Colored Pencils vs. Crayons

Staff Writer
Imagine that you are a kid again, with a full book of empty coloring pages, waiting to be brought to life by you. Do you remember the excitement that came from such a simple activity? Coloring time! It is one of the best times in a child’s life, with all of the imagination and learning brought by the action. Both crayons and colored pencils have had their fair share use. One is made of wax, while the other is made of mainly wood. The question is: which coloring utensil is better?
Think back to when you were in kindergarten, with nothing to worry about except staying in the lines of your coloring page. Remember those fresh, sharp crayons you used to fill in those pictures so they could come to life? Crayons are practical for small children. Children can break crayons in half when they are angry, yet the crayons will still continue to work as a coloring utensil. In addition to being practical for children’s anger and messy habits, crayons also help them develop a knowledge of colors. On the side of most crayons are paper labels with the name of the color written. This helps children read and educate themselves more about about the color spectrum. Crayons can be fun to play with, especially when the children eagerly discover that the wax in the crayon repels marker ink. Crayons create an opening to the outside world for a small child, just by doing a simple activity such as coloring. The children learn to read, more about the color wheel, and receive a miniature chemistry lesson. It is truly amazing what a small coloring utensil can do.
Colored pencils, on the other hand, have a different audience to please. For some, crayons become juvenile and a thing of the past, so we saturate with colored pencils instead. Colored pencils are messier when it comes to sharpening them, but there is an advantage to colored pencils too. Colored pencils give a more sophisticated, finished look to your artwork compared to crayons, which at any age make you feel five years old again. Colored pencils continue the artistic journey for an older audience.
Stay inside “the lines”, your teacher would always say when you were a small child using crayons. Finally, when you got older, you saw the world differently and colored outside of the lines, using colored pencils. Each have a different purpose, function and audience. A child graduates from a crayons to colored pencils as it grows older. Sometimes it’s great to be sophisticated with the colored pencil, but sometimes you want to feel young again. Crayons or colored pencils? The choice is yours.


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