Borders is a bust

Photo by Hailee Stanton.

Staff Writer

Books are a way to explore a new world and forget about your troubles. But with our prominent bookstore closed how will we do these things? Book lovers out there craving a new release can’t hop on over to Borders anymore. They will have to order it on Amazon and wait, and wait. The reason for Borders closing is because of an unfortunate bankruptcy, so Visalia isn’t the only city suffering from Borderosis, or loss of Borders.
While Borders was on its deathbed, sales were at an ultimate low. When Borders first announced that they were going bankrupt, sales were only 20 to 30 percent off. A bit too low for Visalians to rush on over there. Then it seemed desperation took over and everything was 80 to 90 percent off. Then Borders was packed and countless customers were seen clutching ten books to their chest. Even if there wasn’t anything good left, anything thatsounded remotely good was grabbed.

Another downside to Borders is that now there will be less of a local profit from Visalians buying books. Borders generated $400 a month towards local profits. This may have several thinking, “Oh, Borders why did you have to go and get bankrupt?”. Any money towards Visalia with this economy counts.

Although it is undeniably sad that Borders has gone from our lives forever, there are substitutes to satisfy your inner book worm. There are those newfangled gadgets, Kindles, Nooks and e-books. And if you’re one of those that needs the actual book in their hands, that new book smell, or simply the sensation of turning pages, check out the public library downtown. There are also plenty of used bookstores scattered around Visalia, such as Bargain Books at the Save Mart shopping center. Or you can borrow books from your friends; it’s a great way to discover a thrilling, romantic, tear-jerking, or spooky read. Until then Miners, let us keep our fingers crossed that a Barnes & Nobles will pop up in Visalia.

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