A Nickel Named Sue

Staff Writer

“I SCREAM, YOU SCREAM, WE ALL SCREAM FOR ICE CREAM!” I sung aloud, skipping down the sidewalk towards the ice cream stand.
OK, you only have one chance at this, so lets make it good. Don’t giggle! Look cute!
“Chocolate pleaaaassseeeee!” I pleaded, clasping my hands together and sticking out my bottom lip.
“There ya go!” the man said enthusiastically, handing me the ice cream, “That will be one dollar.”
“Oh…I don’t have any money…” I whispered, looking down sadly as I clacked my ballet flats together.
Looking up at him, I frowned and handed back the ice cream
“Well then, it’s free!” The man laughed sliding the ice cream back to me.
“EEE! THANK YOU!” I squealed, grabbing the ice cream.
I pulled the wrapper off the ice cream, throwing it to the ground and began eating.
Ah, life is good. The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, free ice cream! Things couldn’t get better than this!
“My bologna has a first name, it’s O-S-C-A-R! My bologna has a second name it’s M-A-Y-E-R! I like to eat it everyday and if you ask me what I sayyyyyyyyy… that Oscar Mayer has a way with B-O-L-O-G-N-A!” I screamed, skipping my way to the park.
I shoved down the rest of my ice cream in one bite, getting bored of holding it, then wiped my hands on my plaid skirt.
AH! BRAIN FREEZE! I clutched my straight, brown hair in my fist in pain, waiting for it to pass.
“Hey, babe!” some loser called to me as I approached the park.
“Hmph.” I huffed, flinging my hair over my shoulder like he was not worthy enough to talk to me.
Walking across the grass, I watched two losers wrestling.
“Boys,” I sighed. I don’t get them.
“Hey, look a penny!” I shouted excitedly, grabbing the penny off the ground in front of the wrestling elephants.
I’m practically rich! Wait until I tell mommy!
Skipping, I whistled, leaving the park. I slowed to a walk, noticing something shiny on the other side of the street.
“Ooh, shiny! I want it! I want it!” I shouted jumping up and down, waiting for the cars to pass by. I ran across the road flinging my arms in every direction, making sure any car could see me.
Tempted to reach the mysterious object first, I pushed passed a little boy causing him fall.
“Move it or lose it!” I called out running towards the shiny little thing.
I picked up the object, inspecting it in my hand. Shiny, silver, little.
A nickel! Mommy’s going to be so excited! I squealed, hopping up and down once a again. I’m going to name it Sue! OMG! And the penny can be named…Phil!
“Mom! She pushed me!” the boy behind me whined.
“No I didn’t!” I shrieked, frightened of getting in trouble. Recognizing him as the boy form the park, I squinted, giving him an evil look. He responded, trying to give me one back. Instead his eye just twitched. I rolled my eyes, pushed him to the ground, and ran away.
“LOSER!” I screamed behind me, continuing on my way home. My skirt hit the back of my thighs and at the same time my flats clacked against the cement.
Almost home! Yeep!
My hair flew out behind me with how fast I was going. SUPERWOMAN!
Running up to the house, I burst through the front door, frantically looking for my mom.
“MOM,” I yelled, my head whipping from side to side.
“Mom?” I muttered, stomping out of the house. Why isn’t she home?
The open sign flashed as I passed by the candy shop. I pressed my face against the glass looking at everything they have.
“Lollipops…tootsie rolls…GUMMY WORMS?!”
Running inside, I ran over to the front desk.
“Can I have a gummy worm?!” I shouted.
“Yes you can. That will be 6 cents,” the lady said in a plain voice.
I jutted out my bottom lip, trying to use my famous trick.
“But-” she cut me off.
“6 cents,” she repeated.
“Fine…” I huffed, handing her Sue and Phil.
“Bye Sue…Phil…” I whispered as she handed me the gummy worm.
“AND HELLO GUMMY WORM!” I shouted, shoving it into my mouth.

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