Black Friday: a recap

Staff writer

Large after-Thanksgiving sales, a technique pitched by stores, have been used for awhile. Many recent factors have caused the past couple Black Fridays to be especially chaotic and memorable, to say the least. There were several fairly notable acts that happened across the U.S today, showing just how wild a crowd of bargain hunters enticed by fantastic deals in a tough economy can be.

One of the most notable was a woman in L.A  who pepper-sprayed 20 other customers in the face attempting to get to a discounted Microsoft Xbox console. Another notable incident occurred in a Wal-mart in Phoenix, Arizona. An elderly man placed a video game under his shirt to avoid the crowd and a security guard saw this happen and assumed the man was shoplifting. The guard then proceeded to knock the man over, who then fell forward and broke his nose, falling unconscious for about ten minutes. There were other fist fights, robberies, and even stabbings that happened across the nation.

A lot of people will ask, “What about this day could cause a normal person to go into a frenzy and lead them to do the violent acts committed?”. There is actually a lot of psychology going on when it comes to Black Friday. First being the heavy advertising. Stores pump billions into advertising their products and they advertise it extremely heavily this time of year. Second is the economy. In such a weak economy, buying a 42’ inch flat screen t.v for $200 is almost unheard of. Third, and finally, Americans are obsessed with finding the best deal. There are solutions, however. Cyber Monday has become more popular in recent years and your chances of getting stabbed while shopping online are slim to none.

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