Becoming Unbroken

Graphic by Mary Park

Staff Writer

Demi Lovato has been a inspiration to everyone! She has been nothing but determined to follow her dreams and be a positive role model for her fans. Unfortunately, being a celebrity has its not-so-glamourous moments; the media caused Lovato’s personal life to come flooding into her professional career. She was hospitalized and treated for an eating disorder, bipolar disorder, self-mutilation by cutting, alcohol and drug issues. She was taking a wild chance with her life, if her parents didn’t intervene when they did, who knows where our talented Skyscraper singer would be today?

In an interview with Ellen DeGeneres, Demi said the “negative breakdown” changed her life in all sorts of ways. She also says that if she never had that breakdown she probably would have never entered rehab and got help for her personal issues. “If I had never gone into the treatment. I don’t know if one, I’d even be sitting here today. Two, if I’d be alive today,” said Demi Lovato. Lovato has no regrets for receiving her treatment, she sees it as a blessing of many sorts.

She has come a long way from checking into treatment a year ago. As Lovato was growing up she felt that she didn’t have anyone to look up too. That is why she wants to use this experience as an example for other young girls out there that is suffering from the same problems. Since Lovato finished treatment in January 2011, she wants her friends to look at her as a positive role model NOW. She would rather have her fans look up to her than the “skinny-skinny models” in the magazines that are trying to portray this perfect body, smile and look. Its those same models that we see everyday that made Lovato doubt her appearance and her self-esteem.

When Demi first got out, she recorded some songs about how bad it got and the pain that she was feeling. From that came something good. She says that once something positive came out of those recordings and the journals that she kept while she was in rehab. She than started writing other songs that were about the most important lessons she learned in that dark hour. “That life is what you make of it” is how she would put it. Her life began to change again and she started becoming more happier, healthier and stronger about herself.

Her album, Unbroken is about receiving a positive feeling while listening to the track. She wants us to get from the CD that we need to enjoy life as it comes. As we all should! She also says that the album reflects on her and what its like to be her now since she is in a better-state of mind. The name of the album says a lot within itself. Lovato hopes that we as her fans can relate to each song and use it for whenever we are having our own personal struggles. She wanted her album to have two parts to it, one part of it to have a “dance till you forget what you’re supposed to be getting over, (Rhianna)” and the other part to be how she power-sings through her problems. Having the fact that she struggled with cutting since she was a preteen, Lovato admits, ”I ended up with wounds to bind…and I just ran out of Band-Aids.” That’s how ”Fix a Heart” came about. “Skyscraper” was such a honest and heart touching song that you can see in the official music video and the sound of her voice breaking. It has clearly been a tough year for Miss Demi Lovato, but with that she has come out on top and is ready to be a positive role model that her family and friends know she can be!

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