The benefits of working for Facebook or Google

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Google and Facebook are the two most popular sites on the Internet. Of course without their staff they wouldn’t be able to be their very best. So how do you think their staff gets treated? The benefits they receive from being an employee are excellent. Here are some of the benefits of working for Google:

-Flexible work hours
-Can work from home
-21 days of paid time off
-First class dining facilities
-Laundry and Massage rooms
-Dry cleaning
-Commuting buses

The employees feel that their work is a social environment. There is no cubicles. With an open environment they are able to express themselves with their coworkers. The company is a great opportunity to grab what you can and shine. Everyone seems to genuinely be invested in making the product better. Google’s goal: strip away everything that gets in employee’s way. They help to eliminate stress you have going on outside of work.

Benefits of working for Facebook:
-Pay for medical, dental, vision, life insurance and disability coverage
-Pay for 50% of most monthly gym fees
-Free snacks
-21 days of paid time off
-Unlimited sick days
-11 paid holidays
-Discount on: Microsoft, Dell, Apple, and AT&T
-Free shuttle service to and from San Francisco

If you work in the Palo Alto office, the original start location for Facebook, then you get extra benefits. You can get free breakfast, lunch and dinner at the Cafe. If you prefer healthier options, like salads, cuisine from Belize to India, pizza, anything; they can make it! The Purple Tie service also applies for Palo Alto employees. This is free laundry, dry cleaning, photo processing and leather repair service.

Both companies offer great benefits for their employees. These two companies may interest you as a future career!

One thought on “The benefits of working for Facebook or Google

  1. What you are describing is the way 3Com Corporation was in 1996 when i first went to work there, at their Santa Clara headquarters.

    For five years it was the most wonderful job I have ever had. Great colleagues, great food, and great camaraderie. Sadly, being a hardware manufacturing site, it went away in 2002 when the jobs were shipped off to China, and eventually 3Com was bought out by HP.

    3Com owned Palm and were the originators of the color screens you now have on your Cell Phones.

    Be sure to check out the requirements to be best suited to be hired. If you get hired, it is not all fun and games. You will work very hard, but you will be rewarded handsomely. Educational opportunities are often available through employers also.

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