Stress for success

Staff Writer

This time of the year is not only the most wonderful, but also the most stressful for high school seniors. With the start of Christmas season comes the end of college applications. UCs and CSUs, state schools, had their application deadlines on November 30th. Over Thanksgiving break, several seniors were scrambling to submit all of their applications in time to achieve their goals. Some seniors had already submitted their applications long before the due date and actually relaxed over the break. One thing is for sure, though. Seniors are stressing out over the future. High school is coming to an end along with the certainty of what is going to happen after the school year.

It is such a drag applying to college; first you have to get your transcript and ask your parents countless questions pertaining to the application. And for those applying to UC’s, there are the personal statements that must be revised to perfection. How do you brag about yourself without making it seem so? It is enough to worry about and this isn’t even accounting the scholarship applications. Here are some of El Diamante’s seniors with tales of horror about college fears and applications:

Rachel Pemelton– “The colleges I applied to are CSU Sacramento, Chico, Monterey Bay, and Fresno. I was stressed, mainly because it is the process of choosing the right college for my future education.”

Ashley Van Dyke– “I applied to CSU Fresno, Northridge, Fullerton, and San Diego. Northridge is my top choice, I really want to get in. What worries me most is if I’ll get into it or not. I was a bit stressed at first but I finished my applications early so I wasn’t under a time crunch towards the end.”

Jesus Rivera– “ I applied to both UC’s and CSU’s. For UC’s I applied to Irvine, Berkeley, Santa Cruz, and Riverside. For CSU’s, it was Fresno and Long Beach. I was very stressed about applying because there were so many things to take into consideration to create the perfect application. The personal statement portion for the UC’s was time-consuming. I had to ask several people to revise it like teachers and friends, so that took a while to get done. A tip for future seniors is to apply early.”

Cris Santonil– “ I applied to two CSU’s: East Bay and Fresno. The whole applying process was kind of easy for me because I knew which major I wanted to go into (nursing) and I knew which school was right for my major. I was under a lot of stress from my parents mainly because they really want me to do well. And also because it’s college! College itself is stressful to think about.”

Clara Chun– “I applied to UC’s; San Diego, Los Angeles, Irvine, Davis, and Berkeley and CSU San Diego. My dream school is UC San Diego. I really want to get in and ever since I submitted my application I’ve been stressing on whether I’ll get in or not. The stress of applying to colleges on a scale of 1-10 was an 11. It was so stressful  because when you start applying you need to know everything that you want to do and get everything together. It is like applying for your future. The personal statements that I wrote for UC’s were hard because at first I had no idea what to write. It took forever to figure out how to tie together all my extracurricular activities into the topic. And to revise them I asked Mrs. Jolly and Mrs. Briano, my english teachers. To freshman, sophomores, and juniors, I’d advise them to start thinking NOW about what you want to major in and considering the colleges that are best for your major. Consider them now so senior year won’t be so stressful.”

As you can see, seniors are advising to finish applications early and to consider all your options such as Cris and Ashley did. College is a huge milestone. It is the end of required education and it’s a daunting idea that your future education rests in the choice of strangers. Applications is a process that takes time to consider and really think of what you want to do. Try not to rush into your future. It’s a big deal.

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