Mayhem abounds in Exit the Body

Staff Writer

It’s that time of year again, Miners. It’s Halloween, coming with all its spooks and scares as usual. On October 27 and 28th, the El Diamante Drama Department is putting on a play worthy of the creeptacular tradition of the season. The production, Exit the Body, is a classic whodunit murder mystery, but with a comedy twist involving a real estate agent, a hillbilly police officer, a murder novelist, diamonds, and some private detectives who all try to unveil the evil-doer. When asked for more details about the story, lead actress Mary Beth Bourne replies mysteriously, “Well, it’s pretty crazy and if I explained it right now I’d be giving away too much.”

In the play Mary Beth will be filling the role of Crane Hammond, a mystery writer who has just come to New England for vacation but soon finds herself trapped, as if she was in one of her own thriller novels. Matt Martinusen adds on that this is one of the first El Diamante plays that actually gets the audience thinking and considering the style of the play. When pressed for more details Bourne lets out, “there’ll be a lot of laughs, a lot of fainting.” She confirms later that, “there’ll be some bodies too.” Unfortunately the cast is bent on not expanding into any more detail for fear of ruining the play. Acting alongside Bourne in Exit the Body are Savanna Clevenger, Matt Martinusen, Alex Reynolds, Nick Terry, Mckenna Ekezian, Schyler Mayo, Jordan Ormonde, Aaron Maddox and Kelsey Hebert.

However, Exit the Body is not the only production in the show. Starting off the night are two one-act plays titled “Status Update” and “Zombie Family Picnic,” each directed by senior Rory Adams. The first one-act is a current day satire, “Status Update is a parody of the modern day teenager showing just how much of a slave we are to our own technology,” explains Adams. While the other, Zombie Family Picnic, is essentially a parody of El Diamante’s last fall production “Night of the Living Dead,” showing the brighter and more comedic side of zombies. Audiences should expect a lot of ridiculous humor and laughs from them. When compared to last years Zombie feature, Rory Adams assures us that the make-up effects will be just as good as last year’s, “if not better”. The two shows feature another ten actors: Dolan Mueller, Janet Furtado, Emily Bendetta, Savannah Davis, Amber Rhodes, Gabbi Medina, Sam Moreno, Andrew Maldanado, Megan Martinez and Manar Quevedo.

Tickets will be $7 and the show will be held October 27th and 28th at 3:45 and 7 o’clock PM at the El Diamante theater. So if you’re looking for some magnificent acting, comedy, and a little bit of mystery, come see Exit the Body this week.