to raise even more money!” This small act may not seem like much, but as a community we creating an effect that touches the lives of innocent children.

Libya, A Year After

Staff Writer

     It’s been slightly over a year since Libya went into chaotic turmoil and experienced a violent civil war. Protests against Gaddafi began on February 15, 2011. These protests eventually received attention from local security figures who fired upon the crowd. This led to an escalation of rebellion across the country with forces opposing Gaddafi, who called themselves the “National Transitional Counsel”. Gaddafi had been in power for over 40 years before a revolt after six months of turbulent relations which eventually forced him to step down. Even though the dictator was out of power, there still remained the problem that the  militias who helped bring Gaddafi down were now tearing the country asunder. They have descended from being the heroes who liberated the country to the scourge of the land. It’s not easy for a country to construct laws, institutions, and civic life from scratch after four decades of dictatorship.

     Even though they are struggling, the people of the country are absolutely elated to finally have some form of freedom and personal control in their lives.  Two middle-aged women standing in what’s known as “Victory Square” exclaimed “This is the greatest day of our lives”. The matter of being free of an iron-clad rule is the highlight of their existence. This honestly shows a lot about us.. It shows that while our government is far from perfect, we could have it worse. That things, in fact, could be a lot worse than what they are now.

Crazy National Holidays

Staff Writer

Everyone knows the basic holidays that are coming up soon: St. Patrick’s day this month, and then the following month is Easter. But what about all the other national holidays no one hears about? Here are a list of some silly, funny, and just plain weird national holidays for the month of March for you to celebrate:

Mar. 1- World Compliment Day (Like I don’t get compliments every day already..)
     Pig Day (They’re not all that great, they caused the swine flu you know!)
Mar. 2- Dr. Seuss Day (Would you like green eggs and ham?)
Mar. 3- I Want You To Be Happy Day (Only for that day, the rest of the days are for me to be happy..)
    What If Cats and Dogs Had Opposable Thumbs? Day (Then all my food would be gone!)
Mar. 4- National Grammar Day (Some people should practice this every day..)
Mar. 5- Multiple Personalities Day (That might be a little scary.)
Mar. 6- National Frozen Food (For all the times our mom was too lazy to make dinner.)
Mar. 7- National Be Heard Day (No one wants to hear you any other day.)
Mar. 9- Barbie Day (Girls: You all know you still have some barbies somewhere.)
    Middle Name Pride Day (We all hate our middle names, might as well give them a little love.)
Mar. 10- Mario Day (Mamma-Mia!)
      International Day of Awesomeness (This is everyday for me..)
Mar. 11- Check Your Batteries Day (Don’t want your cell phone dying in case of an emergency, like a really awkward situation!)
      Johnny Appleseed Day (I’m pretty sure most of us forgot about this guy.)
Mar. 13- Donald Duck Day (Because Mickey Mouse is always hogging all the attention.)
      Ken Day (If there’s a Barbie Day there has to be a Ken day. Men..-)
Mar. 14- Pi Day (An excuse to bring pie to school!)
Mar. 15- Everything You Do Is Wrong Day (Isn’t this everyday..?)
      Companies That Care Day (Because they won’t care any other day.)
Mar. 16- Everything You Do Is Right Day (You better embrace this!)
Mar. 17- Corn Dog Day (Forget St. Patty’s day, gather your friends and eat some corn dogs.)
Mar. 18- Awkward Moments Day (That awkward moment when it’s awkward moments day..)
Mar. 19- National Chocolate Caramel Day (Can you say YUM?)
Mar. 20- Alien Abduction Day (They come in peace.)
      Snowman Burning Day (What did the snowmen do to deserve this?!)
Mar. 21- Common Courtesy Day
      Memory Day (Make sure to do something awesome!)
Mar. 22- National Goof-off Day (Don’t do anything Goofy wouldn’t do.)

Naked child is beaten by naked woman

Staff Writer

     An unfortunate, unusual event leaves a three year old girl in the hospital with severe head injuries. Not too long ago, in Fresno, a toddler was found in front of an apartment complex covered in blood crying for her grandmother. How did she get there? Well, the police station received numerous phone calls from the Fresno community reporting that there was a naked woman walking along the street beating a naked child.

     The woman, Diana Ochoa, first went into a local Fresno business with the child and offered the three year old to anybody who was willing to take her. After many failed attempts to give away the child, the twenty-two year old Hispanic female walked out of the building and down the street. It was then that Ochoa began to strip all of the clothing off of her niece and off of her own body leaving their clothes up and down the sidewalk. Witnesses have said that she severely beat the child while walking down the busy street.

     Later, Ochoa tried to abandon her niece in front of the Foxwood Apartment Complex; she left her in the grass with nothing but a bloody face and a cell phone. The woman suddenly ran off and was found in traffic. Not inside of a car, but dodging and stopping several vehicles, running in and out of traffic. As for the child, she has suffered very severe head injuries and was under the care of the Fresno Hospital.

     Police have not yet discovered whether or not the events took place were due to drugs, a mental illness or both. As for the baby, the Fresno police have never stumbled upon such a bizarre case as this. Unfortunately, the number of bizarre cases and child abuse is on the rise.