Awkward Holiday stories

Staff Writer

With winter break just around the corner, gifts and parties are sure to ensue. While most of these are pleasant experiences, strange instances are just as imminent. I have had a plethora of these experiences within my seventeen years of existence, and one recent event in particular stands out in my mind. At Thanksgiving this year, I had a lovely dinner with my family and my aunt’s family.
After dinner, my aunt invited some of her friends over for dessert, and a particularly older guest named Pinky was quite stunned by my height. She approached me several times throughout the night to tell me that the way I held my shoulders back was “just wonderful.” Although Pinky’s comment was harmless, not everyone at the party had such innocent intentions. Many of the younger adults took notice of Pinky’s comments, and turned the whole ordeal into a game. With this in mind, I decided to ask: “What has been your most bizarre holiday experience?” The responses are listed below.
  • “When I spent Christmas in Mexico, we stayed at my aunt’s house. It was pretty small, so we all had to sleep on the kitchen floor.” -Julia Valdepeña
  • “During Easter, my cousins and I see how many pieces of gum we can chew.” -Sam Chapa
  • “At Thanksgiving, my step-dad told me that the woman living in the upstairs section of my step-sister’s duplex was ugly and had a fake eye. Later, when she came downstairs to say hello to everyone, I discovered that she was extremely attractive and was in on the whole joke.” -Aaron Maddox
  • “I received a weird gift. My family told me that I look like a murderer, and they gave me a book about anatomy and disassembling the human body.” -Guillermo Ruiz
  • “A rabbit had babies on my doorstep.” -Orlando Gomez

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