Heading into the Series



 Staff Writer


  It’s that time of the year when baseball season comes to a conclusion. But before the season ends the big, world-wide watched, Championship World Series is played. The 2011 World Series is the 107th edition of Major League Baseball Championship Series. The World Series has been around since 1884 but the first official series meet up, wasn’t until 1903. This is a series of games played between both the National League champions and the American League champions, going head to head against one another. The team who wins the “best out of seven” game series, is crowned World Champions, then awarding the winning team with the “Commissioners Trophy”. The series began on October 19th, 2011.

  As the MLB playoffs ended, the St. Louis Cardinals beat the Milwaukee Brewers 12-6 in game six wrapping up the National League, and naming the Cardinals National League champions. On the American League side the Texas Rangers beat the Detroit Tigers 15-5 in game 6 as well, designating them as the champions of that league.

  Going back into the history of these two teams. The Cardinals have appeared in 18 World Series, winning their last title in 2006. As for the Rangers they’ve played in only 2 series appearances, despite winning none. OnSaturday night in Game 3 the Cardinals scored 16 runs. Albert Pujols produced arguably the greatest offensive night in World Series history – three homers, two singles, five runs scored, and six RBIs. With the Cardinals leading the series 2-1 going in to Game 4, it’s almost a must win for the Rangers. And win they did! Derek Holland pitched past the Cardinals to tie the series. 

  And now with Game 4 of the series behind us, the Cardinals and Rangers will face off for Game 5 on Monday at Arlington Stadium. The first two games of the series were played at Busch Stadium, the Cardinals home stadium. Games three and four, were played at the Rangers home stadium, located in Arlington. Will the Rangers have the home field advantage? You’ll have to tune in at 5:05 (PT) to find out.